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July 8, 1997
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Everything stays right where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways, when everything stays.
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They/Them/Their. Webcomic artist who also enjoys shaving away hours on an adorable MMO.
  • Let's play a game.

    I remember some Christmas events from yeeears ago involving fighting a giant growing snowman with everyone in town and also decorating Christmas trees with friends… I don't know what the Christmas events are like now though, haha. Haven't been around long enough for that.

    If you could punch any one NPC as hard as you can, who would you punch?
  • Create a Job Class in less than 1 minute

    Alright, as promised:
    @scholar624 @QuickDrawer @Sayjinx @Colosus @bumbertyr @MageofBattles

    Its hard to pick a fav between Francis and Mangeric Bustaru, imo
  • How was your IGN invented?

    Oh boy, I always love this story...

    My first IGN waaaay back in the day (12 years ago!!) when I first joined MS was 'Archanpuyo'. Archan was a name I shamelessly stole from the game 'Puyo Puyo~n', and the franchise name may seem familiar to N Switch and PS4 owners, since the series has just had it first NA localization in over a decade, but moving on...
    Archan was a minor character. Very minor. Never appeared again since that game. But I love her, she was adorable. As her name suggests, she is an Archer, and I heard there were archers in this game, so it seemed appropriate! I tried to take the name 'Archan' but apparently it was already taken and... I never did find out who had the name. I've always wanted to throttle them. I tacked on 'Puyo' because at least that designated that I was a fan of this, at the time, obscure puzzle game series.

    After some years of being 'Archanpuyo', I started playing Mabinogi after moving on from MS for a bit (post Cygnus Knights update I believe), and after just a year or so, one of my guildies was writing a story featuring everyone's characters and asked which name they should use for me. I didn't want 'Archan' because I associated that name with my Maplestory character not my Mabi character, so that one got named Puyon.

    I should probably note at this point that there's a fine line between having a playersona and making an OC based on your avatar, and that's what Archan was. She wasn't anything like me as a person and I had fantastic story ideas that I wanted to make for her... which I did. Through out all the times I wrote about her when I was like... 10. As a result, I never really wanted to let her go. Archan started making minor appearances in all my works following, by the way, just because I didn't have the heart to drop my first OC. So... 9 years after quitting MS or so, I come back... my oldest account seemed defunct so I had to face the music and accept that OG Archanpuyo was gone forever. At first, I tried to go by a new name 'MarinaRivera' after another of my OCs but... it didn't stick. I realized that I really missed Archan and that nobody else could take her place as my main character. So when I went to pick out a shiny new name for her, I couldn't reuse 'Archanpuyo' because apparently the ghost of my account still has it, so I decided it was time Archan got a proper surname... so I looked up names that meant 'Archer' so I could effectively name a character 'Archer Archer'. Iomhar, I believe, was an old nordic name, but I'm not 100%...

    Anyways, this has been a long, winded story. For every other secondary character I have, I name them something like 'HarlowZiv' or 'SloaneZiv' after a rather huge set of OCs I have called the Ziv Clan. So I just have a pool of names to choose from :V
  • How to make a Class Tier List…

    Mm. Thanks for your inputs.

    Honestly, I like it better this way, I think. I was more curious if there was a way to make a tier list, if someone managed an accurate one, and if people actually abide by it, but I'm happy to know that in the end it's probably all bs. ...Truth be, I also wanted to know if Bowmasters were as great as I personally found them to be, but that's because I'm petty. So as system of 'do what you find fun' is pretty great, in which case, I've already been doing the best thing.
  • Frankenbalrog

    Can confirm that any form of bowman is the worst thing to be when confronted with the whole 'normal attacks only' thing. If FB walks away just slightly from you and you shoot another monster, then you have to focus on killing that guy rather than FB. I mean, I guess anything who's default attack involves range or projectiles is in the same crappy boat of the belligerent balrog variety.
    I feel like most people on said proverbial boat shared my reaction:

    Yeah sure, it's nice that some people CAN kill it, but like. From the looks of it, most objectively can't do it alone.