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  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    Honestly makes 0 sense. why would they limit the whales? i would have totally bought more than 3 bpot packs myself, and i dont even whale that much. im sure there's plenty of people out there who would drop more. plus, its even more annoying for the people who purposely wait for cubes sales (not even dmt) to go for lines. SMH huge disappointment. i guess its good tho saves me money
  • Beast Tamer 'Revamp' Feedback

    Adding to this A friend of mine had tested it

    Basically outside of whistle, damage is significantly weaker Basically they tested on lucid phase 1 in a 30 second burst

  • Beast Tamer 'Revamp' Feedback

    Adding on to this to not have to make a new thread:

    Please, change the new hyper skill. its an absolute JOKE

    It's understandable for passive sharing to be removed. It was a bug, it was unintended. BUT, its what beast tamers needed to be viable. The thing is it didnt even make beast tamer overpowered, hell it only made them slightly above average. I know dps charts aren't entirely accurate, and should be taken with a grain of salt, but honestly take it into consideration. Without passive sharing, beast tamer was rank 42 or so, bottom of the charts. and with passive sharing, it made them around rank 18 or so, thats not bad. its definitely not overpowered, but its a huge difference. All the beast tamers i know agree its important to have it as a feature.

    here's my issue. passive sharing had been a thing for almost an entire year, so long to the point where basically it was seen as part of the class. while it was unintended, it made beast tamer the best it had ever been in its entire 7 years since release (i would know ive mained one since day 1), and the great thing is that it was active 100% of the time. playing beast tamer actually felt like a decent class and was competitive with all the other mages.

    But now what they've done, is fix the passive sharing, and turn it into a hyper skill. At it's concept, thats not a bad idea. beast tamer never had a third hyper skill, i think it fits. problem is the skill only last 60 seconds, while the cooldown is 360 seconds...... basically 1/6th the time compared to what it used to be.. ouch. Definitely a huge nerf. Now, i know what you're thinking, "well, is not really a nerf, if it was a bug to begin with". you'd be right. the problem is, it stayed in the game for so long. if somehow passive sharing became a thing, then was patched a week later, i'd be a lot less salty. but to have it be a feature for almost a year.. it might as well be intended at that point.

    Now, beast tamer definitely isnt as trash as it used to be., 2 years ago, but its also no where near what it was last week. We're gotten a chance to see what beast tamer could be if it was actually viable, and it was great, but now its been shafted.
    if this is what it's going to be, beast tamer seriously needs more buffs. Is the new hyper skill the solution? well, its the easiest solution, either make the duration alot longer, or shorten the cooldown by a lot, because going from 100% uptime down to like 15% uptime that is just sad. Preferably, i'd love for it to be 100% uptime again, but i'd be ok if it wasn't. but really it definitely needs to be more than what it is, 75% of the time atleast. Now, it doesnt have to be the only solution; there's other ways to make beast tamer as viable as it was. the animals themselves could be buffed more, more lines could be added, passives could be buffed, skills could be changed. One thing that could be more utilized is the first 5th job skill, champ charge. its absolute garbage and really servers no use. this skill can definitely be overhauled to provide more of a class boost. And, as the original poster here said, why is it that beast tamer has 2 nodes for deep breath and really deep breath (basically the same skill) while one of the main attack skills (majestic trumpet) has no node??? really makes no sense honestly.

    Sorry for going on a rant, im just upset for loosing a huge chunk of damage because of this. Us beast tamer mains really wanted this to be a permanent feature, and it was handed to us as a joke.. Hopefully nexon reconsiders the hyper skill and either changes duration, lowers cooldown, or provides other alternatives to buffing beast tamer because it really needs something. its just sad to see a class that was average get turned into something near the bottom.

    Hopefully other beast tamer players share their concerns here and something changes.
  • Maplestory Class Stereotypes

    Beast Tamer: uwu
  • [Game Crash] Formation Attack [Video]


    its not fair :( other classes had all their d/c issues fixed the next day in an emergency unscheduled maint, and yet Beast tamer still has the problem.