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  • event feedback: Not enough coins per day

    L4d2jpn wrote: »
    With due diligence, you're currently looking at:
    99*15=the event
    50=Friday utc ms2 hotweek
    99*2=2 Sunny Sunday doubles

    For a total of 1733 coins. Without kishin/frenzy and still one shotting level appropriate mobs at slurpy that's about 1.5hr commitment fully focused.

    If people don't one shot, that's easily 2x or more time required to just finish getting the daily coins. No one in gms in their right mind would want to do this on multiple characters either. I thought doing VJ and chuchu was a time commitment, that's nothing compared to this.
    yeah 1733 coins is NOT ENOUGH, i really would like to see them drop from mobs at a reasonable rate. many people, including me, want the halokitty hat which is 1k coins. thats over half the total coins you get lmfao.the out fit is 250, so then you're left with 483.... thats like 2 hats lmao or a damage skin and chair. really we need more event coins.
  • Some Beast Tamer Changes

    So, as it is normal to follow KMS patches, they got a patch where most (if not all skills) that gave damage were changed to give FD instead https://orangemushroom.net/2018/03/28/kms-ver-1-2-294-job-balancing-boss-adjustments/
    I would like to suggest maybe also adding beast tamer to the list? KMS doesn't have beast tamer, so it's not something they did, but beast tamer does have a few skills that give damage and it would be a nice buff (which the class really needs a buff) to the overall damage output.
    A few skills to name off the top of my head would be meow card (gives 30% damage) and the hyper skill (which gives 30% damage)
    So, tldr, it would be nice if beast tamer also had some of their skills, that give damage, to get changed to fd aswell with all the other classes
  • Lower attack speed cap to the same as KMS has

    can u not
    like just no
    no one wants this
  • [REBOOT] Make Gollux Accessories limitless

    Marvelouss wrote: »
    Just reboot is Ok, since the normal server has trades

    This has to be adressed and put a solution to this, i've seen a lot of people suffering from this even me.

    Just because "Regular Servers" can buy it off the auction house, doesn't mean it's cheap ( 3 - 5B per accessory isn't cheap )
    and if a thing were to come to reboot, it should come to regular servers as well, reboot players aren't special,

    when you suggest something it's should be considered for the whole of maplestory ( do you see players say i want X thing for bera only or X thing for windia only, no you don't )

    A suggestion for MapleStory Should be considered as a whole, and not just for a 1 Server.


    "non reboot has trades" sure, but not everyone can spend 5b for a new accessory when it booms.

    And sure, we can farm it on a mule, but that doesn't help. having to redo the prequest and days of farming (especially since your mules probbaly aren't as funded than your main) which will be a pain in the butt. not to mention what happens when you run out of mules?
  • beast Tamers should keep animal mode after death

    Basically the tittle. Whenever you die on a beast tamer, you loose whatever animal mode you're in. Not a problem when you're training, But when you're bossing (like in Hmag for example) it's super frustrating because unlike most classes who can get back to attacking, Beast tamers have to switch into the correct animal mode first to start attacking which adds delay. I've died from that multiple times in Hmag parties. it's even more frustrating because each animal mode has different HP amounts, so after death, i switch to bear mode and go back to 50% HP! I think it would be super helpfull if beast tamers could keep the correct animal mode after death, not even buff freezers keep the animal mode.