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  • GMS/EMS-Raising Star Cap and Rebirth Flames

    Someone should ask the devs about flames when they go to Maple fest :3. I would like to see if they can dodge a question like that.
  • Suggestion for a new area in the future gate

    bazzy wrote: »
    For a while, the future gate has had 2 areas, Ereve, and Henesys. On the 6 path crossway, there is a portal leading to sleepywood that doesn't work. I think there should be a 190 area for sleepywood. Balrog could be remastered, and be like Cygnus.

    I also heard there is hunting map in EMS/MSEA that is an expansion on Twilight Perion. I am hoping we can get that as well.

    As with Sleepwood Future, I am hyped about the idea. It would be sick if it had its own Root Abyss and World Tree.
  • Describe your favorite class in five words

    Dual Blade: two knives good, one sucks.
  • 1000-1500 budget for gaming pc

    This was a a very silly way of using my college money, but It used it to buy an Alienware during late 2016. Most of you guys may be pissed off why I decided to choose a laptop instead of a desktop, but I had a few reasons and the configuration I chose was good.

    Here is a story how I ended with Alienware:

    Alienware fascinated me in middle school when I first saw it at Bestbuy.com and on Alienware's old site when it had the m17x models compared to the 17s today. It was the first time I saw a laptop with lighting zones. I chose Alienware because my Mom promised to get my "any" laptop if I got a Principal's Honor Roll. Alienware 17x was the most expensive and interesting computer on Best Buy's site so I went with that. I wanted to copy Sheldon Cooper and have an Alienware like him. Too bad I didn't score that high, so I then relied on saved up money and I then did my window shopping on Alienware's old site. I found out about customizations and found out that Alienware m17x and m18x could run SLI or CrossfireX graphics in them! I then settled for the small, but OP Alienware m11x which was a deadly gaming notebook. I could had been waiting forever if I wanted an SLI laptop. Also, Alienware's new laptops today don't have SLI T_T.

    -I had a Dell preferred account and a discount from AAA
    -I chose a laptop because the AC in my room wasn't able to cool me down and is loud as hell. A laptop allowed me to move my gaming down to the living room where my family has a good AC.
    -32GB DDR4 was perfect for gaming and video editing. The i7 6820hk CPU was ridiculous and no other laptops I saw had that at that time
    -8GB GTX 1080 was a great addition to the laptop
    -The display featured a 120hz G Sync Display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. There was also an option of going 4K, but for 60hz and no G Sync, but I chose refresh rate and G Sync.
    -I saw the tech team of Dell showing the laptop's crazy cooling and massive heatsinks and fans
    -Even though the wrist area is a fingerprint magnet, my laptop felt very sturdy compared to other laptops.

    At that time, there weren't gaming laptops with GTX 1080s, dual Nvm SSDs + HDD, 120hz display with G sync. It also came with Tobii eye tracking which the demo itself was mindblowing. So I felt happy knowing I chose the best laptop at that time. If I were still searching today, I might had chosen a Blade Pro for its similar specs to the Alienware 17 and it being a lot lighter (the behemoth I am wielding today weights 4.5kg!)

    At this moment, I am saving my money for a desktop rig that would replace my current desktop. I plan to build a PC running off the Z370 chipset and new Coffee Lake CPU that will perform my laptop by a bit (you must be loaded, but I just saving up Chinese New Years money). My old Clarkdale PC (1st gen intel core CPU) with be the guest/family computer.

    The memory for my upcoming build will be 2x 16GB (I plan on upgrading to 64GB without having to replace sticks) from either Trident Zs or Dominator Platinums (overkill but I do plan doing other things besides gaming and video editing.) The CPU and mobo will be an 8700k from Intel with its dozen threads and hexa-core madness as well as Maximus X from ROG. I saved up about halfway for my dream build and Chinese New Years is coming. Wish me luck!
  • Bring back Yut now!

    I almost voted "no" because I am used to having "yes" as the first choice.

    I want Yut so I can beat the living daylights out of Arlong XD.