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  • Maplestory Fest Favorite Moment!

    Petalmagic wrote: »
    I was in the Dance contest...-hides my super red face- Man I felt so freakin embarassed afterwards but I am glad I did it.

    When I rewatch the dance competition on Twitch, I cry everytime because it was the last event and it was like watching the end of Toy Story 3 when Andy and Buzz watch drive away. It could also be the nostalgic remix of the login music that made me cry.

    My favorite moment was actually being there. I didn't get selected from the waves or from the Facebook/Twitter contest. I was suppose to meet a guy Petalmagic met on Twitch. I was basically a +1 for a guy out of town I didn't know, but I took the chance to fly from NY to Las Vegas and a bus to LA. It actually worked and I still had both kidneys!

    When I entered the lobby of the venue, I was happy to say I had made it to the event. I got a few pictures of the many cute cosplayers, magnificent artwork from the talented Maplers as well as a picture with the cute mascot, Pink Bean ^o^. I also met with PetalMagic, the one who made it possible and we had a great time at the event hearing announcements and having fun times at the booths. The merch store allowed me to take home some goodies from my first plane trip and from my favorite PC game. I got a Eunwol and Phantom figurine for myself, and a Mercedes figurine for my sister who couldn't come to LA with me. At the end of the event, me and Petalmagic got commemorative photos and we each got pictures with our cool CM, Arwoo :D. It was the best trip I had!
  • Nightmare Clock Tower Should Be a Queable Map.

    Maple Guide allows the user to teleport into the tower of Lachelein or directly to the top where Lucid and Dream Defender is. To get down the tower very fast, you can simply pop a nearest town scroll after going down a floor or using using maple guide and selecting "Lachelein."
  • Why can't i store my gear?

    Equipment cannot be transferred in Reboot even if it is to another character within your account.
  • Locking Old Suggestion Threads

    I personally find locking threads that no one posts on to be pointless. I can see someone adding a post with no real purpose to their own thread just to make it visible is a problem and I think that is only reason that locking would make sense. If a thread starts becoming toxic, VFMs should lock it.

    If someone else commented on an old thread, I feel this isn't always a bump unless it is just a short post with no opinions or reasons. Some threads do get shared and people read it late and comment on it late.

    Sometimes, a VFM's last comment before locking an old thread is to create another thread because the current one is old. At the same time, when we all talk about the issue such as the boss drop nerfs, they get merged. We don't need 15 EMS Reboot threads roaming around. Why not find the old one containing the most people commenting than creating a new one?

    I can see this NOT working for General because things repeat such as periods of DC, questions, etc. that occur over and over again. Each suggestion in the suggestion thread should be unique or somewhat (if a VFM consciously remembers a suggestion thread asking the same thing as the new thread, they should direct that user to that pre-existing thread.)

    Do you really feel old threads bumped by users other than the original poster should be locked?
  • How 2 Sneak Ideas to Nexon (Silliness)

    DISCLAIMER: This is all fake and it is meant to be for fun and silliness.

    Whenever we suggest something to Nexon, our wishes doesn't come true. This is proven when we spoke about drop rate nerfs and Kanna nerfs. We wanted better drop rate, but we ended up with low drop rates for nodes, Symbols and droplets. Do you see a pattern? We get the opposite of what we want.

    In order to increase drop rate, complain that so much **** drops on the floor and you want to see less Nodes and stuff. Nexon won't listen and will jack the drop rate until we drown.

    You- Nexon, there are too many nodestones and droplets on the floor and it is lagging me, please lower it
    Nexon- We will lower it
    (They increase the drop rates because they do the opposite of what you ask)

    If you want something to happen, wish for the opposite.