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  • maplestory 2 confirmed?????????????????

    kMS2 got english patch some months ago its not full translated but yea its not bad
    i guss its just test to see reaction then make GMS full version - polish the translate more

    or not sure if they just copy/paste that and host global and do on their own like GMS-KMS thing

    but considering all the issues with MS we have not sure its right time for nexon to make such move
    like if they ready with enough GM/team/server resources
  • It's about time...

    well they can add cooldown for each report you can do + a week ban or even perm ban if do many false reports (like be super strict with those that do try abuse without much talk)

    also a certian lvl + quest done /days acc been activ /a minimum amount of nx ever used etc etc as a minimum can be added to be able to use that report system

    am sure many more things can be done if they want ...

    and ofc there is no best security even modern banks are geting hacked but that dosnt mean nexon should leav all the doors open and let this crazy amount of hackers freely

  • Non-Leeching Perma Beginner Type Class Guide

    i know many that made and still play with no leech and even bossing wich is fun but with legion/union its broken ;(
    yea they dont have card set etc etc but why not lvl count in total lvls? why do we need to get adv job ? f4444

    BeginnersLIFE !
  • So funny how Nexon ignores social aspect of game

    The game evolved this way, nexon actually sometimes mentions how they would want players to hunt in parties etc, paraphrasing of course, but the player base leans towards solo play, the game evolves to the play style of the players.

    lol what nonsense, they removed the high level party play areas and nerfed PQS ....... thus making solo leveling most efficient so why wouldn't people solo?+ Majority of people quit during the time they removed the party play at LKC/Stronghold so even if they revamp pqs /bring back those PQS no one will be around to do them unless they merge most of the servers together.

    The game changed and players changed along with it not the other way around. Sure they added those low level party play training areas but most of those levels are done in like a day or two with people who know what they are doing and have enough exp boosts. Again like I said servers are a ghost town so not like someone could make use of those maps even if they wanted to unless they have a friend to play with. Majority of players have surpassed these maps.

    Oh and pqs like Kenta ect are bugged so yeah..... Alien PQ could give better exp/be less annoying maybe people would do that PQ more. Crossworld PQ should be expanded on imo

    yea i agree said many times game forced us not players
    after many complains on forums and such with the time they got forgoten and with "help" of speedrush new contnent and "powerfull class" they become pointless

    LHC/Strong hold yea omg nostalgia ;( team work on mobs , all got decent exp and fun in party instead of solo grind for hours in same map holding a key and stare at screen ......sorry but for me and many other its not nice and fun , see each other as buff mules only ... and see all those "ks wars" because there are limited ch and limited map for tons of players that goes solo .... CRAZY

    many things went wrong over the years they just stack and makes it worse as we can see
    from hackers... to lags,bugss,cashshop....
  • So funny how Nexon ignores social aspect of game

    yes we need such content
    content like Flag Race its very niceeee and rewards are not so bad (not all want jump but all can be part of team work and mange to finish)
    would like to see more of that kind of content CWK/GPQ or some brand new

    so definitely +1