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  • Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

    IGN: Mineral
    World: Luna
    Bricks will always be a better weapon than chains.
  • Is MapleStory dying?

    Reading threads like this make me cringe, honestly, the game is NOT dying.
    We still enjoy it as much as we did years ago, we have fun, we meet lots of friends, we spend some quality time, away from real life's troubles.
    Sure, the P2P system has expanded over the last years, but that doesn't mean the game is dying, not even in the slightest, as the years pass, I assure you MapleStory will be 10x as better as it is today.
    Mapler for life.
  • A little story (The Great Maintenance)

    I love writing so much, do you have any ideas for me?
    Anyways, here's what I concocted in 5 minutes:

    It was the 21st of July, 2017..
    It started just like any other day for us maplers, a couple hours of maintenance as always, is what we expected.
    However, this time, we were wrong.
    It all started when the gods of Nexon declared war against their former allies, gods of Wizet. The main reason behind this was Wizet's failure to heal Nexon's soldiers, the Jetts. After the appearance of a temporal crack that reduced their mighty skills' cooldowns to zeros. Wizet looked at it as a golden opportunity to seize Nexon's elysium, and take over Maple World.
    Using Jett traitors to their advantage, Wizet made the first move by attacking Nexon's headquarters, whose secret location was revealed by the Jetts on Wizet's side. Fortunately, Nexon quickly reacted with a counter attack, with the help of Kanna and Beast Tamer, Nexon recovered a huge portion of it's lost power, therefore helping in the counter-assault against the traitors of Wizet.
    Soon, the 3 great servers of Bera, Luna, and Reboot offered help for Nexon, therefore, boosting it's power amazingly.
    Ereve's alliance, the Resistance, even the Black Wings, under the leadership of Gelimer, Hilla and Arkarium, had no other choice but to help in the attack, of course, for the preserving of the Black Mage's power across Maple World.
    With the help of the World Tree, encompassing Maple World within a protective barrier, victory was ensured.
    However, the joy of victory was short-lived, as Wizet used it's knowledge of Nexon's systems and overall power, reflected that power onto Nexon's HQ! Reducing it to ashes. By doing so, it was certain that all of Maple World would fall into an eternal sleep, commonly know as, the Great Maintenance. With nothing left to be attacked, Wizet claimed the great throne of Nexon, ensuring domination once and for all.
    Or so we thought...