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  • Wondroid ideas for less player stress

    I dc'd twice while I was at 1F. You know what happens then? The game brings you all the way back to B4 and you'd have to redo everything despite the progress you've already made. Where's the logic in that?

    I agree with the above posts too. 1F has possibly the worst game level design in the entire Wondroid JQ for a melee character. Whether you pass or fail in this level is entirely based on what keyboard prompts you get at the gates because of the bad mechanics of this level:

    1. Your normal melee attack has an extremely short range to hit opponents.
    2. Alert agents pretty much deal first strike on you because of reason 1.
    3. Agents knock you back a certain distance every time you get hit thus rendering you incapable of landing a hit until they get their hits done.
    4. Agents deal damage that are based on a percentage of your max hp - thus essentially giving everyone a predetermined number of hits to get through to the end. This would have been acceptable had the game given you avenues to heal or not made it so difficult to hit the enemy agents.
    5. Reasons 1, 2 & 3 compounded together guarantees that for each stack of enemies that appear upon reaching a gate, all of these agents would get a hit upon you before you could even deal damage on them. With the enemy agents dealing 3.33% of your max hp per hit, and the number of enemy agents appearing progressively increasing with every gate you clear, at the MINIMUM, they'd deal x! (factorial) hits on you or x! * 3.33% of your max hp in terms of damage dealt, where x is the number of agents spawned. (I got this formula by assuming they have first strike and you managing to kill an agent with one hit. Both the agents and you trade rounds).

    By following this formula, you essentially get dealt at MINIMUM 20% HP at 2nd gate, 33% at 3rd gate, and 50% at the final gate. 20+33+50=103% of your total HP! The only reason why I was still able to clear 1F with my Shad and my Phantom is because there is a degree of glitchiness to this level wherein some of these agents jump and fall through the floor upon reaching a gate. Now imagine if you get to a gate where you only get arrow prompts. It automatically means your death because these agents would get at the least another round of damage on you.

    I seriously had more trouble at 1F than at B1.

    TLDR; 1F is hell for melee, please fix.
  • Recent Removal of Duplicated Items

    While I do appreciate that Nexon is doing something to get rid of illegitimate items, I think if Nexon were more proactive following these botters/hackers' transactions and nip them at the bud before they get sold, the harm would be lessened and there'd be less community backlash for what is essentially a job that should be done daily.

    For example, I recently reported at least 10 pages worth of cheaply priced spell traces (1/3 market price) with timestamps within 1 minute of posting at the auction house. Reported it but I didn't get a response until 3 days after, by which time all have been sold to possibly legit players.
  • Question

    I'm finally installing the windows updates that I've been putting on snooze for weeks now.

    I've been racing them to see which would end first - windows updates or maple maintenance