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May 13, 1995
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Positive is how I live
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Hi, Name is Raymond but people call me Ray! Im 21 years old and I was with Maplestory since 2005.
  • Let us keep the minigame area

    Good idea.. Also have like a reward system for like maple point coupons, chairs, or even useful items that is in the coin shop.

    Also Revamp Monopoly.. Too glitch and keeps messing up the game

    Add games like

    The Keyboard Game kinda like dance dance revolution they had in star planet
    1vs 100 trivia game
    Elevators - A game based off of items that 3 players must pick up items dropped by the UI. The UI picks random 1 item each time and if you get that item right you move up. Reach the top to win Victory.
  • Monsteropoly not working

    I just love how I sit through a 10 min game and the game was stuck. I still got my coins but still waiting that long yeahh noo they need to fix the game Thanks. Uagieka.png[/img]

  • [MAP/NPC] Event Hall Lag

    I don't know how others aren't lagging but we are. Ive been lagging for months with event hall. I just don't understand why they just don't replace it with another one to fix the problem.
  • Weekly Ban Data: 03/30/2017 - 04/05/2017

    The good thing about the following is that:

    Botting / Hacking - They are catching these people and banning them for good.

    Advertising - I see a lot of this in FM and glad that they are taking these out of the game

    Account Theft - I am surprised to see only 9 compared to back in the years that it was more frequently.
  • Look of the Month Contest April.


    IGN: Knoebels

    World: Scania

    Short description of what your character is wearing:


    - Space Pirate Open Helmet
    - Raccoon Mask
    - Floral Print School Uniform
    - 2nd Unwelcome Guest Earrings
    - Stormcaster Gloves
    - VVIP Member Medal
    - Butterfly Flower Effect Ring
    - Soft Jelly Shoes
    - So Delish Ice Cream ( Face Accessory )
    - Pink Bean Label Ring
    - Sparkling Bluebird ( Nx Perm )
    - Dancing Fireflies ( Nx Perm )

    - Moon Bunny Bell Wig ( Nx Perm )
    - Frosty Frozen Face ( Face Accessory )
    - Cat Monster Outfit ( Nx Perm )
    - Naughty Boy Backpack ( Nx Perm )

    What look you're going for (theme): I'm going for a Spring / Easter Theme on my character. If you put the two together it creates a beautiful image of Spring time and Easter.

    A little Spring poem that I created :

    Flowers oh Flowers come out and play
    April is here and then its May
    Bright blue skies on warm sunny days
    We can finally say Spring is here to stay Hooray!

    Happy Easter Maplers