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  • 30% off SF its feel like scam event

    Just a discount, it doesn't improve your success rate.
    Only the 5th,10th,15th 100% success rate event on November 10 give better odds to reaching higher star force due to only needing 4 success in a row instead of 5.
  • Old ua skills similar to ck skills

    Only have Mihile's Soul Driver

    Name of the other skill is so you can google it
    Oz's Flame Gear
    Irena's Wind Piercing
    Eckhart's Vampire
    Hawkeye's Shark Wave
  • Solo Cra

    When I did my solo only progression on Reboot, I had the following before being able to solo 3/4 cra bosses.
    Lionheart Battle Helm
    Lionheart Battle Bracer
    Lionheart Battle Mail
    Lionheart Battle Boot
    Lionheart Battle Cape
    Lionheart Cutlass
    Lionheart Battle Shoulder
    Deimos Warrior Shield
    Mechanator Pendant
    Chaos Horntail pendent
    Golden Clover Belt
    Gold Maple Leaf Emblem
    Crystal Ventus Badge
    Antellion Guardian
    Condensed Power Crystal
    Black Bean Mark
    Silver Blossom Ring
    Noble Ifia's Ring
    Kanna Treasure
    Black Gate Ring
    Pink Holy Cup
    Dea Sidus Earring
    Superior Hunter Title

    Potential on armor was usually around 15% str, on weapon/secondary/emblem was either 2 lines of attack or combination of %boss and ignore enemy defense.
    Bonus stat on armor was either (+80 str), (40 str, 5% all stat), (+50 str, +5 att).
    Bonus stat on weapon was tier 6 att.
    Only weapon was 16 stars, everything else was 10 stars.
    I think level at the time was around 215.
    Around 2500 str from arcane symbol.
    Around lv 40 Raging Blow boost note (from a combination of 4 different nodes).
    Around lv 10 Burning Soul Blade.
    Around Lv 5 Instinctual Combo.
    Leafre monster set bonus.

    Decent hyper Body, monster park gold potion (when it used to have +2000HP), lv 8 Hp hyper skill was used to push HP to barely above 80000 for Chaos Crimson Queen.

    Lionheart hat/outfit/cape was replaced with 10* CRA hat/top/bottom and 2* Tyrant Hyades Cape before soloing Chaos Vellum.
  • Fort Follow-Up does not activate every 4th attack.

    Bug type: Skill Issue

    Brief bug summary:
    The skill Fort Follow-Up does not activate every 4th attack majority of the time. When it decide to work, it only occur half the time using fishy slap, and rarely activate at all when using paw swipe and furious strikes.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Attack using either Paw Swipe, Hammer Strike, or Fishy Slap
    2. Observe Fort Follow-Up not activating every 4th attack

    Character name: Rexaar25
    Character level: 204
    Character job: Beast Tamer
    World name: Scania
    Date and time of the incident: September 21, 2019, 2:07 AM EST
  • A Question about transposed sweetwater equipments

    It will leave a equipment trace that you can transfer to another sweetwater katara.