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  • Make link skills apply to all characters

    They could just scrap the link system altogether and add their stats to legion cards as secondary effects.
  • list the real pros and cons about this patch

    Neospector wrote: »
    Slatymate compiled a list here.

    Nexon shouldn't be relying on Reddit to release patch note information for them. They need to throw away that earlier resolution to dumb down patch notes "to make them easier to read." Instead of doing that, it just omits a large amount of important information, especially the numbers.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    Contrast wrote: »
    People still debate with DarkPassenger in 2017? U guys are being baited.

    This the same dude who thinks BiS medals being sold for NX in reboot was a great idea.

    Debate with him is a complete waste of time and a distraction from meaningful conversation on any subject. He starts off rude and condescending, to incite an argument and stir up anger with his elitist attitude and his arrogant view of the community as uneducated whining reactionaries with no "worthy enough for me" basis to anything. Knock him off his high horse and he's suddenly the victim. Then he gets back on and repeats. An absolute trap.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    This is starting to seems a lot like a safe space where you can't oppose the majority's feelings. End up putting words in your mouth and dismiss you as this or that. This may work in politics now a days but this isn't politics. I'm sure nexon wants to hear all types of feedback. Not just people that are against their big picture moves.

    This isn't about you not being able to oppose the majority. It's about you treating what the majority says as "misguided" and completely unfounded. It's about you saying everyone is "crying" and "throwing tantrums." Do you really think you can just get away with insulting people like that and expect not to get a negative reaction? You think you can just brush off every thought out argument as "overreacting" and "taking this too personal", "the longer [responses] get"? You're absolutely laughable if so.

    You're just looking to start something by saying "quit crying" to one of the biggest and most game changing nerfs that'll ever have hit. Do you really think people can just brush this nerf off the way you think it would go, while they're already this deep into complaining about it? You underestimate the gravity of this nerf. We're talking double the amounts of time to farm nodes and droplets, while you keep saying "this is just more of a challenge" and treating everyone's statements as overreaction. How about I double your work hours and half your pay for the rest of your employment? That's "just more of a challenge," isn't it? And don't act as if GMS isn't going to just copypaste code over and get the same exact nerf as KMS. They've been doing that for years.

    And then when people do put up with your elitism and try to put up a "fair and decent" argument (because you keep asking for one), you dismiss that too and say that it's "pseudo-logic" and that you're being "backed into a corner." And then every bit of actual data you dismiss as well off the basis that it's just as dismissable as DPM charts, which are way different of a statistic. Yeah, maybe you are backed into a corner. You've lost the argument already, so to stay in it, you're resorting to delegitimising everyone else's logic. Is there nothing these unworthy masses can present to satisfy a superior figure such as you? Likely not. If you're going to keep thinking that the arguments of everyone that disagree with you are absolutely worthless, then you're never going to get one you could possibly deem "worthy." That's your tactic for shutting down and looking down on your opposition.
    And it never works.

    I'm only restating what I've said before. You act like a sneering elitist one moment, and when there's no one on your side, instead of backing off or providing an actual argument, you play the victim. And then when no one's lookng, you climb back onto your high horse and repeat. That'll be about enough of that. Take a look at how other people like Spirit or Nyara present their opinions. They don't agree with everyone, but they don't act all rude and call everyone's thinking "misguided" or "clouded" or "pseudo-logic" like you do. They don't say everyone is "crying" or "throwing tantrums" and treating them like their complaining is of no significance, like you do.
    Come down to Earth and maybe you'll be a little better received.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    Im not looking down at you, Im looking through you towards the bigger picture. Say what you want but theres something coming after this. Im not affiliated with nexon, they dont give me free stuff so I have no incentive to kiss their behind. Sure, this halts momentary progress but probability would tell us that this isnt how itll stay, there will be something placed to rebalance the changes. it's up to the players to adapt to the changes or to let this change beat us to our knees.

    You sure as hell are looking down on everyone. It's undeniable at this point. You've been doing that. Whether or not you have anything to gain from defending every horrendous action Nexon takes, you sure do seem to think your thinking is superior to everyone else's. You think everyone but you is blinded to reality and that it's your job to educate them. You think you have some kind of impenetrable moral high ground. You think everyone else's arguments are meaningless and baseless while you do nothing but dismiss them. And when you realise that no one agrees with you, you act like you're the victim of silencing.

    You're no better than what you think the community is if you're going to treat them like trash just to make yourself feel big.

    Why don't we half all exp rates and see how you respond? You'd probably defend that just as much. You'd say something like "This is just more of a challenge. You're all overreacting."
    Then let's remove potentials and nebulites. "guys quit crying so much, can't you handle a challenge?"

    Maybe if you'd get off your damn high horse for once and throw away your belief that the community is some unruly child that complains that they don't always get what they want, you could have a more desirable conversation on a subject. But until then, that's not happening. Right now, you're only making yourself look more and more like some arrogant elitist looking to start an argument. Take your superiority complex elsewhere. You're not making anyone want to agree with you by treating them like ignorant scum.