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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    The Black Mage is searching for qualified individuals to join the ranks of top tier commanders in their effort to destroy the Maple World. These individuals must be passionate, capable, and experienced in monologuing their tragic back stories. Having a tragic backstory is mandatory.

    What the Black Mage Wants:

    ‣ Edgy. The sharper the edge, the better. We're looking for someone packing a ton of edge. One eye covered with an eye patch? Great. Emitting a dark aura of some sort? Perfect. Your favorite color is Black? Excellent!
    ‣ A quirk or skill that can be used to take out those who get in the way of the Black Mage. We've already seen swords fly, objects fall from the sky, the dead being revived, dreams made into reality, mirrors and spiders... so what can you do that makes you special?
    ‣ Individuals who aren't camera shy are a plus. More than likely you will have a lot of screen time as well as a Blockbuster.


    ‣ Tragic Backstory
    ‣ Doesn't ask questions and does what is told
    ‣ Impartial to the destruction of the Maple World. Black Mage not liable for possible inclusion in said destruction
    ‣ 3+ years of being a villain
    ‣ Cannot be swayed by logic, facts, morality, or tears
    ‣ No ulterior motives with the Black Mages' agenda

    How to Apply:

    ‣ Submit your resume as a forum post below
    ‣ There is no specific templates provided. You are more than welcome to be as creative as you'd like in your entry
    ‣ The requirement you must fulfill in your entry is simply answering this: "Why should the Black Mage choose you?"


    ‣ 65,000 Maple Points
    ‣ 35,000 Maple Points
    ‣ 25,000 Maple Points

    This contest ends on November 14th, 2018 @11:59 PM PDT.

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  • Extend the Custom Puppy event for Maple Missions

    I did see the concerns of this topic on both here and the subreddit. For now we've sent forward the conflicting event time periods and we'll see if a solution can be made.
  • Transparency on Probability Rates for RNG features

    I'd like to thank you for putting this detailed post together. While many may refer to past track records and claim this suggestion to be a futile one, I would say this is a very reasonable request.
  • how do I lodge a formal complaint about a VFM?

    The best way to reach me would be on Discord or to PM me here on the forum. If it's urgent, I'd recommend Discord as I do get around 100+ requests weekly on the forum for a name change.
  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    Lilyflower wrote: »
    if only they remove the *no naming and shaming* rule in the coc right now... we can't do anything about it... report button ingame is broken, customer support is useless.

    Removing the naming and shaming rule wouldn't solve the issue i terms of reporting hackers. Part of the reason why the rule exists is to ensure Maplers are reporting hackers to the correct channels. If a Mapler were to report a hacker on the forums with their name, we wouldn't be able to follow up with any actions on the report.

    As mentioned in this thread already, it's best to document the hacker and create a report to customer support.