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  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Please make posts to this thread only if you are entering the contest with a design. This is not the appropriate place for leaving criticisms or feedback regarding submitted designs. If you do find one you like, be sure to give the posting a thumbs up.

    Overall, really like all of the creative designs submitted so far.
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  • Look of the Month - August

    Greetings, Maplers!

    It's time for another Look of the Month contest! We will be looking for the best outfits, costumes, and flair from each of your in-game characters!
    Here's what we are looking for in specific:

    A picture of your character dressed in your favorite MapleStory outfit. This can be your training gear, outfits from events, clothes from the Cash Shop, anything! We prefer the picture of your character be taken this month. After all, this is the Look of the Month contest.

    Creativity based around the time of the year is something we consider as well. In months that have the possibility of themes (like October with Halloween and December with Christmas, for example) we may pick two winners if we see multiple entries in both categories.

    Participants should write a short description of what your character is wearing and what sort of look you're going for.

    Make sure to include your IGN and World.

    This is just the basic template of what you should have in your entry:



    [b]Short description of what your character is wearing:[/b]

    [b]What look you're going for (theme):[/b]
    You may make additions to this template in your post as you see fit, although the criteria listed above are required.

    • Look of the Month Contest August - Official Rules
    • No multiple submissions
    • No plagiarism
    • No inappropriate content (Definition of inappropriate is left up to the decision of the judges)
    • The use of sites such as BannedStory to simulate environments and character outfits is NOT permitted.
    • Entries must be submitted within the submission time limit which will run from the time of this post to August 25th, 2017 at 12 PM / Noon (Pacific Time).
    • Any breach of these rules is grounds for disqualification
    • All decisions of the judges are final
    • Players that have been banned in the game are not allowed to win this contest.

    How do we decide the winner?
    We have three elements that go into judging:
    • Originality: Is your outfit unique, or common? Is it yours, or is it everyone else's too?
    • Trendy: Is your outfit hip or lame?
    • Theme: Why does your outfit work? Does each piece of equipment have a "why" behind it, or is it cobbled together randomly?

    1. Look of the Month winner will receive 35,000 Maple Points
    2. Three (3) Runner Ups will receive 10,000 Maple Points

    The winner will have their character spotlighted on the MapleStory Forums for the month following the event.
    The winner will be chosen no later than August 25th, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time. The Maple Points prize will be distributed within the coming week after the announcement.

    For the month of August we will have 1 primary winner chosen:
    • Your character in their favorite MapleStory outfit!

    We can't wait to see how fashionable your in-game characters are! And if you have any questions about this contest, feel free to ask!

    Best of luck!

    - From the MapleStory Volunteers
  • So how do i get my second 5 job skill?

    Much like your other 5th job skill; You will either need to craft a node for it using node shards or have it appear from opening a nodestone.
  • Uhh how do I get back to the afterlands place?

    You should be able to access The Afterlands area via any dimensional mirror
  • I love the Login Music

    The official name of the track is "The Cygnus Garden".

    Here's an arrangement played live by the Maplestory Symphony in Budapest. Tempo is a little faster than in game but they nailed the overall theme very nicely.