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  • Ideas for next Crossover event

    we need that frozen crossover
  • Please change one of bt's nodes

    This is simply a suggestion to change one of beast tamers boost nodes. Right now, there is currently a boost node for the skill deep breath, and a boost node for the skill really deep breath. Now, really deep breath is the same skill as deep breath, except really deep breath does more damage. I'm suggesting that the skill boost node for deep breath (weaker version of really deep breath) please be changed to a boost node for the skill Majestic trumpet. For those who may of played beast tamer before, you'll know that majestic trumpet is a very used skill and is one of the main mobbing skills, whereas (really) deep breath hardly ever gets used........ Such a simple change i'd love to see get implemented considering how not only is (really) deep breath such a unused and useless skill, but there's 2 boost nodes for it!


    And here is the skill i would like a node for instead of deep breath
  • Have Hilla Drop azwan coins

    So, this is a simple suggestion i hope to see implemented. Originally, with hilla we had the fight for azwan, and that allowed us to get azwan coins for the 2 npc shops there. well, the fight for azwan is closed (no idea how long) but the npc shops are still there. i personally like the look of the imperial set, and want an imperial weapon but alas there is no way to get the coins. also there are scrolls and other stuff. I think an easy solution to this would be to have hilla drop azwan coins similar to magnus. normal would drop the one type of coin and hard drop the other type. It bothers me especially because i've been trying to collect every obtainable beast tamer scepter in the game (i've gotten bored lmao) and the one from the azwan shop is staring me in the face laughing.
  • event feedback: Not enough coins per day

    L4d2jpn wrote: »
    With due diligence, you're currently looking at:
    99*15=the event
    50=Friday utc ms2 hotweek
    99*2=2 Sunny Sunday doubles

    For a total of 1733 coins. Without kishin/frenzy and still one shotting level appropriate mobs at slurpy that's about 1.5hr commitment fully focused.

    If people don't one shot, that's easily 2x or more time required to just finish getting the daily coins. No one in gms in their right mind would want to do this on multiple characters either. I thought doing VJ and chuchu was a time commitment, that's nothing compared to this.
    yeah 1733 coins is NOT ENOUGH, i really would like to see them drop from mobs at a reasonable rate. many people, including me, want the halokitty hat which is 1k coins. thats over half the total coins you get lmfao.the out fit is 250, so then you're left with 483.... thats like 2 hats lmao or a damage skin and chair. really we need more event coins.
  • Some Beast Tamer Changes

    So, as it is normal to follow KMS patches, they got a patch where most (if not all skills) that gave damage were changed to give FD instead https://orangemushroom.net/2018/03/28/kms-ver-1-2-294-job-balancing-boss-adjustments/
    I would like to suggest maybe also adding beast tamer to the list? KMS doesn't have beast tamer, so it's not something they did, but beast tamer does have a few skills that give damage and it would be a nice buff (which the class really needs a buff) to the overall damage output.
    A few skills to name off the top of my head would be meow card (gives 30% damage) and the hyper skill (which gives 30% damage)
    So, tldr, it would be nice if beast tamer also had some of their skills, that give damage, to get changed to fd aswell with all the other classes