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  • Nexon's Priority

    SlicedTime wrote: »
    I for one would not feel comfortable giving my SSN to an international tech giant, and much less Nexon that hasn't really done that much to earn our trust. After all, it's a piece of sensitive information that could be easily used for fraud if a security breach was to happen. It would probably also violate GDPR, as I don't see any way in which Nexon would need the SSN for operating a business.

    I think properly combatting hackers would probably require massive changes to the game engine and the game's system to make them much more difficult to mess with. After all, the game seems to be running on a quite old proprietary engine. Alternatively, if the base combat loop was made significantly more difficult (compensated with higher rewards of course) mobbing might be harder to automatize, though that might be a too radical change to the core gameplay itself.

    I agree that handing out sensitive information such as SSN can be quite iffy. Just to address a previous comment, I don't want to complete ride KMS's coat tails and follow their exact methods, as I understand that GMS is its own server and region with a completely different audience. I'm just suggesting that there are some things that KMS does well that could potentially benefit GMS and help to alleviate some of its current issues. KMS allows foreign players to verify their ID with a government issued ID. However, they don't require their photo, address, or signature to be in the picture, so prospective players can simply white them out of the picture. As for foreign minors who don't have a government issued ID, while they can't play on KMS servers, I don't see why GMS's implementation of this wouldn't allow them to use their parents' or guardians' government issued ID in the same manner. I will admit that one issue that I see with this, is that parents/guardians wouldn't feel comfortable sharing their government issued ID for the sake of playing a video game, and to this, I can't seem to see a workaround. It would just have to be up to the family I guess.

    It does seem like a lot of work, but this is only a one time thing. Once they have been verified, they can simply go right back to playing the game. As for the hackers, once they make an account and they get banned, their options of creating multiple new accounts to hack on are very very limited. This doesn't just make hacking inefficient for them, it removes the ability to even have an opportunity to hack. Of course, improving the anti-cheat system would also be important, so that legitimate players don't get wrongfully banned and have to go through a strenuous process again to play the game.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

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    Item name: Popoh Pet
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  • Aggregated Suggestion List for a Better MapleStory

    Whether or not they bring back the potable badges, I think that if a player has those badges on another character that they no longer play, that they should be allowed to transfer it at least within their own account.
  • When will be the next NX Transfer Event? *edited*

    darik wrote: »
    Seriously???? 1 just happened and ure asking again for another one? Whats wrong with the people that play this game...

    You don't know if they were unable to play during the most recent event for personal reasons or not. Don't be so quick to judge them and other players that play this game, because they ask a simple question. They weren't demanding another cash transfer event, they just wanted to know when the next one was coming.
  • Aggregated Suggestion List for a Better MapleStory

    I would love to see the party play zones become implemented into the game again, especially towards the higher levels of the game. Being able to train with other players while receiving good exp would make progressing in this game a lot less lonely and enjoyable.

    I do believe that the channel changing requiring 2 tries is to combat botters, but I may be wrong. It can get quite annoying at times though.