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  • Sudden kanna bot outburst

    because we was on autoban system that failed and ban few legits, we dont have GM's to help and those that come sleeps in our timezone
    so after they removed or made changes hackers doubled

    if we only get 1 GM per server thats activ around can go undercover and play normal like anyone else servers will be 50% better
    i see evry day same guy smega his sites that sell meso yea SMEGA they go that far .....(because all left towns from the lag those spamers make )

    also we cant even name-shame here so people will know to not interact with them, many think its fine and gets confused with meso system saying "meso its fine to buy or sell for real cash" "see other dose fine no bans or reports "

    bootlicker wrote: »
    They've flooded Bera. They are on almost every map especially in the arcane river. I pretty much hate Kannas now.

    I don't know about you but I gave up training, way too many hackers.
    Also you can't even chill in Henesys, too many spammers (botters spamming thier mesos sale sites).

    ikr sadly but same here

  • An end to kill stealing aka ksing

    if only they had real dev team that could make actions on the spot or even listen-ask community things can be far better

    i seen many effective methods around that deal with this so eazy and nice but again not going to happend

    there is things that tracks your activity on the map and lets you claim the map with your name on it once you start be activ and hit and once you done no space for afk hold (like 1min maybe or so)
    a bit of work and improve it will fit our needs such as going to portal(frito etc etc )

    this issue its years old and was never ever lookd in to improve so i dont see any change sooon to this
    i can name and show exact how such soulution works and how effective it is

    they can even go far and make all the maps a bit larger and inforce teamplay but still to be nice if they solo half the map if no party at that moment etc etc but its other story

  • maplestory 2 confirmed?????????????????

    kMS2 got english patch some months ago its not full translated but yea its not bad
    i guss its just test to see reaction then make GMS full version - polish the translate more

    or not sure if they just copy/paste that and host global and do on their own like GMS-KMS thing

    but considering all the issues with MS we have not sure its right time for nexon to make such move
    like if they ready with enough GM/team/server resources
  • It's about time...

    well they can add cooldown for each report you can do + a week ban or even perm ban if do many false reports (like be super strict with those that do try abuse without much talk)

    also a certian lvl + quest done /days acc been activ /a minimum amount of nx ever used etc etc as a minimum can be added to be able to use that report system

    am sure many more things can be done if they want ...

    and ofc there is no best security even modern banks are geting hacked but that dosnt mean nexon should leav all the doors open and let this crazy amount of hackers freely

  • Non-Leeching Perma Beginner Type Class Guide

    i know many that made and still play with no leech and even bossing wich is fun but with legion/union its broken ;(
    yea they dont have card set etc etc but why not lvl count in total lvls? why do we need to get adv job ? f4444

    BeginnersLIFE !