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  • Nexon's Priority

    There has been quite some dissent regarding the latest Maple Memo and it can be seen why. This is a huge change for Reboot players, especially newer players that are trying to get their feet in the water in Reboot. While many players hate the change, I think that it could possibly be a good change. However, what I'm worried about is its implementation into the game. This change was stated to be implemented in order to create a more "balanced" Maple economy and to counter abuse by illicit players.

    However, I think that Nexon's priority is all messed up. This change is going to hurt many Reboot players, especially those that are new and cannot reach certain areas of the game on their own. They continue to punish legitimate players by both wrongfully banning them and forcing them to adjust to these new systems. Legitimate players are constantly having to adjust their methods and play-styles in order to adjust to Nexon's attempt at getting rid of these illicit players. What Nexon is not doing, or at least not communicating that they are doing, is trying to improve their banning system. Instead of punishing legitimate players and making them work around these illicit players as well, Nexon needs to improve their anti-cheat system in order to: 1) stop wrongful bans, and 2) lower the amount of illicit players in this game. I read about all of these wrongful bans and, while I don't know if they are 100% innocent, I just feel sorry for those players and I play in fear of being a victim to Nexon's awful anti-cheat system.

    Another way that Nexon could improve this situation is to make creating an account more strenuous. If I recall correctly, KMS requires people that want to create an account to verify their identity with their SSN or other government issued identification. This would significantly decrease the amount of illicit players in GMS, and I don't know why Nexon America has not decided to take this approach. Once an illicit players, account is banned, they can't just simply go and make a new account, since they don't have multiple SSN's or government issued identification (at least I would hope not). Currently, those illicit players, once banned, can just simply make a new email, make a new Nexon account, and go right back into abusing the game with illicit programs. Unless they improve the anti-cheat system and the new account making system, these illicit players won't stop.

    Making meso-obtaining less efficient doesn't hurt these illicit players very much. The audience that it does hurt is the legitimate players, as they can't just turn on an illicit program and continue to abuse the game. I just think that Nexon needs to re-prioritize their focus and actually listen and take in feedback from their community. I think one of the biggest reasons that players of this game are always so angry at Nexon is because they don't feel as though they are being listened to and that Nexon is just so disconnected from their game and their community.