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  • Lotus Lasers

    I don't know if it's just me, but when I enter Lotus, there have been multiple times where I have spawned on top of the spinning laser upon entering the boss fight and it leaves basically no time to react to this, leading to a death. This takes away one entire life from the run at the very beginning of the game not due to your own mistakes but because of poor design. They should seriously add a delay of a couple seconds when a player enters the room just so that the player has time to be able to position or react to the lasers instead of dying immediately upon entering the fight.

    Jw, do you hear the lasers before the visual screen loads? Because I think that means you lag in (server loads your character into the map at the center and spawns laser in "X" shape, but things are slow on the receiving end so your computer doesn't show you until a seconds later, at which point the lasers have moved to "+" shape and killed you).
    I could be wrong, but that's what I notice when I lag into Lotus, I get killed by laser, and if I don't lag, I can avoid the spawn lasers.
  • Idea for picking up items.

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    vac pet skill you ask you get...
    i dont think we are far from things like nexon selling full farm/bossing system automated service
    untill the point where you dont need play MS just mail nexon your credit card info and you will be ranked and all that


    I mean look at Arcane River Express Pass. xd
  • Secondary/Primary Swap?

    CrystalOra wrote: »
    Dark Night would beat yo a** with a chain and then strangle you to death with it!!!

    So basically a class + job change to Cadena. xd
  • Idea for picking up items.

    Marckano wrote: »
    Well not everybody plays enough to wanna spend money on the game. Since im away from home for 10 month I don't wanna spend the money just for it to be gone when im back.... And not everybody wants to spend money on games. Generally i don't.

    100% f2p and I don't have a lack of pet problem. Free pets from events and bosses and almost free Water of Life to revive them. Not sure why you're assuming you have to pay money to get a pet/keep it alive.
  • Medal organization functionality

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Alternatively, preference could mean more sorting options. What stats they provide, what "type" of medal they are, where they're earned, etc.
    If Nexon could give us some sort of better sort for these and make opening that UI stop freezing the game, that'd be nice.

    I feel like implementing more sorting options would cause the UI to freeze even more....