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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Is the Frenzy totem ever going to be adressed?

    I would rather have Frenzy and Kishin removed altogether, even more so if it stops all the false flagging going on with Kanna.
    Fury is good and encourages people to play the game rather than to throw money into it, personally I have no issue with it. I would prefer that than a full on global spawn increase or a 5th job skill.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    Prophetie wrote: »
    They are also taking a really long time to fix the familiar system and gollux bugs. Seems like nexon employees are sitting on their butts enjoying the money from whales and cash shop updates instead of getting stuff done.

    While I have a strong opinion about this update, I will disagre with you there
    My team is smaller and we'd still have to go through these steps :
    1) Director board meeting to figure out what other projects will be delayed and what budget we got
    2) Assemble a team and match it to a project manager
    3) Schedule meetings, assign roles, compile feedback and bug data
    4) Try to replicate every single one of them and figure out why and how
    5) Go through the first analysis dozens of time and find multiple solutions that match schedule, budget, player feedback and the company's vision
    6) Build documentation for each of these solution
    7) Countless meetings where the VP/Director of finance crushes your dreams with finess
    8) This is where the dev team comes in (we may be at this stage right now depending on how much they're changing)
    9a) Magic happens and changes are tested individually then sent to QA
    9b) QA tests individual changes and send it back if it doesn't match the documentation
    9c) Changes that pass QA are sent to another test environement that's closer to the live servers. Many tests are performed across many features to make sure all new content works as intended and old content still work
    9d) Usually, go back to 9a) and, if things go very wrong, step 5)
    [optional] 10) Private test
    11) Pre-production and IT stuff
    12) Update live servers

    The bugs and Gollux stuff requires pretty much the same but with less meetings and testing
    This is happening while GMS is weeks away from a big summer update and a new class which, I assume, they still want to push after the Anniversary content so I wouldn't hope for much

    Its a whole lot of bureaucracy yes, and unfortunately. However most of the issues that the game currently has have been present and spoken too in several mediums for years now. Outside of Gollux and Familiars we still have poor server stability, legit Kannas getting banned, bots everywhere, the memos addressing no issues whatsoever, outdated content, poorly balanced content, and a whole lot of frustration in the community. I wasn't present but it seems Glory was just as bad. In the last 5 years, even before Black Heaven there hasn't been a time were there were this issues hasn't been present. That a whole lot of time, and a lot of product releases.

    What is Global doing really? All they do is copy paste KMS and add some of the Overseas Maple stuff, but manage nothing and let it rot. I doubt that translating content that has already been tested would take the entire of the team's attention, specially when they have a 5 year old backlog of issues that are still relevant.

    A few whales and Twitch/Youtube players won't keep your boat afloat for long, eventually even those who are too invested to stop have to break, nothing lasts forever, and if they don't replenish their whales by making people happy there will be loses. Its 2020, MMOs are not doing great in the West and keeping people attention in the flood of great games, F2P MMOs and Gachas is becoming more and more difficult. KMS has that Korean magic that makes these kind of games work, but Global does not. I want MapleStory not only to survive but to be healthy, because its not fun playing a game that's nothing more than a shambling nostalgia corpse.
  • 2x EXP/DROP Event DC/Lag. followed by permaban

    EagleCape wrote: »
    Vyrtae wrote: »
    Happening to a lot of people apparently. Bans seem to be related to the Liberated Spirit Circle skill proccing multiple times due to the server lag.

    Really hoping nexon fixes this. Possibly some hackers truly did get banned as deserved, but it seems like this ban wave had a heavy impact on innocent players like myself.

    Hackers getting banned? Likely, but not like it matters as they´ll just have another account running shortly after. The truth is that Nexon's autobanning only works on players, botters will set up new shop and keep on because you are banning an account, not an IP, neither are they enhancing security to avoid whatever program they run from working.
    So many measures are put on Kanna because its the most botted character of them all, and instead of removing the spawn increase from Kishin and deal with the core of the issue they just dance around it instead. Playing Kanna is playing Russian Roulette, its pure chance if you get banned or not. Being this way for years too, everytime anything big happens and legit Kannas are getting banned.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    Gollux and Familiars and everything Masteria is all on Global. See how the 15th Anniversary works as intended, how almost all KMS content works as intended. Whoever is behind those updates needs to take a good look again because its not engaging or fun.
    I would also add the many frustrating additions that this last patch introduced like the lack of trading for new players and the PIC for storage. These two do nothing but frustrate the players and stops no one from botting or hacking.
    I really feel GMS doesn't know how their community works, what makes them happy, because there is no update were things aren't on fire. Perhaps changing Gollux wasn't the best way to go, perhaps removing the Crusader Codex and 30% IED that has been there since the Codex was first introduced wasn't a good move. Plenty of people in this forum will defend Nexon and blame the players, but look outside into other MS related forums and you'll see the overall mood is discontent, unhappiness, frustration. Do you want this on your MMO?

    In summary: People are unhappy, new players are scarce and its 2020 in the west, a time and place were MMOs underperform. Unless you want another MS2 disaster it would do good to look into this issues and make changes that make your players happy instead of frustrating them to no end. A happy playerbase spends more money than an unhappy one too, that helps you.
  • Maple Memo Response?

    darik wrote: »
    Its a shame that now low lv players or weaker players thatt were able to kill hellux before cant now, plus getting carried now by friends for ur 2nd mains is non existant, so good luck making a 2nd main these days. Time gated arcane river, time gated abso, time gated hellux items, time gated CRA items, time gated sweetwater items... what a pain of game.

    I like maplestory but man, theres way too much time gated stuff, the game makes you play several characters for legion, linnk skills and such yet punished you for trying to progress with them. It makes no sense at all.

    I'm interested in this part, specially because of how it is done when regarding Overseas Maple content. Maple being a Korean mmo is a grindy game, but all KMS stuff is balanced enough so it won't take either too long or be to tedious. You need a lot of time for Absolabs but you only need to beat the boss and do the quests once a week and then you can get on with your life.
    But everything Overseas takes way too much time, and its a daily grind: Shadowknight coins, Gollux, Sweetwaters, Familiars, Ranmaru equip forge, Captain Vaga (rip), Blackgate (rip), Alishan (rip). Not only that, its also way too poorly balanced compared to items their same level. Gollux is way too strong for 140 equips but Ranmaru equips despite being 150 lag behind Empress. They really need to take a hard look on how they are doing stuff because at this rate we will end up losing all the unique Overseas content, and hell maybe even risk another MS2 closure situation.