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  • FIX YOUR DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh sure lets go play "yut" or any of the other games that require more than one.. so me and my buddy show up (loser gets 6 coins for 15 plus mins of play, we only have 24 hrs in a day) ? the other games require 3-4 or more LOL so when was the last time you found THAT many to do anything ?
    Every single game prompt gets canceled because not enough participants, so that knocks out all that content too.. set up and get coins? ok you can do that 24 hrs a day ? but some of us have a real life to attend to and use of our PC not just taken up by maplestory (because this lil side scrolling game takes up more memory than most games twice its size), grinding is the only other way to get these coins, I actually do not mind grinding, wish at my lvl there were better less 10 plus platform maps to do that on, but here again, having 2 - 3 hrs per night to do nothing but grind coins is not always attainable.

    And yes fix it or take it out, its just that simple.. if EVERYONE can't access it without dci'ng, or get error code 38 then no one should. Admit you can't fix it, how about putting in something in its place that does work, a simple NPC giving out coins for blahhh quest etc... there are a lot of things nexon COULD do if they wanted over leaving broken content in the game.

    Adding again nexon set this whole event up predicated on getting copious amounts of coins, just to open the tabs in the coin shop, not to mention if you want the best chairs you'll need billions of mesos.. Not very well thought out at all.
  • FIX YOUR DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because if you "whine loud" in a RANTS & RAVE thread you're trying to call the president of nexon... lol THATS rich !
    But sadly.. THE GAMES STILL HAS THE BROKEN CONTENT! and remember this is "important" since they saw fit to require 2k plus coins to open up a coin shop tab thats went on for months, one must get coins daily to open the dang thing.. so make getting said coins viable!
  • FIX YOUR DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    I'm curious, how much work do you believe fixing the current crashes and such would take?

    Honestly, that is not the point, at all. I don't care what it takes, if it can't be fixed, or couldn't be fixed back on day one, then REMOVE it! How is it ok to have content in the game that's this broken, you dc, takes 20 mins to get back into game (this is that wonderful new log in fix) only to dc again. It's broken stop ignoring it and address it or take it out.. They do this every single time (keep broken content going, most of the time the players have to find the work around) and the only thing nexon was right in doing this time, they acknowledged it but to say "oh just stop attacking, see if that helps" is ridiculous.
  • FIX YOUR DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Nexon, You know the new content is broken, you've said so, so get off your butts and fix it! why do you not give a care about we "average" players of your game ? This error code 38 is total crap!!!!!! If half of us out here can't play and everyone on my buddy list is dcing.. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE "stop attacking" CRAP!! THIS IS BROKEN FIX IT OR TAKE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is ONLY there for your precious hackers and those who spend a fortune on the game.. this is all about the powerful how much damage can you lay down, we all know it will be the same people every single time at the top, we get it, its rigged PAY TO PLAY 110%! BUT at least FIX IT! we know we're not getting anything prize wise but damnit at least let us get our damn coins!!!!!!! so freaking sick of the same old bs in this game.. YOU KNOW ITS BROKE SO FIX IT!!!!!! ugh THIS Is exactly why people quit this game and don't spend money on it.!!!
    OH and PS if this was "Marvel Machine" not working you'd have fixed it ASAP! care about the actual game THIS much!
  • Account not verified

    Happened to me too, I did log a ticket but when can we expect this to be fixed ? I cant play at all and why did this happen ? I got this little mushroom window asking did I really want to DC my char when this happened ? I clicked yes I wanted to dc then when I tried to relog my other char thats when I got the "your account has not been verified? Now I can't get back into game at all