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  • Hekaton

    "Fixed an issue where Hekaton's screen reverse pattern didn't go away."

    Thank god we're getting a fix for a boss that we don't even have.

    Nice job Nexon - copypasta at its finest.
  • Dark Lords of Darkness Transfer Event

    It would be nice if they implemented a trade-in system - exchange X amount of Dark Totems and receive a totem of your choice. I've done this event since it first started, and it's been back what... ~6 times now...? I -just- got my 2nd Dark totem for my on the second last day. Meanwhile, my Evan got all 3 Dark Totems in 1 1/2 weeks.

    There needs to be some sort of failsafe put in place to mitigate the screw of RNG.
  • level 241 buccaneer LF>ideal training spot !!

    Cavern Lower Path or Mirror-Touched Sea 2.
  • Hasty Hunting...

    It's a god awful event if you don't have Frenzy/Fury/Kishin. Otherwise, it gets upgraded to just awful. =)
  • Bosses react to first strike + re-entry?

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    I don't know about the second bit because I barely play with a party.

    For the first bit though, you have a room before the boss where you can fully prepare and buff before going in, making the first hit reach unnecessary. It works in FFXIV because you are placed in the boss room from whenever you were before and without any preparation room beforehand.

    That doesn't help with people who have potato computers and take a literal minute or so to load the screen, especially with a party full of people who are spamming their flashy skills. Before I bought my new PC I had to factor in a death per phase for Lucid because I would not load the screen before I was already dead, essentially making me run with 8 lives per attempt. Going into Lotus p1 was a guaranteed death as the laser would pass through me before I could load, and many other bosses have punishing mechanics that screw people over like that.

    It would be something very simple to implement and wouldn't really affect anything in any meaningful way.