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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    PirateIzzy wrote: »
    HuskyDM wrote:

    Singapore is a victim of botting which they have made no effort in fixing

    The real reason Singapore was deleted is because of the badge, and because Nexon Korea didn't like that we had an exclusive pottable badge that was better than the Genesis Badge. The botter reason was just a poor excuse.

    You know that's something that has always weirded me out.
    Why is the Genesis Badge and the Crystal Ventus Badge, both boss rewards and one of those only obtainable from the absolute final boss of the story, 14 years in the making, not pottable?

    You could either :
    A ) Bring back Singapore (which I believe MapleSEA was working on) and make the badge unpottable from then on so we can have the area back and people who got the badge beforehand remain happy.


    B ) Make all badges pottable, because why not.

  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Florina beach became gold beach. Change my mind.

    Also, I'm against it because you have yet to offer any substantial reason for these areas to come back. There are already plenty of low level training areas, the level ranges below 100 don't need to become any more saturated than they already are. It feels like you're trying incredibly hard to avoid coming right out and saying that nostalgia is the driving reason behind wanting these areas to come back.

    Already said it since they first post, they should fulfill their promises, I believe that's reason enough.

    I have no nostalgia for these areas, but I am against removing old content with the reason of "nobody plays this because we never tried to fix it" which goes beyond Florina Beach and Haunted Mansion, it includes Amoria, Singapore, Captain Vaga, and more, all of which were removed due to negligence. Amoria was never made engaging, Singapore is a victim of botting which they have made no effort in fixing and Captain Vaga's short life was due to poor balancing. Never forget how much they promised CWPQ would return but never did, and I never played that before you say its due to nostalgia. Who knows what else they'll go by axing because "their data told them", and what other promises they'll break.

    Also lets be fair, the only reason why most of Victoria Island is still the way it is, is because so many characters have plot moments in certain areas, otherwise a lot of stuff would be removed for it "not having any purpose". "Let's get rid of excavation site, its redundant to have another 60 area when Sleepywood exists". I agree there is stuff that can be cut or reworked, but so far their excuses about why they are removing stuff is ridiculous.
  • Illium Disconnect Bug

    Crystalline Wings alone can cause disconnections, and has been that way since release. The only solution so far is to not fly, which sucks as Illium.
  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    No one has actively complained about florina beach for years now, but they update the victoria island map and florina beach is no longer present and suddenly it's once again a travesty that it was removed. So yes, seriously.

    You wouldn't complain if you didn't know stuff was going to be removed. Simply put people don't like when they remove content. Supposedly when all the areas were locked up they said it was updating, nobody expected for areas to be fully removed. Furthermore look how other areas that were also locked up years ago have come along, Kerning Square became Kerning Tower, and went from 30-40 to 140 with Star Force fields. Mushroom Castle also got a follow up, Korean Folk Town got a new plot, Omega Sector even got a Major Boss. Chryse got a lame threatment but still they made something of it, why not Florina Beach? We can have a 160+ map as a followup to Partem and Kerning Tower in Victoria Island, we can have a 30-40 non scaling map in Victoria Island. If it was outdated and you needed to fill it up with something why completely discard it?
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Why is stirgeman gear so important that an otherwise-useless area should be brought back?

    You seem to be fixated in that bringing back areas mean no changes to how they were before. Haunted Mansion was outdated, but people liked it. All they have to do is bring it back to whatever the current model is, which is not hard when most of the work is already done. The utility of items is up to each individual player's discretion.

    Cutting stuff up because its not meta, or outdated due to the developers not caring would mean most of Maple would be gone, which for an MMO and for any game is a terrible thing to do.
  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Does victoria island need a 30-50 area if there are four different theme dungeons that all scale with the player up to level 60?

    Absolutely. The scaling dungeons are fine but they are really slow for grinding mules, which is what Victoria Island is used for mostly. We also have 40-60 non scaling areas, namely Kerning Subway, Swamp Region and Perion Wild Hog Land, but no 30-50 area. If Florina Beach was a 30-50 area then people would have the option to do or not to do the Theme Dungeons if they wanted. There is nothing wrong with variety in content.