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April 30, 1974
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"From childhood's hour I have not been as others were; I have not seen as others saw."
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  • Look of the Month - October Winner Announcement

    I've never won anything in my life! Thank you! <3 B) o:)
  • Look of the Month - Halloween Special!

    So this is my entry. Before I knew it, it went into full-blown story mode. >:) I fell in love with this outfit, and decided to make a few additions.


    IGN: AuraSidhe

    World: Reboot

    Short Description of what your character is wearing:
    • Ghost Bride's Antique Wedding Veil
    • Ghost Bride's Shining Dark Eyes
    • Ghost Bride Wedding Dress
    • Ghost Bride's Shoes
    • Ghost Balloon
    • Wedding Gloves (F)
    • Transparent Glasses
    • Skull Label Ring
    • Ghostly Skin Color
    • Face: Soul's Window (White)
    • Hairstyle: Elegant Wave (Black)
    • Weapon: Free Spirit
    • Pet/Pet Accessory: Vampire Cat/Vampire Cat Collar and Name Tag

    What horrifying or Halloween look were you going for (theme): Just one of the many who never escaped the MadHouse.

    Based on a true story.

    Once upon a time, a beautiful young woman fell victim to a devastating and incurable illness. Distraught at the possibility of losing their only child, her parents admitted her to the hospital. The odds were against the young lady, however, and her doctors proclaimed that her demise was inevitable. Just when they had lost all hope, a man came to them offering an experimental treatment. He claimed that a mixture of ultraviolet light and gold bullion would have her cured in no time. Naturally, her family agreed, and the miracle-offering man began her treatments.

    Much to her parents dismay, their daughter succumbed to the illness, and soon they were planning her funeral. Every week thereafter, they visited her grave, and then one day, several months later, they found her grave in disarray. Upon further inspection, they found that their daughter's body had gone missing! They immediately notified the police, but there was no evidence pointing to a suspect. Much like their daughter's corpse, the case had quickly gone cold.

    Time passed, but the culprit's identity still remained a mystery, until one day the girl's family heard a bizarre rumor: Someone in town had reported that a man had been seen going in and out of the now abandoned hospital's morgue. Suspicious and desperate, the young woman's parents went to the old building,. What they found shocked them!

    There on a table lay their once beautiful daughter! She was dressed in a vintage wedding gown, veil and shoes, and her face was expertly painted with makeup. But that wasn't the worst part. She had been hooked up to several strange electrical devices as well, and there was a dead cat on the table next to her who seemed to have suffered the same fate!

    Just as they began unhooking the devices so she could be properly re-buried, the Miracle Man from so many months ago burst through the door. When confronted, he confessed that during the young woman's treatments, he had fallen madly in love with her. He had even asked her to marry him shortly before her passing, but she refused. When she died, he decided he would find a way to bring her back to life, but so far nothing had worked. He even admitted to experimenting on the cat, first.

    Horrified and angry, her parents took her to the cemetery once again, having her buried in an unmarked grave. At the same time, the Miracle Man became a fugitive, but was never found. While the thought of this man never being served proper justice enraged the young woman's mother and father, they hoped that their daughter was finally at rest.

    The truth is, however, that her spirit, as well as the cat's can be seen wandering the halls of the abandoned hospital. Some even say she has spoken to them, saying she's lost and can't seem to find the exit. Maybe someday someone will be able to help her and the cat escape the hospital that became their tomb.
  • NGS Update error

    As much as I hate to see emergency maintenance notices, it sure would be comforting right now.
  • What are you Watching Right Now?

    @NebulousViper I'll remember kissanime. I've tried a lot of sites like that, but most of the episodes (on other sites) had been removed due copyright issues, or the buffering was so bad that what WAS there was basically unwatchable.

    @Stéphy My brother really likes GoT! Is it true that everyone dies? Idk if I could handle that, lol.

    @Neospector I tried RWBY a few months back. The animation style didn't sit well with me at the time, but I think I'll give it another chance. Fanfiction community seems to like it a lot, so...

  • [REBOOT] New player LF> Guild

    I just returned to Maple after...well, a long time - probably five or six years now that I think about it. Oddly enough, and maybe it's because I play in the mid-late afternoon on the higher channels, but I haven't seen a ton of people in Reboot, and only one player with a guild insignia. It's pretty strange after being so used to competing in EVERY channel (back in the day) just for a leveling map, lol.

    Anyway, hi! I literally have zero buddies, so if you'd like to add me feel free! My ign is CozySaturday :)