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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • About Dark Lords of Darkness Extension...

    Thank you for listening.
  • Matilda items take rooms+ and expire

    I will agree that this should be reported as a bug. Its a terrible thing that hinders the experience of the game.
  • bring back perm buff freezers

    GenkaiX1 wrote: »
    I think buff freezer change is fine because meaningful bosses have limited number of lives and are weekly.

    Thursday reset until next Thursday reset is 7 days. 7 x 5 = 35. You can't use up that many on Cvell, Cpap, Lotus, Damien, Lucid. By the time you're at Will you probably already have a battleroid.

    I do think they should find a way for them to stack. If they absolutely can't then I propose a tweaked system:

    Have BF be sold in sets and you can only buy 4 sets a week. Each bundle/set contains 10 BFs.

    I don't agree at all. Sure you wouldn't need them assuming you are even able to beat all the Chaos mid game and all the endgame bosses every week but someone doing progression on their own will very likely lose the fight more than once during the week. Even then allowing them to be permanent did allow you too keep hoarding them the weeks you didn't fight until you didn't really need to buy them anymore. It was a good system that was changed for no apparent reason. Was there any exploits in this? No one knows because we haven't been told why the reason for the change even was.
  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    They aren't trying to kill the game. If they were they would just shut it down.
    Why try to slowly kill something that you can just end at any time?
    Nevermind the fact that Nexon is spending more money on the western market in recent years.
    Why would they increase budget if the idea was to kill the market off?

    Just to give a reason why, theoretically, if you want to kill the game but still keep getting some earnings then what you could do is slowly decrease the amount of resources, decreasing the overall quality of the game and making the f2p players go while keeping your dedicated whales still paying, therefore keeping earnings up for a time. That way you can end the outside dwindling services while keeping your main Korean game up which do generate significant earnings. A completely exaggerated, paranoid, conspiratorial and doomsday theory that holds no water but I just found it funny to think.

    Real talk though given that they still have the set up for Darmoor, keep spending money on beautiful art and music, new classes that require testing, and keep on designing events (even if they are always kill a bunch of stuff for stuff), it shows that, at least the higher ups in Korea do care about the game. Its GMS that sucks at management and (supposedly) KMS draconian stipulations that make it hard for overseas MS services to keep the level of quality and testing the KMS side gets (this last bit of course are rumors and nothing has been proven but it would make sense).

    KMS is doing great, their numbers are growing and MS is not dead as long as KMS keeps on pushing content. Its GMS who needs to learn to not screw their community up at every opportunity, like with Buff Freezers or the DLoD event.

  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Penguinz0 wrote: »

    lol no they don't, they actually do quit. I'm not sure if u noticed but the number of players in this game is dwindling and is keep getting lower. I've seen posts saying good byes on forum and on my guild discord. Several of my friends have quit when their limits for nexon's bs were reached. So it's not an "empty threat." It's an useless threat cause nexon just doesn't give a crap whether players leave or not. Even if some leave, there will always be some who will sell their souls to this game no matter what. They can throw stuffs like DMT or teraburning and existing playerbase will simply eat that sh@t up.


    How many times must I post this? Player numbers are UP compared to previous years.
    Whatever Nexon is doing, it doesn't seem to be hurting population according to steam.
    Since Nexon Launcher is the more popular version these numbers don't represent MS as a whole.
    But if the minority launcher has increased numbers, I think it's safe to assume so does the main launcher.

    The threats are indeed empty. I see people who say they're going to quit and never do more often than people who follow through.
    The people that do eventually quit have probably been replaced by two other people by the time they finally quit.

    Could be bots as well, with over 100000 accounts banned just from botting/hacking last week alone (Source) its not so much of a wild guess to think some positive numbers in growth is just people hacking it since its an easy thing to do. Steam numbers mean nothing compared to the Nexon Launcher and they refuse to say the amount of players in there. Surely, is MapleStory is in such a good state then it wouldn't be an issue to be transparent about it, specially when people are still going doomsday over it.

    As for people quitting, its hard when you have spent over 6 years carefully crafting your characters and playing with other people, or have spent thousands in progression and cosmetics. Its hard to leave a bad relationship when you have spent so much time in it, mostly because people feel it like time wasted, and the game itself is not bad as previously mentioned, its that management is a joke. People keep playing hoping one day it will get better. Its so easy to make money from this if they just decided to do their job well given the desperation.