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  • Flag Race - Remove Teleport Skills

    well its flag race but you need guild therefor you need guild teamwork
    but nexon .... turned things to solo play solo guild ,solo party quest ......
    are we MMORPG or not ?

    myself i like mixed challnge JQ + skill teamwork and i think its good balanced as it is
    ( i did not see anyone say how only those 2 skill makes unfair and rest fine )
    the idea to make chaos in the guild race and cannon all just to "win or make change"
    was not nice and am sure wont work as i explained
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    /find was actuly helping in other cases aswell not just hackers
    now you need ask few times full name of the map location and ch to get to your friend (thats not in your bl,even in your bl still was faster /find)
    i bet if i point now at ranking of the class thats destoryed by hackers to show how bad and how worst will get soon with this change
    i will get faster ban

    (you wont even need /find when you see it )
  • Just say "No"

    small update
    this 2medals got add with today patch
    hope other gets add step by step !

  • Flag Race - Remove Teleport Skills

    guild flag race its for teamwork (hence why you need guild its not solo)
    and its good challenge
    teamwork means you need get the skils (drops random) and use in right time faster then other and be in contact with your guildmate
    its not like " okie i picked G and H and ez pz WIN" also you got skils like F that throws ball that can push members from sit at end

    skils are not "instant lap finish" you still need finish a lap faster then other while geting enough skils to HELP your guildmate
    and more guild members you got in a map TP gets harder and harder not eazy plan and just "tp skill use" as it looks
    also skils are 1 for all if someone takes before you will have to race to next point and try get there skils
    you got CD on looting a skill if you just wait enough and pray to get skill someone will allready finish 3lap solo

    but well i agree if they remove TP skils aswell as other things its fine
    to be like clean JQ but wont be any teamwork challange

    please come with more ideas how to optmize and make more teamwork challenge instead of trying make more chaos to other that you think "they just TP skill "
    come in a race and show me how you TP skill for a eazy win without race and good team coordination

    also people that wonder how to escape from someone that cannon
    cannons has time spawn and usage time you can wait or do this :)
    here is spot that if you jump in right moment will throw you above cannon
    good luck with you makeing chaos ;)

    for the sunset snow map no skills needed there is shortcut on going on <---
    and make sure you get snowshoes to make it more eazy
    green dots on mini map shows the rest of the map

  • Raise Hair/Face cap

    yea more slots ;( or maybe like extra option for collors instead of new slot for each collor
    i got few hairs that are saved in 3-4collors takes alot space