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  • Abusing the breakthrou event

    LagTooMuch wrote: »
    you know what I am allowed to criticize on this forum. I would like to file a customer complaint against you being an ASS this HOLE time.

    Ugh, you're like a retail worker's worst nightmare.

    He simply asked for proof, a screenshot or some form of evidence that isn't just your word. You're allowed to criticize, but it doesn't really get you anywhere.
  • Winter Event Frustration

    I personally just don't do the Nova boxes, I just don't want to put in the time. I actually don't mind the nova coin boxes or dragon pops. 160 coins per day is really nice. Especially because you can get most of them by afk-ing, but you can speed up the process by grinding, which you'll be doing to get the nova boxes, so I thought it worked well together. It's also a good excuse to get me to train for a little bit per day. But I was able to cap boxes while I trained my Cadena just fine.

    What I don't understand is why bingo is suddenly frustrating and worth complaining about when it's in Maplestory. It's literally a game dependent on chance, or luck. There's no downside to playing, seeing as you get participation coins. Having a second bingo board is also pretty nice to have.

    There is no difference between Bingo in Maple, and bingo in real life. We've had the bingo event several times now, I don't understand why it's suddenly an issue now. With the 160 coins you get per day, anything else is just a nice boost, you should be able to get everything you want from the event shop otherwise.
  • KMS is making changes that harm GMS/Nexon why?

    The removal of FM isn't a bad change honestly. Consolidating the market into an easy to manage, free shop I might add, is a good move on Nexon's part. With improvements further to come for AH, I'm okay with the changes.

    And it's not so much that KMS is making changes to hurt GMS, it's that GMS isn't customizing these patches to account for the differences between GMS and KMS.
  • Remove "Airborne" req. from Cadena's skills.

    This issue is being fixed in the scheduled maint. Thank heavens.
  • To those who believe Nexon's "long term"

    There's so many empty promises at this point.

    If they're not going to take action, I'd rather be told that as opposed to being led on by some fragile false hope.