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  • Male Hairstyles

    GamerBewbs says Orbis and Showa Town have the hair available via VIP Hair Coupon.
    Not to bump an old thread again (I recently decided I wanted metro hair on one of my chars and found out about the free vip tots coupon lol, found this thread through google), but that's Metrosexual hair, not Metro hair. So is metro hair only available on character creation(?) and random style now? Would be funny if it became a Royal lmao.
  • Override Registration Event Bug

    Pretty sure the Override Registration and Share Event ended on June 19, 2017 at 11:00 AM PDT.

    However, if you were experiencing issues prior to that some people experienced similar issues to what you were describing.

    At the best you will have to wait for a Volunteer Forum Moderator or a Forum Moderator to clear things up for you.

    I think he was talking about this thread. The event was SUPPOSED to end at 11 AM PDT, but it seemed to have ended sometime before 1 AM PDT. (my guess is it ended at midnight PDT - I looked at the js and it said end date: 6/19/17, presumably under the website's server time, which they used this thingy: link. though they could've passed in a time somewhere else. didn't spend too long digging.)

    My guess is, this'll get swept under the rug lol. I don't think a lot of people were affected by it. Or they aren't being very vocal about it. An irl friend of mine that just started playing recently got affected by it though. It worsened his already-low opinion of Nexon lol.

    Would be nice if they reopened the event as compensation. Or just gave the gift box to everyone that logged in within the past week. Would be hard to reopen the event, though, cuz aren't we supposed to get the rewards tomorrow or something?
  • List of classes with voices?

    Mercedes's voice rarely procs as far as I can tell though. Aran also has a voice now, which procs too often lol. Spam ctrl = "HUP HNNGH GRAH RAWGH HNNNGH" and other grunting noises.
  • More equipment for Angelic Buster

    You can put NX overalls/tops and bottoms on your AB now.

    But yeah, some new compacts would be nice. I remember that "aerodynamic" one that Eskalade was talking about when you hit 200. There's also the like, bikini one he drew up and showed to Eurenth, which can also be seen in the dressing room. And there're a few that I saw sprites for but weren't released. Can't remember what they were.

    Could also have Lady Gaga's meat dress lol.

    Ah, the last 2 in this pic were the unreleased ones I was thinking about:

    Or did they ever get released? I dunno, they look like just recolors of "Magical" and "Cynical" lol.

    Oh wow, I just realized upon entering the CS that there's a "Dress-Up" button lol. So you can try on equips in your transformed state. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the Royal Styles previews. But at least you can preview eye colors now. Did this just get added in this patch?
  • Unecessary Censoring of: Korean Girl

    Arwoo wrote: »
    AlexF wrote: »
    Nice, this is something everyone has really wanted.

    Do you have any teasers as to what words we will be able to use now?

    "Who are you to ask me for a teaser? You can always Google it instead of asking me, please.
    Offtopic: I used to be a huge fan of Gunbound."
    Those're the only three I recognized lol. Not sure if the 1st one is still censored.
    The three I run into whenever I try doing anything with anyone are "beat me", "if u can", and "can all", so I really hope at least those made the list...