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  • Castle Crash Quest Issue

    Are you talking about the Magnus questline...? I think I ran into the same problem - you have to go into the second floor of Treglow's lab (the portal that has the science beakers over it) - just keep progressing through the maps until you get a lightbulb. They shortened the quests in these areas, but in the process left these open gaps where nothing happens and you're not notified of anything in the quest log/in progress tab.
  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    I really don't understand why did they decide that removing the old Useful Items was a good idea. In what way does time restricting these items help? All it does is cause problems to players. Stop harming your players Nexon.

    My theory is they're slowly trying to kill the game, as they can't justify outrightly shutting it down, so they add all these tiny annoyances patch by patch, which will slowly and surely alienate their entire playerbase.
  • Claiming RP In New Cash Shop

    Hello friends,

    I don't remember seeing this in the patch notes or anything like that, so this is likely good info for a lot of people. Going into the Cash Shop no longer auto-claims your RP for you - you need to press the refresh button located near the bottom in order to claim any RP. It also possible seems like RP is no longer shared across characters, as I was able to claim RP on my main, and then different RP on my Thunder Breaker where I collect my monster collection rewards every day.

    Not sure why these changes were made, but just as an FYI to y'all who may be wondering.
  • Change elite mob drop rate Back

    I mean, I hate to say 'I told you so' when I made that thread all the while back about the initial decrease in these items, but... yeah. Not that any of the actual players disagreed, because they, you know, actually play the game and have eyes and can do simple math.
  • Can Evan get mana shield as a passive?

    OdysseyTwo wrote: »
    Takeichi wrote: »
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    If we're going to make these things passive, don't forget Explorer Mage.

    Although I agree it makes sense to have magic guard a passive since 99% of the time it's on. I do like the single instance I don't use it in Dojo, as I can tank hits as a bishop without worrying about no pots to use. But if the change happens, it'll just be another thing on the bishop nerf list.

    How does turning off Magic Guard in Dojo help exactly?

    Because the hits in floors 30+ don't deplete your mana as fast. Because you can only heal on the boss floors until level 40, Magic Guard can, potentially, leave you in a situation where you are left with no mana to attack depending on how many times you're getting hit/your overall mana pool etc.