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  • Tynerum Goddess is being unreasonable

    To complete your 5th Job advancement, you must complete the Temple of Time quests to have access to the Horizons containing the goddesses of each world.

    Finishing the Maple Goddess's requirement is easy since you can just say anything you want. The Nova Goddess wants you to kill the traitor, Magnus in any difficulty. That quest isn't too difficult.

    The biggest obstacle to deal with Tynerum's request. She expects you to find her in the World Tree within 5 minutes. If you think 5 minutes is reasonable for someone with decent mobility skills, the monsters occupying the tree present a huuuge challenge. The monsters in the World Tree range from the LVL 210 Tree Saps on the tree trunk to the LVL 230 Demon Wolfriders. What makes it near impossible to accomplish is that the Flying Demons that touch you and disable potion usage. Attacking the mobs is pointless because your damage dealt to them is cut due to being out of their level range. The touch damage of the high levels mobs combined with the inability to use potions makes this challenge near impossible unless you have Dark Sight to avoid touch damage.

    I personally find this challenge unfair because even tanky classes are rendered useless when bombarded by mobs and you can't heal. They expect you to sneak past hordes of monsters that are waay out of your level reach to find a randomly place portal within a short time limit.

    In order to make advancing to 5th job easier, here are changes I want to be done with this absurd quest:
    • Reduce mob levels so they are closer to 200
    • Remove flying demons

    I want to make everyone's experience advancing to 5th job a bit more pleasant :) .

  • Botting in this game seems out of control

    July wrote: »
    Temptation wrote: »
    Everyday I report spawn hack in pianus, nothing is done, for years hackers are there auto-spawning and kiling pianus... gg Nexon,honestly I don't think this company wants to solve the hacking issue.

    I bet they getting banned, its just that bots are like Hydra, Mythology Greek monster, kill one and two more will come (on same body ofc.. i mean computer).
    Only way to stop it is to MAC address ban, so they won't be able to open the game ever again on that computer.

    Or.. make it like in KMS, new accounts must have a phone confirmation.

    i like both ideas. I I just don't want people complaining they don't have a cell phone.

    comepre wrote: »
    AlexF wrote: »

    I've moved this to the Rants and Rave section - since this is just you ranting (Even though you say it isn't).

    Not getting any reports that the servers are acting up at this moment.

    Moderator Note: Removed for insulting message.

    AlexF isn't getting paid. You are just being offensive to him. We are all aware of this issue involving being already logged in. Our version of Maplestory isn't really being managed very well and we see it in the form of lag, DC and exploits.
  • Stop people from holding spots in Free Market!

    AKradian wrote: »
    People blatantly advertise their items for real-world currency, and nothing happens to them.

    That there is a major problem.

    Last time I checked, selling items for real money could get you in serious trouble. I've reported about a fifty players selling items for paypal. Even with a screenshot of all the items being the sold, the seller's black market site, I get the same response of "We will investigate this player" and "We cannot disclose any action taken on the account," and player is still selling a pendant for 80 USD a week later. The vicious cycle then repeats itself and then I wonder if the investigation team is stupid and can't confirm the player is guilty or if Nexon started relaxing their policies regarding players selling items for paypal.
  • Pls. Show Profession in Character Selection Screen

    AKradian wrote: »
    BunnySaki wrote: »
    Throktar wrote: »
    Thanks for the explanation but I would rather know what my profession is more than my ranking. Or maybe they could add another line to show it? I just want to know what my character's professions are as a matter of convenience.

    I don't understand what this profession is. Do you mean your class? It tells you on the character selection screen.

    Profession is Alchemy, Smithing, or Accessory crafting.

    As for the suggestion... I also often don't remember which mule I put my <whatever> on, so maybe allow viewing inventory from the character select screen, too?

    I need the ability to look up the stuff on my mules before using them. I had a few moments where i forget who has my elemental staff or abso ring.