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  • How to get rid of botters

    Shitposting won't get rid of the botters. The only thing that will actually get rid of them is to make the meso-income to cost-of-ban ratio no longer profitable. Shifting the game to a subscription-based model will likely do the job.

    Never mind that if this game moved to a monthly subscription fee to play, it'd die faster than you can say "wot in recurring monthly subscription?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Need some help transpose item

    You done goofed
  • The Current State of Player Banning.

    This is why Nexon needs to practice a significant amount of consistency when it comes to handing out punishments and upholding them. Because, as it stands right now, people figure there's no point in following the rules if someone can blatantly bot out in the open and come away with little more than a slap on the wrist and a wag of the finger while being told "don't do it again!".
  • Would it be too much to ask...

    I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually, but whether or not the damage done to reputation and player opinion will be reversible remains to be seen
  • Hiding stuff now, are we?

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Greetings, Maplers!

    We have plans to introduce additional sections and reorganize the structure of the forums.
    There's a lot of unnecessary scrolling on the forums and overlapping sections.

    Many of those sections will either no longer exist or be merged with existing sections.
    Those particular sections are currently under debate of whether they'll be joining their parent categories and will be child sections for the meantime.

    Once we've finished restructuring the forums, we'll be sure to create a thread to collect feedback and what you guys think and if there are additional sections you'd like to see added or removed.

    Thank you,


    I want you to realize two things.

    Thing the first: If it's decided that Rants & Raves needs to "no longer exist", then there are going to be a fair few unhappy people who will see this as Nexon trying to stifle complaints.

    Thing the second: Child categories do not show on the main forum page, of their parent category, when a new post is made in the child category. Putting both Rants & Raves and the Help section under a parent category does nothing but reduce their visibility. Which is going to lead to a substantial amount of "oh sorry but you posted in the wrong section" remarks from staff. And should someone who needs help, by the grace of effing Talos find out how to post in the help section, then unless everybody else knows to actively check that child category for new posts, their thread will go largely ignored.