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  • Ballistician Class

    Can we throw in a Hwacha?

  • Gollux Equipment

    I would like this feature to be in regular servers too.
  • Create a 5th job skill!

    Class: Dual Blade

    Skill: Chain Strike

    Description: While attacking, strike your foes with a sharp chain. Chain hits the monster you are attack as well as monsters nearby.

    LVL 25: For 30 seconds, summon a chain that attacks up to 10 enemies for 800% DMG x 8 whenever you are attacking.
    Reactivation time: .5 second
    Cooldown 60 seconds

    The chain looks similar to the Dual Blade's chains of hell and it will have the same bouncing properties as Luminous's reflection.
  • MapleStory Community Meet Up - Applications CLOSED

    Darn it
    Darn it
    Darn it
    Darn it
    Darn it

    I live in New York and my folks don't have time nor can they afford a roundtrip plane ticket to send me to California.
  • Character Rebirth Item

    AznboiE wrote: »
    Wouldn't it be fun if there was a cash item that you could buy that allows you to turn back into a level 10 , allowing you to choose or replay your character from first job all over again? For fun purposes, I like to delete characters, specifically link mules, and make new ones to re-experience what it felt to get from 1-120 all over gain (sometimes it sucked and it still sucks when I try to force myself to like a class I didn't like before). This would be a fun thing I would buy for my explorer characters, though possibly would be usable on citizens and cygnus knights in the future.

    Item: Hands of Time REQ lv: 100
    Description: Turn back the hands of time to take a permanent trip down memory lane. Caution: Once used the effects are irreversible. (Turns your current level and class to level 10 Beginner), Can't use more than once per week from the date you last used it.

    The item would work as a New Game+ item which allows you to keep your current beginner skills that aren't the ones you get at default (skills like Empress's Might and Sengoku Totem Skill) and allows you to choose a different job (or same job, if you're not a basic resistance cygnus or explorer class) as if you were playing the game on that character for the first time but with all your items kept from the last playthrough, and maybe, if not too good, give you a buff that permanently increases additive EXP by 1% per rebirth up to 50%, and gives a base set of other buffs for certain rebirth milestones if you rebirth after level 100.

    Example milestone buffs:
    10 rebirths = +10 inventory slots in all tabs and OR (if all or a certain slot(s) is/are maxed out) tradable within account all slot +10 coupon (excludes storage slots) and +5% max MP/HP
    20 rebirths = +5% critical rate increase
    40 rebirths = +5% permanent drop rate increase
    50 rebirths = +10% pdr increase

    After the 50th Rebirth, you must be 150 or higher to receive cumulative rebirths for the 75th and 100th rebirth milestone.

    75 rebirths = +5% Final Damage
    100 Rebirths = +10% Boss damage

    I should also mention since this item is pay-2-"win," there will also be 2 rebirths available for Maple Reward Points per Reward Shop resets.

    This suggestion has obvious pros and cons but I'd like to see your thoughts/ ways to improve this idea.

    Here's one I'll come up with: Allow all classes to use this item regardless of job but only revert the class to 1st job for special classes.

    A better idea to tweak Legion/Union so that certain level milestones come with a perk such as +5% drop rate to character for reaching 7000 Legion level. The idea of before reborn sounds buggy.