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    We're planning on compensating Maplers for the Take-Over box issue.
    The exact details of how it is being compensated is still being discussed, but once a decision has been made, we'll let you guys know.
  • [VOTING] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Original Entry: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/59562/#Comment_59562


    Inspired by my dude 'Wooden mask' in Perion. Wanted to work around the headdress and wooden armour theme.

    Unisex Costume:
    Hat: Primitive headdress
    Face accessory: Primitive mask (with glowing eyes |+_+| )
    Overall: Primitive overall
    Cape: Primitive cape
    Shoes: Primitive shoes

    Good luck everyone!
  • [VOTING] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Original Entry: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/57579/#Comment_57579


    Here we go!
    Hello, this is my entry, I hope you find it okay ><!
    The Rawring Stars Package includes:

    Hat: Rawrling Star Hoodie
    A cute yellow bear with black starry ears is now now your hoodie! Be careful, it has sharp teeth too!

    Overall: Starry One
    A one piece outfit decorated with countless stars at the bottom

    Cape: Starry Paw Paw
    Don't mess with my big bear paws!

    Shoes: Starry Fluff Boots
    A pair of fluffy, black shoes decorated with stars on the top

    good luck to everyone entering!
    *edit2: didn't have time to colour before, now it's filled in!
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  • [VOTING] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Original Entry: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/59637/#Comment_59637
    Well i feel like we need more pajamas and loose clothes in game cus theyre cute and i think mango is a GOOD FRUIT but honestly i dont know what im doing.

    Full Template

    Heres album with all pictures https://imgur.com/a/LBAVd (model is using ruffled hair and caterpillar brow face obviously not by me)

    Hope im not missing anything and good luck everyone (ノ◕‿‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    edit: forgot to mention its unisex

  • [VOTING] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Original Entry: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/56321/#Comment_56321


    Punk Inspired Outfit

    - Hat: The hat is a pair of punk/cyber goggles with red tinted glass and the nuclear symbol printed on the glass. (Does not flatten hair)
    - Face Accessory: It's black lipstick, I don't know what else could be said about that.
    - Gloves: The gloves are black spiked bracelets on both wrists.
    - Shoes: The shoes are a pair of Punk/Rock boots (like Dr. Martens), the shoes come with red striped socks and a buckle strap on the left leg. The sock on the leg without the strap is higher than the other sock.
    - Top: The top is a standard black T-shirt with Zakum's face printed on it in white, the sleeves of the T-shirt also have 3 holes for a more ragged look.
    - Bottom: The bottom is a short, red skirt and has a checkered pattern all across it (often seen on other clothes).
    - Cape: It's a hoodie tied around the waist with the sleeves in front and the back of the hoodie at the back of the character. The hoodie has a white Maple Leaf printed on the back and also has 2 metal rings through the hood.

    Both Male and Female.

    Edit: I'm a big fan of the Goth/Punk clothes currently in MS, but sadly enough there's not really that many in total.

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