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  • Pink Bean and his headphones :o

    AKradian wrote: »
    I seem to recall it was revealed at some point that he's listening to Angelic Buster.
    I can't remember where that was, though.

    I think it was first revealed during the 10th Anniversary thingy, where we learned a lot about random monster's lives (like which of Horntail's heads is the smartest or something).

    And then when you look at Pink Bean's page in the Soul Collector book, his quote is "This song is by Angelic Buster!" lol.
  • Maple Rain

    It only occurs from 3 AM to 3 PM PDT. So West Coast users are gonna have to leave their pcs on overnight lol.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    You guys are all missing the point and it's a shame. Yea, we all know these people aren't completely innocent but it's quite sad how the attention shifted away from the hackers, exploiters, and dupers and stuck on the banned 'pros'. Whether it's because you guys are jealous, intolerable to mistakes, or simply ignorant, almost everyone here is condemning the people who got banned for getting into this situation, when the blame should be placed on the exploiters who made all of this happen. Hackers continue to run rampant and ruin this game but I'm glad we can all sit here and judge these people who got banned.

    To me, a rule breaker's a rule breaker. If they get caught, they should get banned, simple as that. Of course I want the originators to get banned, but that doesn't mean Nexon should ignore the rest of the rule breakers.

    If a guy kills someone in public and gets arrested, should that guy point to the serial killers that off several people but disappear without getting caught?

    Or should drug dealers complain about their suppliers (i.e. enablers) not getting caught while they're sitting in jail?
  • Banner of Plenty

    Exact title is "Deia's G-Potion" or something along those lines. And yeah, it's only available on Monday server time (which is UTC). Would be nice if it was available all week though lol. I forget to claim it half the time. The Blessing is nice cuz it stacks with other buffs and it's free.
  • Upcoming forced usage of Nexon launcher annoyance

    DeeMon wrote: »
    Where's the back button on the character select screen?
    I keep accidentally going into Reboot...

    Doesn't hitting "Esc" send you one page backwards? Or am I misunderstanding something?