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  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Bluejeans wrote: »
    Woooo! Suggested styles and items. I love 2 of the hairstyles, actually 3 but I have one of them already. I also love 2 of the faces, still waiting for still-eyed face though!

    What was the "additional surprise" btw? :)

    Thank you Arwoo ~

    The surprise is that we'll be updating the PSSB recycler more frequently and with suggestions from this thread!
    The PSSB Recycler itself wasn't seeing much change with the same repeat of items and we wanted to change that.

    Let us know your guys' thoughts on this new direction for the PSSB recycler~

    I figured I should throw some feedback regarding the PSSB recycler.

    While it is nice to see the recycling system being updated more frequently, it would be quite sad to see our NX cover suggestions solely being put in there. The items in there are too overpriced. Currently it requires 30+ stamps (= 30+ premium surprised style box items.) for one item. I can see it working in Reboot with trading being unavailable (but even there it's quite overpriced), but in normal servers you would get much more value by just straight out selling the items to other players.

    As of right now, I find it hard to believe players can buy more than one item from the recycler every now and then.

    The system would be great if the prices were to be slightly reduced.
  • Look of the Month contest: May

    20kxfyb.png k3ndpf.png

    IGN: Love

    World: Luna

    Hair, face and NX covers:
    Ribbon Wave Hair (Brown)
    Forest Fairy Face (Sapphire)

    Blue Flame Phoenix Flame
    Flushed Cheeks
    Transparent Eye Accessory
    Dark Devil Outfit
    Transparent Shoes
    Transparent Earrings
    Transparent Gloves
    Transparent Cape
    Wooden Wand
    White Label Ring

    The theme is of an academic magical setting, it's rather simple really, as that's how I always seem to like it when it comes to clothing and themes. The dark playsuit-with-a-bow's neatness speaks to my love of clean minimalism, along with the transparent set to accentuate where the party is at. The blue bow is my favourite part, it adds a touch of sincerity and feels like one of those parts you would fondly remember most about someone. Where you would expect to see two fancy ribbons in my hair, they've been set on fire, blue flames tamed by my magic that are harmless but essential to showcase my level of wisdom.