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  • More Minigames Please!

    I am thinking if there should be more minigames to play in Maplestory. We have Omok and memory as well as other games such as Yut, One card, Monsteropoly which come in certain events. I wish there were other classic games such as checkers, chess, regular cards for other games such as Chinese Poker, poker, Crazy 8 and other games you can think of.

    And if we do get minigames and we have cards, would adding an option of betting mesos be a stupid idea?

    I know minigames are supposed to be for 2+ players, but a single player game such as Mahjong may be good when we just want to chill by ourselves.
  • [REBOOT] Make Gollux Accessories limitless

    i would like gollux shop to restock in non reboot as well
  • Absolab/Arcane Umbra Gears into Pieces

    The idea of dropping Arcane/Absolab pieces is kind of pointless due to the fact that Damien, Lotus, Lucid and soon, Will, will drop the pieces that need items to be exchanged for coins that are finally used to purchase the item you want. The other alternative is to defeat the bosses in their hardest forms to receive the entire equipment as well as the pieces (Arcane weapon and butterfly droplet from Lucid.) KMS made it you either kill the boss and grind and find items to make the item from the boss usable before exchanging it or by killing the boss on its hardest difficulty. Changing it to follow Empress and Chaos Root Abyss will eliminate the need to farm core, stigma stones or droplets and potentially speed up the rate we get gear. I kind of like it, but KMS devs want us to grind :/.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Thank you for supporting this threading and sharing your thoughts on why this Bonus Stats/Additional Options should be released to GMS services. I don't think the developers would had hear our voices if we were silent or had given up on this goal we had in common.

    Moving forward, we can expect stronger players due to stats granted by bonus stats making bossing and level progression easier. Accessory Crafters would be more useful than ever with the ability to craft flames (I forgot Alchemists will get some love for their forgotten Scroll Extractor since now their Advanced Extractor is not needed for item crystal extraction) as well as the materials that came with the RED Update will be put to use. Have fun upgrading your current gear setup and look forward to a new variety of items
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    I dunno if someone should ask the devs about flames and stars since it already is talked about on the Discord as well as overused fire and star emotes on the stores. Unrelated things, I would prefer the arguments about other people's opinions to be in PMs and not on this thread.