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  • Daxterbeer- VFM Application

    I technically have no real work experience. I am just someone who plays the game strictly by the rules. I do help my guildies with advice on training, funding and the game's features and such. I also do a fair share of reporting players who are selling items for real money as well as reporting hackers I see to GMs.

    The only work experience I have is to scan files for my dad and to modify his Excel spreadsheets while he communicates with his clients in China. The only reason I didn't mention it at first is because my father isn't making much out of the job due to lack of business.

    In terms of real goals, I am hoping on doing better as a mod than when I was at MLC. Working would as a VFM would be considered my first steps as work experience when I get my part time job (I am still his intern.)

    Unlike many users who are currently working and are willing to be a VFM, I only possess the skills from communicating with peers in my server, the MLC and my Dad's company.

  • Post content from OUR community

    I'm not afraid to reveal my love for h3nt@i

  • Report bad live chat GMs?

    AKradian wrote: »
    Actually, from what I've seen, it looks like they get paid by how many customers they handle, which makes them try to blow you off as quickly as possible.
    Maybe you got one who was trying to be helpful, but due to not really knowing much, ended up copying knowledge base articles that were irrelevant.

    Anyway, when a chat ends, you get to rate it and offer feedback. I don't know how often anyone reads this feedback, but it's the only way I know of to send any.

    (Or you can go on reddit and post screenshots of your chat. Seems they enjoy deriding clueless GMs over there. And who knows, maybe one of the mythical Nexon staff who browse the subreddit will take note.)

    I feel bad for people who get the crappy GMs. Almost all of my live chats and tickets with GMs were pleasant, even though some of them like a doctor saying the victim is dead and they've tried everything. I can think of a few times when I got things done with a GM without drama.

    I once had a C++ error and needed assistance. The chat responses was long because I was chatting on a working computer and troubleshooting another computer. The GM was patient and after doing instructions carefully, I was able to log on.

    Another time, I had a ban appeal for my Demon Slayer mule account that was accused of "botting" during the "Demon Slayer Bot Era." Kerning Subway was infested with these bots until they purged they Demon Slayer bots. Unfortunately, my innocent mule got banned as well because I was racking up cubes kills too fast (Fatal Scythe Familiar and a Kanna with Kishin caused me to get banned. After explaining what I did exactly (Kanna + familiar = 200 kills in 30 seconds,) they apologized for their mistake.

    GMs should be helpful as long you don't use foul language and can explain the situation clearly. This is a pretty good example.
  • Feedback Idea: Event Hall Maple Reward Shop item

    I was thinking about having it in the star quest tab like next to the ToT quest icon. This way players never have to visit the event shop and treat it like a Crusader shop.
  • Implement .....>>>>Click to view

    Assuming it is safe for me to speak again and this thread is relevant to my argument, there is a property of flames that makes it beneficial to players wearing low level gear than to those wishing to gear themselves up with primed Sweetwater and Absolab.

    The best eye and face accessories in GMS/EMS are Sweetwater accessories due to them being to obtain 13% at Legendary and being able to reach 15 stars on star force in our version of the game. The "runner up" accessories would be Condensed Power Crystals and the Aquatic Letter Eye which both can obtain 12% at Legendary. Assuming that 1% per line is a small difference to Sweetwater, those who choose Sweetwater are considered screw due to the flaming restrictions of high leveled gears. The level of the flame determines what you flame with.

    Similar to your character, flames cannot influence the stats of another item that is a higher level than the flame which is similar to how a level 30 thief cannot wear Absolab, but a level 200 can pretty much wear anything that is its job type. Assuming everyone who was upset with me saw a glance of my Googledoc might remember the abundance of 110 flames from the easier bosses opposed to the 150 flames which drop primarily for CRA and harder bosses. Players who get wear "flammable clothing" (XD) can easily re-roll their stats every boss compared to those who wear higher level gears.

    Returning back to Sweetwater and Absolab, people might notice there aren't any 160+ flames out there. In this scenario, those who plan to polish their high end gear must resort to using scarcer Eternal and Powerful flames obtained via crafting as a Jeweler or wait until an event shop rolls in with Eternal and Powerful Flames. Crafted flames require materials from extracted pre existing flames, the counterpart of a "cubic blade" and some of the new crafting materials introduced during the RED Patch such as spell essences.

    The idea of crafting Flames utilizes are the new items introduced during the RED patch as well as proving that Accessory Crafting can be just as good as Smithing (people use smithing for Meister Cubes.) Another idea this system would promote is some sort of interaction the community. Players sporting items that are only compatible with crafted flames will demand a high amount materials to make crafted flames. Players who take advantage on the dropped flames from other bosses can sell these flames to the rich so they could use them for materials for the crafted flames. The player who sold the materials would get income which they can use on affording new gear, scrolls etc. Since most "godly" players won't rest until they get the best additional stats, they would be buying materials on a daily basis which allows materials suppliers to benefit everyday.

    GMS's community should cooperate more and craft more, and in return become stronger,