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  • I'm the real Tiger.

    I have no reason to lie to anyone. I have no reason to make you doubt me, although I cannot expect most to believe me

    Opening statements like this always make me sceptical. I've seen dozens of threads like these in various forums over the years with diverging narratives and this is no different. The information you posted here about Tiger and Gavin has been public knowledge for a while now (how his dad passed away, how his in game drama led to his departure, and the account allegedly being hijacked/hacked). The only new info is your claim that someone botted it to 200 and got it 'banned', because the character never got passed 18x when Gavin deleted it. There is no evidence that he got to 200 in some way, or else someone would've surely noticed it. I don't even recall Tiger being 4 players (those were always just rumours). He was 2 players (Gavin and Mark) and at some point 3 (Craig, aka Suuushi). As a long time Scanian who was in the know, I have never heard of an 'Aaron' until now.

    Sorry to be 'that guy' but your story doesn't add up.
  • It's time to FINALLY address world population

    AKradian wrote: »
    SavageAce said they have plans to address these issues maybe this year.
    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/410088651 15:50-16:30

    'uhh maybe this year the merge/transfer/population etc will sort of happen I guess'

    yea ok boss, its not like this is a major issue that we've been begging to be solved for YEARS, but you seem like you have the plan sorted out.
  • Paradigm Shift: Incoming to Nexon!

    Nexon's current CEO is bailing, selling all his shares in Nexon and since I am pretty certain he sees the possible allegations of being held accountable for collecting money from selling loot boxes in the 1st place and face being sued by class action law suites. He is fleeing in the hopes he can avoid losing all his ill gotten gains, while he can.

    Nexon's CEO isn't selling his shares due to lootbox laws. He was in legal trouble with bribery allegations (in which he was acquitted) and is now being pursued for tax fraud by a civic group. Basically he has been doing a lot of oopsies before the loot box crackdown (apparently he has been to court 30 times as CEO) and therefore wants to put his days at Nexon behind him and start fresh. Any indication that his sale is linked to loot box regulation is either incidental or merely speculation.

    As for the lootbox debate, I am grateful that government bodies have finally come around to putting an end to gambling practices in a game targetted toward kids and young adults. But is there really a more 'altruistic' way of funding the game?
  • When is Same-gender Marriage finally happening?

    Raindrops wrote: »
    Why hasn't this feature been implemented in the game for so long already?
    because we are beholden to korean overlords
  • Change ring level after starforce cap removal

    ShadEight wrote: »
    So what you're saying is that we should hold back a great boon to many players just because you wish to keep a rare ring relevant?

    What he's saying is that just because you guys want a great boon (Not everyone even wants 25* because of the damage it's going to do to their progress) doesn't mean that items that take a lot of money and time to get should become irrelevant. Every Reboot player using transposed SW equips is worried about 25* coming because it means that they have to virtually start over because if not they'd be losing a lot of stat. Adding it and ruining end game rings all together for this is even worse and liable to make many players quit if it causes too much of a problem for their character's current progression. He's just suggesting that they raise the ring level to stop these very expensive and rare rings from becoming worthless. I don't see the issue here, you're sort of making it a bigger deal than it is by getting what you want to out of his suggestion.

    Firstly all reboot player aren't worried about it because transposed SW will be roughly equivalent to the arcane set (just a little under). Secondly, yes it does mean that your rare items SHOULD be devalued. There is no other way around it, what you're asking for is special treatment.
    NiceBuffs wrote: »
    Thank you, this is what I was meaning to say. I know that BiS items change progressively; just see how we switched from VIP items to empress to CRA and tyrants throughout the years. However, with the introduction of 25 star cap, many items such as certain rings, sweetwater for reboot, shoulders, etc. would become irrelevant. Don't get me wrong, change is great. But this would bring too much change all at once.

    From the items that are on stake, I was using my recently obtained Forest Guardian Ring as an example. I am mid-funded in terms of funding, and I was glad to obtain this ring since it's relatively rare and pricey to get. Not to mention, it is currently one of the BiS ring. However, 25* would make this ring obsolete to say, meister or solid gollux rings. It would make no sense for these rings to be rare to obtain, or even exist in marvel, gacha, philo for that matter.

    Stuff like hilla's rage, FGR, magnus rage, frenzy totem, etc. are rare for a REASON. They are advantageous to have and rare to obtain. With this change, no one would be wanting to use FGR for example, because other rings are much better and easier to obtain. Hence, they lose value for being worthless.

    Nexon constantly tries to make these gambling methods of obtaining items (gachapon, philo, marvel, etc.) "better" by removing outdated items such as empress equips. Therefore, if they don't do anything about these rare rings (other other rare-to-obtain items for that matter), my proposition is to either increase its equipment level to make them relevant or just get rid of them completely lol.

    Did you forget about the potential system, which wiped out 80% of the market value of previous BiS items in one night? This is going to have far less impact anyway, these rare rings had a good run in the marvel machine etc but they were never going to last forever. You're only having a fit because you obtained a rare BiS item and felt special about it, wanting no one else to match your prestige. Just sell your ring while you can and work on meister. It really isn't that hard.