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  • To those who believe Nexon's "long term"

    I'm going to cut to the chase here and risk being banned from the forum. It's a dying game. There's not many new users coming to Maplestory so why make lots of changes to global that cost a lot of money and time? When enough of the whale players finally move on or spend themselves into the poor house: it's over. I've known this truth since the game became pay to win years ago and everything in the CS is so wildly overpriced. It's a game that is clearly on the rapid decline as far as people playing it so they are going to use the most cost effective measures to get what money they can before it stops becoming a game you can play all over the world and just reverts to an offering in Asian countries only.
  • Are we still getting the kitty buff ring?

    Tsk, tsk.... don't tell the truth about unkept promises like this here. It's clearly insulting and degrades Nexon's good name. You'll get nothing and like it. Thank you. - The Nexon security police.
  • Welcome to the laziest version of Maplestory yet!

    He's a yes man. I don't expect more than that from a lap dog like him.

  • Welcome to the laziest version of Maplestory yet!

    What's new for the eternally un-energetic? We have heard your whines of malaise! Just sit on a chair in town and receive 100 shop coins daily and experience too! If that not enough for you lazy slobs a mount will periodically rain down free mesos on your bored backsides. Get an urge to fight off diabetes and decide to mob for more coins but hate opening those pesky event boxes that need a left click? Don't worry they'll handle themselves! Are you among those losers who still like to actively play this game to boss and have some competitive spirit? We'll show you!!!! Nerf the daily and weekly boss entries! Nerf the potions! Go sit your lethargic backside on a chair and wait for the rain of fat-arsed freebies like everyone else.
  • Bitty Car Pack?!

    Glad I didn't get suckered for that one. I considered buying it.