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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Compensation for the last few days troubles?

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Should I point out that the event was already run once earlier this year?

    Perhaps that's the reason for it. You may only be getting one week of it now, but altogether in 2019 you'll have gotten it for a full four weeks. Think of this like a bonus to the earlier run.

    For Best in Slot items that require luck to be gotten the event should always be run longer. Its not our fault the best Totem items (or the best Badges, Rings and Androids) are locked behind a luck based time limited event. If Yu Garden Totems weren't time limited, or if The Afterland Totems were stronger it wouldn't be much of an issue, you would have some alternatives, but that ain't the case and its understandable that people are mad, on top of every other problem.
  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    luna02 wrote: »
    where are now those who have an idea that the nexon company is now doing things well in the maplestory game, many are right ... maplestory is slowly losing essence, each time they are killing the game, to enter the game it takes time a lot in loading, the crash in the game with the lag and now they are slowly removing essential things that help those who have no money in the game, who is deciding these things in the company? the game programmer? the executive director? If you only think about money, this game will not have much time to go to the abyss for bad ideas, because staff this is a bad idea as well as some events that do not help at all but whether to spend money and in quantity or not

    The overall direction of the content, story, character, etc feels good.
    The way the company manages stuff outside of this, player interaction, player involvement, F2P vs P2W, does not.
    If only some of that production value actually went towards keeping GMS happy.

    Story, character, general gameplay. MapleStory is not a bad game by any means. Its GMS that keeps screwing it up somehow. If they just decided to make people happy, being transparent about their decisions and just show they actually care people wouldn't mind. Most of the disgust is directed towards the management for good reason and it is a shame because its sinking a really good game. How do they keep on with stupid decisions that make them no money is beyond me at this point.
  • Compensation for the last few days troubles?

    *Major patch got extended and lasted a total of 9 hours
    *Useful items are no longer as useful, clog the inventory, have a limited timer, and for no good reason
    *Many classes crash and still do after the unscheduled patch
    *Shop items show on weird places on the screen
    *Momijigaoka and Princess No got removed from the mirror despite their usefulness, NLC haven't come back either
    *Maple News cause a huge amount of lag for no reason
    *Nameless town, arguably the level 200 hub crashes your game if you flash jump, the main form of movement for almost all classes
    *Dark Lords of Darkness is 6 days instead of 2 weeks like it usually is despite being one of the most requested events, and one of the most dependent on luck.
    *Game still takes 10+ mins to fully load and even then you may crash without even logging in
    *Sometimes the game won't even start, sometimes it causes a Memory Leak
    *No memo or any form of communication from the higher ups despite the dire situation of the game

    Come on. This is shameful. Never had I seen MapleStory in such a poor pathetic state. There is a reason why people keep leaving the game, why the game has a bad reputation and why Nexon is such a joke. There should be some form of compensation after all of this because if MapleStory didn't had the hardened, resilient community it has servers would be even emptier. Is it so hard to give us something for all the troubles this patch has caused?
  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    zoutzakje wrote: »
    It's stuff like this that just makes me more determined to stay f2p.

    Right? The more they screw us over the more likely they won't get money. Who knew treating your players well would make some people spend some cash.
  • Unscheduled emergency maintenance?

    Welp, here it is. Thanks God for the acting the same day.