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  • Glory update maxing all skills classes thread

    Comparing the kms mastery level, the total SP needed for xenon is still the same and they keep their wiki well updated so the same mastery level mean nothing changed.



    In short, KMS patch note lied (it on their official site patch note too), or was not specific on who got their mastery level changed
  • Is it worth playing MS right now?

    Give it a shot if you meet many of the points
    - The 2-D art style
    - You don't mind grinding for stuff
    - You like the RPG aspect of characters getting stronger
    - You don't feel disappointed, rage, or self-destructing thoughts when other people progress much faster than you by spending real money
    - Time gated content after lv 200 (even if you level fast, you cannot contribute effectively to bosses in that region due to the large amount of dailies quest/content to get a specific resource)
    - Making multiple characters (most named class has their own story line that contribute to the main plot, passive bonus for having many high level characters)
    - You don't feel shy looking for a social guild/alliance to not feel lonely in this game (no one party for exp, only when bossing and events)
    - You like spending real money dressing up your character to be fabulous
    - Not afraid to go bossing even if you have a 0% success rate for practice and thrill
    - A lot of spare time for grinding

    If you decide to play, the server you choose affect your play style.
    Reboot: Meso spent directly equal power (upgrade stuff cost meso instead of real money), no trading allowed, cannot share any equipment between character on the same account (other stuff can be shared), non-boss monster has 10x HP and 3x EXP (monster above lv 200 tend to have 2.2x HP and EXP), Monster drops 5x more mesos, no pay to win content (cannot pay real money to progress faster), characters can learn all profession at once.
    Any server that not Reboot: Trading and auction house is enabled (the market is part of the learning curve), grinding for meso is worthless, many pay to win upgrade system and equipment, equipments can have a 2nd set of potential (called bonus potential), still possible to progress to late game content without spending real money given enough time, can only learn 1 crafting profession per character.

    In terms of population (NA region), Reboot > Bera > Scania > Aurora/Elysium.
    Maple Story will feel empty due to how big it is and how little time people spend in 1 region before lv 200.
    But when someone announce a +50% exp buff, >30 people (in a populated server) will come to the same map to receive the buff (lots of lag without a strong cpu).

    Common mishaps that many mmorpg share that Maple Story also has
    - Unscheduled maintenance
    - Double maintenance
    - The rare elusive triple maintenance
    - The once in a blue moon 24 hours maintenance
    - Botter
    - Auto-ban system catching innocents
  • Hyper Stat help

    Put points into arcane power until you have 1.5x the needed arcane power when training at the arcane river (so you can do 1.5x damage and take only 1 damage from regular mobs (not the afk killer)).
    Attack up to lv 4.
    Str up to lv 3.

    General advice due to not knowing how much %damage, %boss damage, % crit rate, % crit damage you have.
    0-100% damage and %boss damage, crit rate 4 levels less than %boss hyper stat level, crit damage 5 levels less than %boss hyper stat level
    101%- 200% damage and %boss damage, crit rate 3 levels less than %boss hyper stat level, crit damage 4 levels less than %boss hyper stat level
    201%- 300% damage and %boss damage, crit rate 2 levels less than %boss hyper stat level, crit damage 3 levels less than %boss hyper stat level

    For accurate calculation (only do this if you extremely close or barely soloing a boss and need the extra tiny tiny tiny bit of oomph), download a copy of the calculator https://bit.ly/maplestorycalculators, (guide how to use it here )
  • Empress Might, no quest reward on Jett.

    Empress’ Might Quest
    Fixed an issue where Jett could progress through some of the prerequisite quests.
    Jett can no longer progress in Empress’ Might quests.
  • Old ua skills similar to ck skills

    Only have Mihile's Soul Driver

    Name of the other skill is so you can google it
    Oz's Flame Gear
    Irena's Wind Piercing
    Eckhart's Vampire
    Hawkeye's Shark Wave