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    The Story of Silver

    Born in the slums having to fight on the streets to survive and live each day, learning to use his magical powers through experience and living on the brink of death everyday was the initial part of his childhood. Through his teenage years to adulthood, he managed to received the start of a normal life and became part of a team of four of various backgrounds, the leader, the female warrior, the noble blooded princess, and him had learned the virtues of friendship and teamwork. However, the team broke apart and had gone their separate ways never to be the team they once were due to the start of the war. While the war had started, two of his teammates, the leader and the female warrior, enlisted in the cause, the noble princess was forced to return to the castle only to runaway to put her life on the front line hoping to make a difference. This inadvertently caused Silver to join. As the war raged on, Silver and the noble princess had watched their two teammates died heroically and tragically on the battlefield, realizing the horrors that the war brought, the noble princess fled with him to escape. Stopped by a commander who branded them as traitors, a battle ensued. The commander was brought down to his knees unable to fight anymore, Silver prepared the finishing blow upon learning that the commander was the one who lead his teammates to their death. The noble princess cried for Silver to stop himself from being consumed with rage and anger only for her to end up in the middle of his killing blow. As she bled in his arms, she had blessed him with her magic to live only for it to end up as a curse as an undead. Silver cried out for the last time as the commander laughed trying to run away from the scene only to be caught and given a slow and painful punishment for the pain he caused.

    After the war, Silver had buried the noble princess's body in an unmarked grave only known to him. He had attempted suicide only to be stopped by his own fear of death and continues to roam with no end in sight.


    Having to spend the rest of his days alive, he has developed a sense of cruel humor in the form of puns. His reaction to pain is laughter as it reminds him that he is alive which makes him more dangerous to fight. When fighting, he prefers not to kill his opponents, but to have them suffer slowly and painfully extinguishing any hope they have in their eyes. When he fights, his style is similar to a street fight which makes his fighting style very unorthodox and unpredictable. He prefers to fight alone because his powers allow him to attack indiscriminately even if allies are in the crossfire. His power and weapon of choice allows him to fight at high-speeds and due to him being an undead does not feel exhaustion when fighting. Likes the color red.


    White Hair that covers over his right eye - Color that differs from his clothes - Check
    Black Leather Jacket with belt buckles on the back and arms - Check
    Red Shirt - Blood Red Color - Check
    Black Jeans - Check



    Hand-to-Hand Combat - As he has been in many street fights, he knows how to fight in close combat with methods that involve disabling opponents movements and adapting. He is very unpredictable as he can switch up the way he fights to match his opponent.

    High-Speed Combatant - Prefers to fight at a fast pace, he controls his weapons in a way to allow him to move freely and does not enjoy the use of heavy or slow weapons.

    First Style:

    Daitō Sword - A long katana black in color, as he does not have a sheath to put his sword in, using his powers he can manifest this sword. Besides the fact that he can make it vanish and appear at will, he can shoot a blade beam from his sword with a swing as a ranged attack.

    Second Style:

    Black Flame - A flame that manifests on his other hand when he fights, while it is a flame, it does not have the ability to set things on fire. The flame has the ability to split apart molecules allow it to pierce through the toughest armors with little trouble. It allows him to catch barehanded weapons with the flame allow him to fight his opponents right up in front of them. The flame cannot leave his hand and fly off like a projectile. However, he can speed up the molecules close to the flame to create a plasma-like attack that can be used as a ranged attack or combined with his sword for a plasma induced blade beam.

    Third Style:

    Psychic Daggers - He has the power to manifest thousands of daggers in the air and control them as he fights with his sword and his flame giving him range and continuous barrage of daggers that fly at the opponent in combat. When not active, they can be used to form a pair of wings, for aesthetics (cannot actually fly with them).

    Final Style:

    Exchanging the sword for two black flames on his hands, he manifests thousands of swords and daggers which all act autonomously giving him the ability to move very fast without a sword slowing him down and the worry about being hurt by his own weapons. Due to there being swords and daggers, its hard to know the timing of when to dodge as any of the two can come flying towards a target, as they act on their own, they allow him to attack opponent's blind spots easily and protect him from attacks as well. However, this does not make him invincible as it is possible to get through his defenses.


    He thinks the world will eventually end themselves due to entropy and with all the bad life experience he has, there is no remorse so if something bad is coming, he does not mind tagging along to see the destruction even if he is caught in the middle.

    "Why should the Black Mage choose you?":

    The world is already doomed, the Black Mage does not have to use any tricks or manipulation to get him on his side. He is willing to cause mayhem and does not mind being in the cross fire of the Black Mage's destruction. He can handle thousands of opponent's single handled without rest.

    "So why no?" - Silver