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  • [Contest] Design a MS Discord Background - Winners


    IGN: Hierophantom (edit: I'm Millefleuris now, if anybody still checks this thread)
    World: Yellonde
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  • Wonderoid Jump Quest Difficulty

    The difficulty is ridiculous. I've spent four hours on B1 alone because it's long and has no save point.

    Edit: I did complete it eventually, but I still would very much like a checkpoint at the fake door or something.
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  • DC at specific areas of Arcane River

    Bug type:

    Brief bug summary:
    Disconnection at all maps of Eree Valley, Skywhale Mountain, and Chu Chu Island PQ when hitting many monsters at once. Disconnection does not happen at Five-color Hill or Slurpy Forest.

    More details:
    Often happens suddenly while I am still in the middle of attacking a group of monsters with Mille Aiguilles, Penombre, or Joker (Luck of the Draw). It kicks me back to the log in screen immediately. The type of monster does not seem to affect the disconnect. I am fine attacking a mob of Unripe Wolfruit in Slurpy Forest, but will disconnect when attacking a mob of Unripe Wolfruit in Chu Chu Island PQ. The class I play may be relevant. A dual blade friend did not disconnect at all. Stolen skills also do not disconnect. Because Joker (Luck of the Draw) and stolen skills are fine, it may not be an issue with the skills Carte Noir and Carte Blanc.

    (Updated: It's likely a problem with hitting mobs too many times with reduced damage hits that don't kill immediately. Happens in different areas of Arcane River for different people.)

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Go to any Eree Valley map, Skywhale Mountain map or Chu Chu Island PQ.
    2. For highest chance of disconnection, use Mille Aiguilles continuously on a large mob of monsters.
    3. Disconnection should happen suddenly while attacking.

    Character name: Hierophantom
    Character level: 214
    Character job: Phantom
    World name: Yellonde (MYBCKN)
    Date and time of the incident: Multiple times since release of Chu Chu Island on 12/27/16 EST
  • We're collecting art!

    Did this one a while ago and figured I might as well.