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  • Combine the all the regular worlds into 1 world.


    -More competition over resources (Boss channels)
    -Free Market will be filled up
    -Character limit confusion
    -Legion Limit confusion
    -Harder to find hunting grounds
    -Not enough channels
  • RGB Cash Set

    Arwoo wrote: »
    My eyyyyyyyyyeesssssssss!!!

    This suggestion could perhaps lead into a costume/NX Cover design contest in the future.
    I do recall MapleStory having player created cosmetic items in-game.

    If you worry about becoming blind and losing your vision, there should be an option to dim the lights similar to my Razer Blackwidow Chroma.
  • Updated Nebulite Box drop table

    Herony wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Herony wrote: »
    I really want to see what's the problem of adding them in the CS for reward points on reboot, that's just make the game more engaging and the monster collection more useful since there's really not many things to buy with reward points in reboot and is a good excuse to go kill bosses beside mesos. Beside, is way easier to implement than changing the drop database.

    Because adding things for "money" is not the way to solve issues. These boxes should drop in all servers from all mobs, and bypassing that by buying them is a really bad precedent for all future Nexon mess-ups.

    You're right that the Rewards Point shop in Reboot is woefully lacking. But what it needs to have added is pets, pet skills, pet snack, and Water of Life - all Cash items that give a big gameplay advantage, which should not happen in Reboot. As things stand now, Reboot is pay2play, with pets and water of life being the "subscription fee".

    Money, what money? the only way to gain reward points is participating in the game and completing game objectives, that's quite opposite at what pay to win is, not really sure you read my idea correctly but I'm just saying they should add them to the reward points cash shop, not anything else, same way you can buy cubes with reward points, is not different, you can even limit them to five per month the same way as cube are limited.

    Getting 5 of each Fusion ticket, nebulite box, red and black cubes, and bonus cubes isn't helpful enough. Buying 5 Premium Fusion Tickets per month is not going to take even the most dedicated F2P players far.
  • Post content from OUR community

    I'm not afraid to reveal my love for h3nt@i

  • Report bad live chat GMs?

    AKradian wrote: »
    Actually, from what I've seen, it looks like they get paid by how many customers they handle, which makes them try to blow you off as quickly as possible.
    Maybe you got one who was trying to be helpful, but due to not really knowing much, ended up copying knowledge base articles that were irrelevant.

    Anyway, when a chat ends, you get to rate it and offer feedback. I don't know how often anyone reads this feedback, but it's the only way I know of to send any.

    (Or you can go on reddit and post screenshots of your chat. Seems they enjoy deriding clueless GMs over there. And who knows, maybe one of the mythical Nexon staff who browse the subreddit will take note.)

    I feel bad for people who get the crappy GMs. Almost all of my live chats and tickets with GMs were pleasant, even though some of them like a doctor saying the victim is dead and they've tried everything. I can think of a few times when I got things done with a GM without drama.

    I once had a C++ error and needed assistance. The chat responses was long because I was chatting on a working computer and troubleshooting another computer. The GM was patient and after doing instructions carefully, I was able to log on.

    Another time, I had a ban appeal for my Demon Slayer mule account that was accused of "botting" during the "Demon Slayer Bot Era." Kerning Subway was infested with these bots until they purged they Demon Slayer bots. Unfortunately, my innocent mule got banned as well because I was racking up cubes kills too fast (Fatal Scythe Familiar and a Kanna with Kishin caused me to get banned. After explaining what I did exactly (Kanna + familiar = 200 kills in 30 seconds,) they apologized for their mistake.

    GMs should be helpful as long you don't use foul language and can explain the situation clearly. This is a pretty good example.