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June 9, 1995
  • Jett Review Report Post-v210 Update

    1DMG wrote: »
    Summary of class observations:

    -Jett is a very simple class with no mechanics that reward certain playstyles or features that uniquely distinguish it for multiplayer. There is no actual synergy or overarching theme amongst the skills, and the v210 update simplified an already one-dimensional class while removing useful skills.
    -In the context of Maplestory's other classes, its only noteworthy aspects are its good mobility (although less so with v210), good link skill, and strong Legion block.
    -Due to lacking any benefit for party play (benefits that are unique to the class and cannot be supplied by any other class), it is assumed this class is designed to inflict damage in a multiplayer setting as opposed to a support role.
    -There are also too many active buffs including Galactic Might, Bounty Chaser, Slipstream Suit, Bionic Resilience, Gravity Booster and Maple Warrior. With 5th job skills and decent skills, there can easily be over 9 buffs.
    -Despite having high %HP from its skills, Jett is fragile due to lacking any invincibility frames or means to reduce %HP percentile damage, which is the only way bosses deal damage in relevant, high level gameplay.
    -There is virtually no burst damage.

    That summary list is a good place for Nexon to start in terms of balancing. So many players have done detailed overviews of Jett's issues on the forums and on the subreddit but these balancing patches barely do anything to address them. The December 2019 balancing caused more problems than it solved which makes me feel like the team in charge of Jett's balancing doesn't understand where Jett's problems lie.

    That being said, I'm wary of any full revamps because pre-nerf Jett is one of my favorite characters in the game. Dashing around is fun. Having so many different mobbing options was fun. Simplicity isn't necessarily a negative point but removing options is.

    Corsair, to follow up on your comparison, has plenty of damage sources but at the cost of having too much micro management. Too much clutter on my keyboard, too much moving my gaze back and forth between the game and the hotkeys to constantly check if cooldowns are off. Jett may have a lot of active buffs to deal with but it doesn't come close to the amount of obnoxious micromanagement that Corsair has to put up with because of all the short duration summons, cooldown restricted buffs, and more. If they end up remaking the character, it should not be with making the character overly complicated, especially since we already have two gun users with way too much micromanagement. Adding more damage sources would be great but please, not through summons.
  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    Beef wrote: »
    People can cap dmg on Reboot already, so dmg isnt the problem. BM has like an hour timer, and Bera cleared within 30min. It's difficult but not impossible, the only limitation really is waiting for certain capable people to reach 275 due to level penalty to have solid team composition.

    Fair enough. I'd love to see it.
  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    HuskyDM wrote: »

    You pretty much described the point of Reboot, and why it doesn't needs the extra lines. The last part specially is where the difficulty comes from, and if you are lacking then you get a party. Mobbing is not that important, or difficult anymore so its not a good point of comparison.

    With all that being said why don't you go to the normal server instead? With trading and a bit of luck you can get to the same amount of progression you had in Reboot in a short time, for free.

    Mobbing is the only point of comparison because everything else is the same. Like I said, difficulty is not the problem. It's completely irrelevant. You can master a boss's patterns but it's not going to do you any good if your party doesn't have the damage to take it out within the time limit. From what I've heard, Reboot is literally, completely unable to defeat the Black Mage.

    I've played non-Reboot since before big bang. I've already said why I don't like it. I'm not going back.
  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Reboot being harder was intentional. Lacking in the damage department helps in making it harder.
    How is that bad game design?

    "Bad game design" is used too loosely anyway. Just because YOU don't find it fun, doesn't mean it isn't fun for other people.
    The whole point of that decision is the make the game more simple to deal with and harder as well.
    This is good game design for people who want this kind of thing. Just because it isn't your niche, doesn't mean it isn't someone's.

    Lose/Lose, a game that literally deletes files off your computer makes for an awful game. But it was designed to be like that.

    As Aggraphine said, why not just go all the way and add in the rest of the normal server stuff?
    As a reboot player, I can tell you I don't want bonus potential.
    HuskyDM wrote: »

    The draw of Reboot is both that its F2P and that its meant to be harder to make it feel "like Maple of old" where you had to put effort rather than money. That's one of the reasons behind Reboot, take the difficulty away and it becomes a F2P normal server that generates less money. I would give you the bonus pots but that does defeat the purpose of difficulty in Reboot.

    I didn't say it's bad design because it's hard. I said it's bad design because it places artificial limitations on character progression. These limitations doesn't make the game any more interesting to play. You're still doing the same thing you'd be doing in non-Reboot, just less of it. The devs favor non-Reboot because cubes bring in a bigger profit than aesthetics so it makes sense to allow non-Reboot to go further from a business perspective, but from a gameplay design perspective, it accomplishes nothing and only hinders players' progress after they get to endgame content.

    I'd also argue that Reboot isn't hard. Progression in Reboot is much, MUCH faster than in non-Reboot for free players. Increasing monster HP doesn't make the server more difficult, it doesn't require any more skill to beat them, it just means monsters take a longer time to die. It only serves as a waste of time that eventually becomes completely inconsequential, anyway, because you can get much stronger at a much faster pace than in non-Reboot and outpace monsters' HP. Difficulty is not the issue here. The problem is that your progression plateaus much faster than in non-Reboot so, after a certain point late into the game, you just can't do anything more. Once you've perfected your equipment, you still don't have the raw numbers to beat the final boss because the game took away your ability to progress.
  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    If you give reboot scrolling and bonus potential, you may as well give them player-to-player trading and an auction house to boot. And for the sake of game balance, the reboot-exclusive passive skill should be removed too. No need for literally free damage and higher meso drops when you have scrolls, bpot and trading.

    At this point, reboot becomes functionally identical to every other server, there ceases to be a reason for it to exist.

    That's a fair point but there's more than one way to balance a game. You don't have to make everything the same. I love not having to worry about scrolls, but I do still have to acknowledge that Reboot's damage ceiling is significantly lower than on non-Reboot and the beginner skill isn't nearly strong enough to cover that huge difference. That might have been intentional to make non-Reboot more appealing to paying customers. That's fine but no one who plays this game has to agree that it's good design. The draw of Reboot is that it rewards time investment over monetary investment. You can still balance the game around that to lower that damage discrepancy. Something like adding Reboot-exclusive dailies or even full questlines that increase your stats is one example. I'm not expecting anything like that to happen because it's more profitable to work on non-Reboot content but I can still complain about it.