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  • How are these guys on lab not banned...

    Hey guys, thanks for bringing this to our attention. As someone who reached level 150 now going for the 200 goal, it's sickening to know that there are hackers out there with the sole purpose of ruining the experience and wasting another Mapler's efforts.

    We'll be forwarding these concerns to see if we can take actions to prevent this.
  • Superior gollux ring in reboot server

    Hey guys, this is currently an ongoing topic on our end.
    I don't know how soon or if it would be possible just yet, but the key points made in this thread have been delivered.
  • Drop rate increase for Damien and Lotus acc.

    We will suggest revisiting the rates for these particular boss items.
  • [Patch Issues Notice] Monad Update v.197

    Hi Maplers!

    We're currently aware and reviewing issues that came with our most recent patch (title)
    Please see below for items that are currently going through checks as we hope to resolve them ASAP.

    If you're aware of any issues that came with our most recent patch, don't hesitate to make mention of it here!

    List of Known Issues from v.197

    - EU Reboot: Untranslated world name in multiple locations (Character Select & In-game Channel Select)
    - EU Reboot: World select button is cutoff.
    - Lab Server: Displaying on world select before live date.
    - Lab Server: Disappearing randomly from world select on Test.
    - Pet Gachapon: Granting incorrect pet reward list.
    - Using low level flames on Scarlet Shoulders remove Bonus Stats.
    - Monad Crash related to the Wind effect/mechanics.
    - Several servers in multiple game worlds crashing
    - Please be aware that although we intended to increase the Safeguard option all the way to the 16th star, this has not been applied yet.
    - Character creation failure due to insufficient character slots despite having empty slots.

    Thank you! We'll be updating this as we go.
  • The Will to Draw - Will Fan Art Contest

    We here convey that Will's will is for users to submit fan art of his truly, which is of the highest quality they can willfully produce. Each piece would be held to dual scrutiny, as his reflection has a mind of its own.

    How to Participate:
    Draw the new boss Will and submit your drawing in this thread.

    Follow the template below to properly submit your entry:
    Name of Artwork and/or Description (Optional):
    [Image of art]

    Make sure that your entry abides by all of the contest rules below.

    Official Contest Guidelines:

    Official Contest Rules: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/21092/will-fan-art-contest-july-2018-official-rules?new=1
    • The contents of the artwork must identifiably contain Will.
    • The image must be drawn by you. We're only accepting digital, traditional, and stick figure art.
    • By submitting in this contest, you provide appropriate licenses for the artwork's use.
    • Keep the image rated PG. No nudity or anything that borderlines it.
    • Contestants are limited to only one entry.
    • Contestants may edit or modify their submission at any time during the duration of the contest.
    We will be selecting a total of 3 Winners

    1st Place: 65,000 Maple Points
    2nd Place: 35,000 Maple Points
    3rd Place: 25,000 Maple Points

    Contest's Duration: 7/31/2018 - 8/16/2018

    Thank you and good luck!