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  • The best thing to ever happen

    Maybe if enough people delete their Jetts in protest, Nexon'll revert it lolol.
  • Combine the all the regular worlds into 1 world.

    Merging all of them into one seems a little extreme, but I'd be all for it. Isn't it just the worst thing ever to meet someone else that plays MapleStory, then you ask them what server they play in, and they say <server that's not yours>, and you're like aww. I feel like MMO's nowadays should ditch the whole separate server concept...

    At the very least, merge GRAZED with something. If we merged with MYBCKN, it'd still be pretty dead, but not that dead. Seems like a good compromise. I dunno how Khroa is, but if it's also feeling dead, it could merge with Bera. I think Windia and Scania are fine as-is.

    And yes, a fair amount of people have quit because their servers are "dead". I've known a few people like this, and I don't even really socialize that much lol. That may not be the case on Reboot, Scania, or Windia (because duh, those servers aren't dead). But GRAZED? This definitely happens.

    I also find it hard to believe that 40 people make up less than .1% of the population. That implies there are over 40k active MapleStory players. I guess it depends on your definition of "active", though. But even padding that number with thousands of bots, I don't think there are over 40k "active" (let's define it as unique players that have logged in for the past week) players. If we extend it to a month AND include the bots (including the ones that got banned), then maybe. Since don't like 8-10k get banned a week or something?
  • Favorite Moments?

    Jesus... I just replayed the Explorer questline on my breakthrough char (a Hero). I just loved everything about it. Exposition of the characters and Black Mage was spot on, humor was there ("Thief" with a capital T!), dialogue choices actually affected the dialogue (even though it didn't really affect the story, I liked that the characters ACTUALLY REACT to what you have to say, as opposed to lach where no matter what you choose gas mask guy's like "yeah w/e"), characters were reasonably fleshed out (Tess is a laid back old dude, Olive's a spunky bumpkin, Rondo's a snarky, sometimes over-eager thief, Sugar's timid but sweet), music was PERFECT (Maple Island theme managed to feel both nostalgic and beginner-y, RED theme gets you pumped up for adventure, SAD Maple Island theme still gives me chills, and omg the final boss... THE FINAL BOSS OMFG!)

    The final boss fight has to be the best part of the entire game. The scenery (the supposed-to-be-serene-and-peaceful Maple Island in flames), the first phase music (fitting for a final boss), seeing your friends in peril and calling you an idiot for coming to their aid (cuz you'll just die too), they really drive in the feeling of hopelessness that everyone must have, facing the black mage like that. The whole thing just felt so much like the final boss fight on a AAA RPG, miles better than the other character questlines.

    You fight his first phase and, just as your friends said, your attacks barely tickle him. The Black Mage pushes you and your party into a corner, and all hope seems lost. In a last ditch effort, your friends pour the last of their power into you, but it's still not enough, and then THE FREAKIN' RED THEME STARTS PLAYING AHHHHHH. Then you win in one shot (my only complaint - the boss doesn't scale to your level/damage range, making it hella anti-climactic...)

    The only other thing I'd want is character portraits for S.T.O. and R. Maybe Y. too. Doesn't even have to be customized for whatever armor you're wearing; could just be one pic if you're a boy, and a different one if you're a girl. Even better would be if there was one for each class. Could even be the R.E.D. cast.
  • Anyone notice the AB's new 5th skill bug?

    I'd be fine with the korean dub, honestly. I never did like the Dress-Up song lol.
  • I love the Login Music

    I LOVE Cygnus Garden, but it doesn't really fit the events going on (both right now and also when they changed it like a month ago?).

    I disliked the creepy El Nath track from last time, but it did fit the event it played for.

    Should use one of the Arcana bgms for when Beyond Override comes out. They all sound pretty nice. 'specially The Tune of the Azure Light. Fits Override obviously, and also seems like good login screen music (if you use Arcana-ish art for the world-select screen).