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  • wondroid nerf for B1 an B4 pls

    We've collected and sent the feedback from the community along with suggestions. We do see that much of our audience is currently experiencing a hard time getting through the Wondroid Jump Quest stages.
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  • [Official] MapleStory Global Discord Server


    Heya, Maplers! We're pleased to announce the opening of the Official MapleStory Discord server and invite those who are interested in joining us.

    Currently, our Discord server consists of:
    • Production Team
    • Community Team
    • QA Team
    • Customer Support Team
    • Investigations Team

    Please bare in mind that the community team will have the most interaction with those who join the server, but other staff members will chime in on their leisure. Any Mapler is free to come and go as they please so long as they're respectful! We expect everyone who joins to read the rules as we embark on a new platform for us to interact, discuss, and collaborate.

    Link to Official MapleStory Global Discord Server:

    See you there, Maplers!
  • [GMS] List of Known Issues: 5/25/2017

    This thread has been pinned and will be updated regularly with fixes and reports.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    krsk wrote: »
    After re:zero is still after May.. I mean the hope is gone.

    Nothing good comes from being pessimistic.
    When the original list of suggestions were sent out the plans for Re:ZERO were still being put together.

    As stated multiple times in the past, there was a delay in seeing a number of community suggested styles due to the collaboration event. Expect to see more community suggestions after the Re:ZERO collaboration event has concluded as stated in my recent post. Don't expect to see every single style and NX cover from the rotation to be items from only within this thread either. Our other teams also have an agenda for the release/appearance of certain items and this thread allows Maplers to see a number of their requested items within that line up.

    Thank you,

  • Why doesn't nexon investigate FM shops?

    I've received reports from members of our community expressing their concern with hackers taking the top spots of the weekly Dojo rankings. The hackers are typically those with hacked skills or hyper stats, rarely are they your typical hackers who are found farming in maps. These specific players are given no second chances and are permanently banned, end of story.

    As stated many times in the past, I cannot allocate my time into sweeping the entire player data base for cheaters. However, as Okhura has already stated within this thread, the feedback and the concerns from the community in regards to suspicious FM shops has been delivered to our Production, Support, and Development teams.

    At the end of the day, reporting hackers to myself is no different from reporting them to the Customer Support team. I won't ignore any reports of hackers sent to myself, but do know that I forward these reports to our Customer Support team who has the tools to administer proper actions against these hackers.

    The community team is here to help all of our other teams see the bigger picture of what's going on within our community. This includes hackers and issues Maplers face in-game. We're not the proper channel to handle each of the hackers case by case.
    AKradian wrote: »
    Arwoo wrote: »
    If you guys suspect any individual in-game of hacked hyper stats, duped items, or hacked skills, please report them to our Customer Support team:

    We've been sweeping up those with hacked hyper stats or skills from the rankings on the dojo frequently along with those with an unnatural number of extremely rare items such as the Frenzy Totem.
    Sorrow wrote: »
    What about duped Frenzy Totems?

    Thank you for responding to the thread, though it's a bit odd that you respond to the one comment that's off-topic to the thread itself.

    Also, I don't understand what you mean by "We've been sweeping up [cheaters] from the rankings on the dojo".
    Do you only find them if they run Dojo? Why can't you sweep the entire player database for these signs of cheating?
    Also, do you ban them? Do you remove/reset the hacked stats/skills/items from them? Or just take them off Dojo rankings?

    Also, I hope you're aware that "an unnatural number of extremely rare items such as the Frenzy Totem" can be "1", if the Totem can't be traced back to direct winning or a valid transaction.

    And finally, to get back to the original topic of this thread, what about an unnatural number of not-so-rare items, like Clean Slate Scrolls and Epic Potential Scrolls?