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  • Link Zelda Maplestory parody "The Legend of..."

    riza wrote: »
    I like the theme it looks kool but wheres fangblade?

    what about Fangblade? i'm not sure how it fits
  • Cash Shop Hairstyle/Faces Problem

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    MarthRoy wrote: »
    Will the customer service or devs even see this forum? I was told by Nexon customer support to post in the forums but I can't tell if it's even been looked at.

    There's a decent amount of proof that Nexon reads (But doesn't really reply) to these threads and tickets.
    I've had several bugs that I reported fixed in korea a few months later.
    Unreliable memory locking you in place if you fell into the river for example, was fixed in a patch a few months after I reported it.
    There are more examples of some bugs reported on the forums that get fixed, even if it takes forever.
    The problem is that Nexon generally already knows what it wants to do and what players ask for is a lot of work.
    So it's just more likely that Nexon already has a plan for what a player complained about, or it isn't in their plan and they don't care.
    The memos also prove that they do at least glance at the forums enough to know what players are currently PO'd about.

    With this in particular, this is just nexon being nexon with lootboxes and them thinking they can earn more money by making things "sacred."
    Much like with how Disney would "pull a movie out of the disney vault" for their DVD/Bluray releases.
    It's a business practice that sometimes works by bringing in the company more money, but customers always suffer for it.

    Yeah I understand. It just would be nice to know they are reading MY post and that it's not getting lost in the sea of other ones. Even a simple response would from them would be nice. I appreciate your guys' responses though.
  • Cash Shop Hairstyle/Faces Problem

    I love to cosplay on all my toons. It increases my enjoyment of the game immensely when I get to walk around and battle as a certain specific character that I love and dote on. Or at least...I try to. I say try because while I will have done research to have figured out exactly how to create my costume and then acquired all the pieces, I will still be waiting on one important aspect that is out of my control: Hairs and Faces.

    The way in which Nexon releases hairs and faces in the cash shop is fundamentally flawed. I can't tell you how many times and how frustrating it is when I am in need of a specific hairstyle/face for a character. I will have all the other pieces of my costume prepared and ready but I am just twiddling my thumbs waiting for Nexon to release the hair/face in the cash shop I need. For VIP hairstyles they have only 6 hairs available at a time out of hundreds of options. If the hairstyle you want isn't in those six options, well tough luck, you're stuck having to wait for a new set of six to be released. What's frustrating even further is when Nexon updates the cash shop but doesn't change the line up of hairs/faces and they are just ongoing until the next NEXT time. That means a whole month goes by without any change to them. And when you're waitng for a specific one that just prolongs your wait even further which is infuriating for someone just trying to get one thing. It also seems the Choices for hairs/faces don't change at all either, which is a travesty because with the revamp they took away hairs/faces I liked more and what they currently have are pretty bland in my opinion.

    I say it is fundamentally flawed because I DO want to give Nexon my money. But I can't buy what isn't being offered. The wait it is currently is just too frustrating and inconvenient. This can be combated in two ways. The hair/face selection pool in cash shop can be increased to further the chances of your desired choice showing up, and also the rate at which the cs updates can be increased (please none of this ongoing sale BS. two weeks is MORE than enough for anyone to get the hairs from the CS. A month is too long).

    This is a problem that really affects me and I can't be the only one that thinks the same way about this style. Please, I hope this gets to the people needed in order for this to be changed. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concern.
  • Gender lock equipment/Fusion anvil issues

    Stargeth wrote: »
    I mean I'm down to support this. But as AKradian has pointed out, it's been suggested a lot of times as early as 5 years ago or something and it never got any attention by Nexon lol.

    Well let's get it some attention. I would hate to think our voices don't matter here in GMS to Nexon Korea. Surely this can continuously be brought up and eventually Korea will take notice. I just hope that suggestions get passed on to Korea so that something can be done with them.
  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!

    This game is just silly with its censoring. It's aggravatingly frustrating when i can't type completely innocent general sentences because SOMEWHERE in those words is a coded arrangement of letters that could potentially form something inappropriate. Just make Censor a toggle or a checked box in options etc like EVERY OTHER mmo out there. It's frustrating to the rest of us when we can't even type what we want to say and nothing is wrong with it.