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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Is there an order to classes?

    A lot of the story problems rstem from the fact that there was no story until very recently. I think it was around Tempest that a more defined plot started to take shape, but everything before it was very nebulous and never got changed. They had some paradigm shift around Black Heaven when they started to do storycentric content and then Arcane River is pretty much all story, and it seems it will be that way from now on.
  • [Game Crash] Formation Attack [Video]

    Shiftah wrote: »
    I legit think Nexon forgets that this class exists from time to time.

    Given it took 3 years to give Beast Tamer a well needed buff I would say they do.

    Also submitted a ticket directly to technical support, they asked for a full video showing the disconnection and the error message. Hopefully this is an issue that will be addressed soon. Almost two weeks since the major patch and no solution is too much.
  • Known Issue Oct. 10

    Aggraphine wrote: »

  • Is there an order to classes?

    There are also the other outliers, Jett, Kinesis and Beast Tamer, all of which have their own plots only loosely related to the main plot.
    As a general rule most characters have their personal stories end by lv100, from there it becomes a single plot but there is very little development unless you check on the right places (Root Abyss, Blockbusters, etc) until lv200 where each section from there on has a concise plot.

    There are a few exceptions though. Resistance, Demons and Xenon have their story quests and job advancement quests separate from one another. Kaiser and Angelic Buster have unique interactions in the Heliseum dungeon and their story technically ends after Magnus is defeated, which can last until 175. Zero has his own plot with its own chapters. Sengoku characters have quests after 100 and their story continues with the Hiezan Temple quests until Princess No is defeated, but its much looser than with the Novas.
  • [Game Crash] Formation Attack [Video]

    Bump update. The issue still persists after the October 10th unscheduled patch.