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  • Kanna hackers every where and every channel

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    Regarding the KMS no hacking, I sincerely doubt that there's absolutely 0 hacking however it's much much much rarer than how often you see them in GMS.

    The sole reason is you lose everything if you get caught and banned in KMS.

    There is no "delete hackers" button, there's a moral conflict between not getting caught or never being able to play again. That doesn't exist in GMS because it's so easy to create a new account.

    Then why don't we have it here in GMS as well?

    Starry answered it but it's due to accounts being tied to SSN (IIRC). Due to the fact that we are a global service we can't also use SSN as there are other regions that don't have it.

    I'm for some other form of two step auth, but that's up to Nexon in the end and how they want to handle it.
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    Please don't advocate for people to not report hackers just because you can't personally see the direct impact it has.
    Maplestory is a video game. The entire point of it is to waste time.

    I actually agree with him about it.

    I've been reporting hackers for so long before (I am no longer report hackers) and yet, no one of them has ever got banned...
    So it's definitely wasted my time.

    Unfortunately, it took me a while to learn this lesson... (that reporting hackers is really useless and a waste of time).

    Each report does do something. It seems like it doesn't do much because the names are so random and so similar and they are still doing the same thing.

    For example, Henesys advertisers have different names every couple of days from what I notice which would mean the original account was banned but another one took it's place. So reporting will show to nexon that, "hey we still have a problem". Regardless of whether you report it or not, the issue may not be solved but if you report at least there's a record that can be brought back up that hey, there's a botting problem. If no one reported anything, that's when on paper nexonNA can go out to the public and say "we have no botting problem because there are no more reports", even if every channel is just full of botters.

    Whether you specifically want to report or not or think it's useless is up to you, but they are a company that goes off of records/reports. If people aren't complaining, then the problem doesn't exist. So even if you think it's useless, I wouldn't advocate for everyone to stop doing it.
  • Elva's Potion Book is undropable

    I was able to get mine removed from my inventory.

    Goto Abrup Base camp -> double click the book -> select the 2nd option to remove the book.
  • Is it okay to die AFTER completing Level 200 quest

    TMS had that issue where the block size was what your character ended at IIRC.

    In any case, always expect worse case scenario. ALWAYS.