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June 9, 1995
  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Oh you expected me to agree with the people who don't read into reboot beyond "buy cubes and other enhancement items with mesos" and start whining that the limitations the server imposes on players are unfair?

    If you want what reboot lacks, you're more than welcome to play on a server other than reboot. You can have one or the other.

    No, I just didn't expect you to defend the game's poor design. You're usually the first person to argue against it. It's like you're saying "What? You don't like getting slapped in the face? Go to the other server and get punched in the gut, instead." Neither option is ideal but you've just accepted it as the way it's supposed to be. What makes this situation different that makes you, not just settle with the mediocre options we've been given without contention, but to mock the people that criticize the discrepancies as if they were arguing against good design?
  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Well of course reboot players "are losing damage". There are no scrolls or bonus potential by design. If you want scrolls and bonus potential, as well as trading because your ilk always likes to cry about not being able to trade with others(read as: twink out a mule via your main), then go play on a non-reboot server.

    You can have one or the other. You can have progression-affecting cash items be available for mesos, or you can have scrolls and bonus potential. You can't have both.

    This comment is the last thing I would have expected from you. Just because a design choice was intentional doesn't mean it was good. Heck, free-to-play MMOs thrive on poor design choices, it's how they make their money. Of course, Nexon isn't going to add trading or additional enhancement options to Reboot but patronizing him and saying he's "crying" when he's criticizing poor, albeit intentional design choices is hypocritical coming from one of the biggest critics on this forum.
  • Empress Might, no quest reward on Jett.

    Bug type: Quest Reward
    Brief bug summary: Completing "Empress's Might" on Jett does not reward the player with the skill and does not allow them to continue the questline.

    More details:
    The quest itself can be completed but the reward is not given. The Empress's Might Skill does not appear in my Beginner Skills tab and the questline cannot be continued, since the skill is required as a prerequisite.

    Steps to reproduce: Complete the quest "Empress's Might" on a Jett.

    Putting my character details is most likely irrelevant to the bug but I'll write them down anyway, just for the sake of following the guidelines.
    Character name: FistAndShoot

    Character level: 233

    Character job: Jett

    World name: Reboot

    Date and time of the incident: October 11th, 2019 - 5:30PM Eastern Time

    Proof of completion

    More proof of completion

    The quest's reward message appearing blank.

    The skill does not appear after the quest's completion.

    Hawkeye is supposed to continue the questline with a quest titled "Power of the Spirit of Lightning" but no such quest is given.
  • Any idea on why is it happening? | Range&Jump

    Isn't it just because you're moving out of the range of your Final Damage-giving robot summon? Stay near the red robot.
  • Video Messaging Quest Glitched...Can't Progress

    I wish I knew about this yesterday... I guess I'm just unable to get the chair now.

    Edit: Compensation was distributed. Bless the Nexon overlords.

    Edit 2: Nevermind. The compensated chair expires after one week. I really hope that's a mistake. Why bother going through the effort of compensating people at all if it's just going to be temporary.

    Edit 3: Permanent chairs were given out. Bless the Nexon overlords once more.