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  • Cash Shop Inventory Transfer

    It will occur on january 8th.
  • Bring Zero to Reboot

    darik wrote: »
    Well it should be a priority, not fair at all that reboot doesn't have access to all of the classes. Especialy if the only reason behind it is "the weapon system doesn't fit for reboot"... How the hell they know that it's not going to fit if we never try it? After all these years, let it go like that and we'll see if it fits or not...

    Do u think they havent tried it test server? How can u blindly say they havent tried it without working there? Thats just an unfair accusation to nexon,u dont know if theyve tried it or not, dont blame them for stuff that u have no idea about.

    And what makes you think they did? Why the big silence about the true reasons of keeping it away from reboot? Maybe they did test it out just like the kinesis with some blue potion to replenish PP... After almost 4 years, I think the time as come for some real answers from their side on THE question : "Is zero ever gonna make it to the reboot server or not? If not, why"
  • Bring Zero to Reboot

    Fixing an issue where Zero characters could be created on Reboot world. All Zero characters created on Reboot before this maintenance will be deleted.

    And.... That's the third time... :|
  • Zero in Reboot

    DeadBot wrote: »
    Heres the thing on why Zero isnt added into reboot and i did talk about it on the discord server. Zero has there own custom map ok? that map gives better exp than reg maps in the non zero world. by adding a Zero to reboot, he will have twice the exp than before dus making them grind faster on exp which is a disadvantage Pretty much its like taken a frenzy totem on a zero and putting it on reboot and hes over 180 in about an hour or 2.

    After 160 the exp is not that great so I don't think that's the main reason on why they don't release it on Reboot. They released it twice by mistake so the coding is there. We have to keep pushing them and let them know that we want it on Reboot just like every new classes that keeps coming.
  • Zero in Reboot

    I still don't understand why we get all these new classes but we still can't make a Zero on Reboot...