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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Maple Memo Response?

    Summary of the memo: We won't change anything.

    Really? People are dissatisfied with your product and loudly voicing their concerns and you are just going to say "no". That's it? Wow.
    Gollux takes 5 months of daily kills to be worth a damn? "not changing it"
    Familiars take centuries to drop one card? "not changing it"
    Is this an out of season April's Fools joke?
  • Pixel Hero

    Any character who plays the event counts as the "Pixel Hero" and any character can unlock the next tier of rewards, and that new tier is reflected in all of your characters. Deleting the one who starts the event won't affect your progression. The only requirement is for 5 stars which needs all the previous Pixel items, but if you lose them or have several characters unlocking tiers you can purchase them for 300 coins.
  • Thoughts on the new pic system

    The new keyboard is neat. Storage pic is stupid. It stops nothing and solves nothing. Doesn't help that New Gollux, the new familiars and the potential glitch all happened at the same time as this. What a way to sour the Anniversary, that's sad.
  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    bazzy wrote: »
    "It won't affect them at all as they won't know what they were missing." Reboot. Imagine how hard it'd be getting range now. Buffing Gollux and making the drops insanely expensive limits new players from getting strong enough to do damage. This effectively makes getting decent gear hell. I'm assuming you're probably at endgame, and these changes don't affect you as much, but the new player base has to work unnecessarily hard for gear that's unreasonably exclusive to endgame players. (gollux gear shouldn't be harder to get than CRA because they're literally accessories and the drops aren't instanced)

    I play Reboot and I didn't use this gear to get to end game. I know that hell all too well.
    You assume that just because I'm end game means I don't know what these changes mean, I do.
    I agree with you on the time taken to get a piece of gear. That's maybe a bit extreme. But I think the boss itself is fine.
    Nexon could either raise the coins obtained or lower the cost. Instanced loot would also help.
    I think the boss itself is fine, more so when you consider that bosses are supposed to be done in a party, not solo'd.

    Although I'm fine with the changes because I feel like overpowered gear is finally locked behind a difficult boss, I'm still not happy about Nexon's handling.
    Nexon really needs to be more transparent and warn players before massive changes like these are made.
    If you follow the trends it was somewhat obvious, but just because it's obvious doesn't mean Nexon doesn't have to say it.

    If they want to keep the boss difficulty thats fine, but there needs to be changes to make it fit and make sense such as:
    *Instanced loot
    *Reduced prices of each item
    *Increased drops
    *Keep Hardlux as an easier but timier alternative to Hellux just like there is Normal and Hard bosses
    *Don't make a superhard boss a Daily affair, make it weekly.

    This changes would pull it closer to the way KMS does its bosses, and so far nobody has complained about those afaik.
  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    HHG1 wrote: »
    Take a moment to consider that we got additional power creep with this patch; familiars with potential. Fairly easy to get, and very powerful bonuses.
    Also consider that the gollux shop now restocks weekly and lets you buy every accessory instead of relying on RNG.
    You'll be just fine waiting a bit longer to get end-game gear. I think it's a fair trade-off.

    Consider alongside the bolded point that I've heard people gripe about doing hellux for weeks, more than a month, and still not having a superior belt or pendant drop. If you still don't get a drop after weeks and weeks of doing the boss, you'll have enough coins to simply buy it instead of just being up a creek.

    Not everyone is a P2W to do Hellux alone, Gollux doesn't give instanced rewards so someone in the party is getting nothing. Its still around 30 coins pero Hellux, which is only one Superior item per month without the Gollux scrolls, on a Daily boss the level of Lotus and Damien.

    CRA takes 1 day to get 2 BiS items.
    In 1 month you already have most of Absolab, and you don´t have to boss everyday for it.