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  • [Skill] Jett's Planet Buster Delay Is Not Reduced

    Bug type: Skill / functionality

    Brief bug summary: To add to the laundry list of Jett issues, Jett's 4th job skill Planet Buster was supposed to have its delay reduced in v210, but it is the same as before..

    More details:
    The v210 patch ported the changes made to Zen a few months ago in ChinaMS and TaiwanMS, as well as to Jett in JapanMS (yes, JapanMS also has Jett; it's not only in GlobalMS), and these changes have been now applied to Jett, since Zen and Jett are functionally the same class. However, one of the changes that didn't make it to GMS was the delay reduction to Planet Buster.

    Expected: The skill delay should be reduced from 1080 ms to 780 ms at Normal attack speed.
    Actual: The skill delay is still 1080 ms.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Reach Level 100 on a Jett character, and add a point to the skill Planet Buster.
    2. Use the skill. It will be slower than expected.

    An example of the Zen equivalent can be seen in this video; one of those Chinese knockoffs of YouTube:

    Character name: irrelevant

    Character level: 100+

    Character job: Jett

    World name: any

    Date and time of the incident: December 19, 2019 onward
  • Scrapyard: the last visit quest missing

    You need to do one of the weekly missions given to you by One-Eye to unlock it. The Special Request doesn't count.
  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    well again you ignore the fact that its old content and dont want move on
    you got new content like i said better in most ways
    but no you want the that old one for the sake to be there
    that just so stuborn that old content or riot but fine as you want
    like i said i dont mind if they add haunted house outdated content fixd or not its same thing let nexon waste with pointless updates sure
    all good

    Like I said before, KMS updates "old content" frequently. Within the past couple of years, they added town medals to Kerning City, Perion, Sleepywood, Orbis, El Nath, Ariant, Magatia, Ludibrium, Gate to the Future, and even Mu Lung, which is botter central in GMS. They've also reworked the theme dungeons Fantasy Theme World and Golden Temple. They're also revamping the questlines of Henesys Ruins and Twilight Perion in the next few days. KMS doesn't have the mindset of "these areas are outdated, therefore let's delete them", but rather they put in effort to make them relevant again. Of course some attempts are more successful than others, but they still put in the effort, and they've brought back several closed areas that were irrelevant at the time they were closed.

    Even the overseas servers revamped their outdated areas; we wouldn't have Zipangu or Shanghai in their current state if their respective versions didn't update them.

    i did not put words in your mouth just trying to find what you want from that old so much other then for the sake its there who care why and for what you got done with legion and all that lets have more outdated content in our client why not

    Sure sounds like putting words in my mouth to me. I only mentioned my Legion because old vs new training areas aren't a deciding factor for myself, since you're convinced that I don't want to go to new training areas.

    also i thought since GMS has things now let those be worked on and let old one for clasic server or something but nvm
    you want it so bad that old content let it be
    Keep in mind that Nexon created an entire blockbuster centered around Masteria, and with that Monad cutscene at the end they clearly have intentions of continuing with it (as much as I don't like those stories, but I digress). Removing NLC wouldn't make any sense at this point considering that the blockbuster is based on that area. Personally I'd rather they focus on NLC and CWK since we still have those areas.

    Also, screw classic servers.

    Answers in bold. At this point, talking with a brick wall would be more productive, so I'm done.
  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    maybe you want slow down and get your wich belt from haunted house/olivia pq and jetters exp and dont want grind in new areas like all others
    thats fine
    This is the one of two parts I'm going to respond to because I'll be sounding like a broken record otherwise: it has nothing to do with Witch Belts, Olivia PQ (which I despised anyway), Jesters, or not wanting to grind in new areas (my Legion proves otherwise, not to brag but as a point of reference); putting words into my mouth doesn't help your case. If anything, I was one of the few who actively avoided areas such as Jesters and Aliens.
    The reason I've been emphasizing updates to particular content is to avoid the repetition of old events/contents. If anything, Masteria as a whole could be reworked for the 170-200 range, with new quests and rewards if they wanted to.

    this is modern ms we liked or not and we should keep that way
    i was going to say let those things like CWK and old content for other server it will fit more but i dont want start madness about it we know how those ideas ends....
    Don't know exactly what you're saying here, but I don't want to change modern MS either, but that doesn't mean old content should get left behind. And why would it be okay for other servers to keep CWK, but not GMS?

    The only parts I wanted to respond to in bold. Other responses:
    Aggraphine wrote:

    Florina beach became gold beach. Change my mind.

    Florina Beach and Gold Beach have actually coexisted for about a year until Florina was closed off, and Florina was part of the Nautilus questline for Explorers at the time. That's the only thing I have to say on that matter.
    HuskyDM wrote:

    Singapore is a victim of botting which they have made no effort in fixing

    The real reason Singapore was deleted is because of the badge, and because Nexon Korea didn't like that we had an exclusive pottable badge that was better than the Genesis Badge. The botter reason was just a poor excuse.
  • Bring Back Haunted Mansion

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Why is stirgeman gear so important that an otherwise-useless area should be brought back?

    Mostly for the purposes of collecting, anvils, and the pants being fully tradeable and a decent source of mule gear. I personally would like to see the original Sophilia storyline return rather than the Olivia storyline, but I've come to terms with Haunted House not returning. CWKPQ on the other hand, #laterthisyear (I know they adjusted their priorities, it's a meme at this point)