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  • Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

    The judging has come to a close and we're pleased to announce our winners. This contest was by far the most difficult to judge because of the numerous amazing entries, seriously! While not everyone who entered will be walking away with a prize, we'll be sure to feature your works of art on our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr page~

    Please give a round of applause to the winners:

    Digital & Traditional Category
    1st Place
    Artist - Jiheo

    2nd Place
    Artist - Recalci


    3rd Place
    Artist - ShadowHee


    Stick Figure Category Prizes:

    We had to judge this category differently because our intentions of adding this category was different from our standard art contests. Overall, we wanted to make this contest more open to the general public since art is not everyone's strength! However, despite this category being designed to pull in those who found drawing difficult, we saw a number of entries that really wow'd us. We'll be sure to set further guidelines in the future to keep the playing field as fair as possible.

    1st Place
    Artist - HawtNoodles


    2nd Place
    Artist - MacroCosmos


    3rd Place
    Artist - Yamished


    Thank you to everyone who entered this contest and we hope to have more art contests in the future with more categories! Please don't be discouraged if you didn't win this time as there will always be more. Prizes will be delivered no later than 1/26/2018. If you do not get your prize by this date, please contact me via PM.

    Gratz again to everyone who participated in this contest, can't wait to share all the art here!
  • Issue with Transposed Sealed Sweetwater Item

    Hello, Maplers!

    We reported last week that there was an issue when transposing a item to a sealed Sweetwater item. To clarify, a seal prevents an item from being traded, sold, or altered for a set period of time. Once the seal expires, the item can be sold, traded, and altered. The issue came when transposing an item into a sealed Sweetwater equipment. This would cause the entirety of the item to become temporary and disappear once the duration of the seal was up. To prevent this from happening in the future, it will be no longer possible to place a sealed Sweetwater into the Transposition UI.

    We will be applying the change stated above in tomorrow's maintenance.
    For the Maplers who lost their item due to this issue, please submit a ticket for our support team to assist in recovering your item affected by this issue.

    Thank you,

    - MapleStory Team
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Hi guys! Just dropping by to let you all know that we've delivered another round of looks and outfits recently. Again, this doesn't mean that every suggestion will make it into the next rotations, but that they will be much considered.
  • Community Meet Up Event Q&A Videos

    As promised, please check out the Q&A videos below! While many of the questions are ones the community has asked in the past, we wanted to give you our thoughts on each matter. Overall, we got a lot of great feedback and suggestions as well as issues that require attention from our guests. While no hard dates could be set for addressing each suggestion raised, we will take everything from this Q&A experience into discussions for our 2018 plans.

    Q&A Video with the MapleStory Team:

    Q&A Video with Special Guests:

  • Recent Removal of Duplicated Items

    Hi Maplers,

    We've recently removed a large number of duplicated items from the game. With every round of removing duplicated items, we know that it stirs unease within the community. This is mostly due to causing skepticism in purchasing items from other players or fear of having purchased a duplicated item. Ultimately, there is no easy solution to the ongoing battle of combating hackers. However, this does not discourage us from constantly blocking hacking tools and removing illegitimate items from the game. We strongly advise everyone to take precautionary steps when engaging in high value purchases:

    1. Ask for how the item was obtained
    2. Make sure the seller is reputable and trusted
    3. Document your purchase and the seller's ID to report if found to have been sold a duplicated item

    There will be no compensation distributed for the removed duplicated items as we believe the nature of these items undermines the work legitimate players put into their items. We will be persistent in our pursuit for illegitimate players and continue or removal of duplicated items from MapleStory.

    Thank you,

    MapleStory Team