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  • MapleStory FEST Applications Open!

    Ludus22 wrote: »
    Hi Arwoo!!

    Are you able to disclose the capacity for the event? How many people will be accepted to come?

    Hi Ludus! We're looking at potentially inviting around 400 from those that apply.
    Can we submit more than one artwork in our applications? Or are we limited to one?

    You're more than welcomed to submit more than one!
    Petalmagic wrote: »
    Questions from my Father:
    Where in LA is this taking place?
    When do we need to be there?

    The exact location will be delivered to those that are selected from the applications. This will also include the details such as when the doors will be open.
    Hopefully, the convention center, I live near it.

    And hopefully we get to meet that cutie Min Kim.

    I'm hoping to have everyone get the chance to meet the devs outside of the Q&A, but we'll see!
  • Look of the Holidays Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

    Reminder that today is the last day to enter this contest! Best of luck everyone.
  • Jett Keeps getting Dc/d

    Hi guys! I did want to check in with this thread and see if everyone is experiencing disconnects upon using the same skill(s) as Jett. We can inform our QA that certain skills seem to be disconnecting Maplers, but it would be great if we could provide better direction.
  • Look of the Holidays Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

    Much apologies to everyone who entered this contest previously. As you may have noticed, this contest thread had been deleted when one of our previous VFMs had decided to delete all their post history. Our VFM team has worked hard to recover as much as they could from the original contest thread and these entries are the ones that we were able to salvage.

    We've extended the deadline of the contest by one week and hope that everyone who lost their entry will have enough time to enter again. We promise an event like this won't happen again and thank you for your patience with us and bringing this contest back.

    Best of luck to all our contestants!
  • Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

    The judging has come to a close and we're pleased to announce our winners. This contest was by far the most difficult to judge because of the numerous amazing entries, seriously! While not everyone who entered will be walking away with a prize, we'll be sure to feature your works of art on our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr page~

    Please give a round of applause to the winners:

    Digital & Traditional Category
    1st Place
    Artist - Jiheo

    2nd Place
    Artist - Recalci


    3rd Place
    Artist - ShadowHee


    Stick Figure Category Prizes:

    We had to judge this category differently because our intentions of adding this category was different from our standard art contests. Overall, we wanted to make this contest more open to the general public since art is not everyone's strength! However, despite this category being designed to pull in those who found drawing difficult, we saw a number of entries that really wow'd us. We'll be sure to set further guidelines in the future to keep the playing field as fair as possible.

    1st Place
    Artist - HawtNoodles


    2nd Place
    Artist - MacroCosmos


    3rd Place
    Artist - Yamished


    Thank you to everyone who entered this contest and we hope to have more art contests in the future with more categories! Please don't be discouraged if you didn't win this time as there will always be more. Prizes will be delivered no later than 1/26/2018. If you do not get your prize by this date, please contact me via PM.

    Gratz again to everyone who participated in this contest, can't wait to share all the art here!