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  • Evanelle's Art Gallery

    This was created for the Mapleize Me challenge on dA. Enjoy!
  • Evanelle's Art Gallery

    Ark! This was a lot of work, especially getting his hair color right.
  • Evanelle's Art Gallery


    Today, something very small! A Lil pet version of my main and of Angelic Buster!
  • Evanelle's Art Gallery

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to finally get a thread going for my artwork. I had one once upon a time on the old forums, but obviously that's gone!
    I'm going to focus mostly on my new art here, though I may occasionally post some older favorites if I'm slow creating new things. If you regularly check the fan creations channel on the Discord server, you have probably already seen these first few, but if you like my work, please feel free to come back to this thread and see what I'm up to!

    Illium. I'm particularly proud of this one because it was drawn entirely in colored pencil, no graphite or inks.

    Spooky Evan

    Art of... Arwoo?!

    A festive holiday Evan

    My main, though perhaps not at my best moment (RIP)

    Finally, one more sketch of my main character.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my art, sorry the initial post is so large!
  • EvanelleOnyx – Mod Application

    A brief description of why you’d like to become a VFM.
    MapleStory has held a special place in my heart for years, and the opportunity to help support the game’s community and the game itself would be amazing! I’m also very active, especially in the Discord server, and I think that between my availability and my experience I could be a great asset to the VFM team.

    What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM??
    I hope to build a reputation as a friendly, accessible, active and knowledgeable individual in order to be the most helpful to both the community and Nexon itself. I hope to perform the job duties of the volunteer moderator exceptionally and be able to help maintain the safe and fun environment we enjoy via the official forums and discord server.
    I also have a very creative nature and I think I could give excellent feedback and input for contests!

    Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?
    Yes. I have over a year of ongoing experience moderating the Steam community hub of an indie game, the information for which I will gladly provide upon request in the interest of not advertising another game via the Maple forums. For the same game I have also been server owner of the largest fan-run discord, 455 members at the time of writing this, for exactly one year as of today (December 22nd, 2017). On that server I have been blessed with the ongoing presence and support of the game’s development team and have assisted them with testing their game as well as gathering community feedback.
    Again, I will gladly provide specific information pertaining to that position upon request!

    In-Game Character Name: EvanelleOnyx
    World: Windia
    Discord User Name: Takeru#4038 (Nickname set to EvanelleOnyx on the MapleStory server)

    (In-Game Character Name: EvaneIIeOnyx
    World: Reboot
    I believe I do have a strong understanding of the Reboot world’s unique setup and needs. To cement my understanding I have created a new character, with a visually identical name to my main character, in the Reboot world. I do have previous characters in Reboot, but I thought the best way to fully understand where Reboot stands currently would be to make a fresh start and level a new character from the beginning. Regardless of the result of this round of VFM applications, I will be continuing to train this new character.)

    Thank you for your consideration, and best of luck to the other applicants!
    SherriMageOfBattlesKeyan the Evan