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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    Did EMS migrate to GMS or did GMS migrate to EMS?
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  • [BERA] B>Maple points 270 per 100m

    Not sure why maple classifieds was deleted along with everyone's posts when it could have easily just been renamed but I'm buying maple points in transactions of 270 per 100 maple points via the Meso Market. Hopefully I will be the receiver through this anonymous trading service as I'm desperately trying to reduce the cost of using my own money to buy psoks for a character.
  • That one Re:Zero female character looks cute

  • Re:Zero Cash Update - New Suggestions

    PissedOff wrote: »
    I'm a purely cosmetics chaser in this crossover event, so I'm supporting the idea for Surprise Style Boxes and Hair Coupons. They showed and quoted the usability of the hair coupons on stream - players shouldn't be lied to like that.

    What's even more disappointing is that the main site said that there would be "Re:Zero Hair Coupons" as well...

    Who knows,.. maybe they'll pull a Heroes of Maple on us and release the selective versions (re:zero only) the next cs update like they did weekly with HoM sets a week after HoM random boxes were introduced.

    I'm really glad I never cared for the anime anyways, I'm happy with the Meso Shop.
  • Why is picking classes so hard to do!!!!!

    To answer your question, it's simple. There's too many classes that exist. Nexon could have applied skills from non explorers classes and just gave them to their fitting explorer class, further diversing the gameplay for the current 3 (or 2) final job explorer branches, but instead over complicated the game (while being smart about it through releasing several untradable top tier gear) and just spit out a bunch of new classes.
    I was honestly fine maining paladin until after they got nerfed post red and since then i've been exploring classes every now and then but I seem to have finally found my place as a Blaze Wizard.

    imo of your 3 classes, I prefer Hayato because they're warriors but behave like thieves. Not exactly mimicking a hero, however, but the warrior type in general. So it's in between the spectrum of maining a db or a hero. You get thief dodge and warrior strength (which gives u def which helps you gain damage % from Shimada Heart.

    The problem is (for me) that they're so lousy pre-5th job and after obtaining hypers that it's up for you to decide if getting to 5th job is worth it (and it is for most), but even at 5th job JMS overcomplicated their node stones and gave them almost 2x as many nodes to RNG for and nodes for weaker versions of their default attacking skill sanrenzen, making it harder to get the "perfect" node combinations.