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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
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  • Make Professions Fun Again

    Author's Note: TL;DR = Title.

    Professions were one of the great things to come around in maple. It helped bring cubes to players who don't spend real money on the game and boosted player's passive stats and gave them decent perks (traits). One of the things that made it popular was that it was quite easy and broken to level up traits because ores were sold from a certain NPC and allowed crafting for low level equipment to be done swiftly which boosted traits significantly, which was soon cut off after ores were no longer available from that npc as well as removing ore drops from Evo Lab "PQ"

    One thing I'd like to consider adding is the possibility to obtain more than 1 ore from mining and harvesting as well as the ability to obtain both types of ore/flower from each vein/herb.

    Default bonus: drops up to 3 random ore/herbs (total, not from each ore/herb possibility) when mining/harvesting

    With the addition to adding a trait perk that increases the max amount of ores/herbs obtained to up to 6-8 (total, not each)

    I'd like to give players a new trait, which would be called Prosperity. Not only does it boost ore/herb gains, but will also increase mesos obtained and drop rate by a small amount. Leveling it can be gained via Mining and Harvesting.

    Level 1 - 10: Mesos Obtained +1%-2%(5-10)
    Level 11-20: Mesos Obtained + 3-4% (15-20)
    Level 21-30: Mesos Obtained +5-6% (25-30)
    Level 31-40: Mesos Obtained + 7-8% (35-40), Item Drop Rate + 2%, Max possible ores obtainable +1 (total of 4)
    -skip a few levels-
    Level 61-70: Mesos Obtained +13-14% (65-70), Item Drop Rate +8%, Max Possible ores Obtainable +2 (total of 5)
    -skip a few more levels-
    Level 91-100: Mesos Obtained +20%, Item Drop Rate +10%, Max Possible ores obtainable +3 (total of 6)

    To balance out the odd number of traits, we can add one more that gives something like Final Damage (1% per 10 levels of this trait) and call it Vigor or something similar. It can also raise trait exp gain by up to 20% (20% at max level 100) more but doesn't stack from Trait Boost Potions and doesn't work with Vigor (itself) trait exp, or only give half as much to Vigor (10% bonus max) when obtaining Vigor EXP. Can be obtained via leveling up (with default at +10 Vigor EXP per level starting at lv 1, and scaling up with each level to reach a maximum of about 500 per level), and/or as overflow trait exp when you max out another trait's daily limit but only gain half as much as it would if it went to the original trait.

    Lack of Insight trait boosts needs to be addressed, you could only get it by using magnifiying glasses (no longer available), or trait potions that give 5-30 or those Trait Boost Potions that give a lot more, but are rare and given via events. Maybe double the trait exp from trait potions for all traits so it also helps out the other traits as the only real ez traits to level are Diligence and Ambition (and maybe Empathy)

    Have a "decent" disassembler npc that allows you to break down items into crafting materials for a flat fee of 50k mesos regardless of what you're disassembling. You also gain a max of 2 rather than a possible max of 3 of whatever item crystal you get. Face it, Alchemy is dead.

    Which brings us to the revival of Alchemy, by completely rebooting what Alchemy can do.

    What if Alchemy could instead allow players to create Monster Familiar-type items that can be summoned via use item?

    By obtaining Souls (not to be confused with soul weapon souls), or some type of "monster essence" you could craft a familiar with those items, and summon them when grinding.

    Alchemists get a new beginner skill dubbed Transmutation which converts "enemy souls" into monster essences. You "collect" enemy souls by killing monsters, which give you 1 fractured soul per 100 monsters killed, and 1 intact soul per boss defeated (excludes minor and easy difficulty bosses) These souls are not physical and do not take up inventory space, it's merely a disguised kill counter that converts every enemy killed into something that can be used as a currency type object. Every 10 souls obtained turns into a monster essence, which can be transferred to a USE potion that summons a monster based on your Alchemy level. 10 fractured souls = 1 basic monster essence, and 10 Intact Souls = 1 Enhanced Monster Essence.

    Possible Monsters summoned based on Alchemy Level:
    1: Basic Chimera, deals 200% damage 1 time (based on character's damage) at an attack frequency of every 8 seconds. Tends to swipe at air if no monsters are nearby. (consumes the attack for that 8 second duration)
    2: Trained Chimera, deals 120% damage 3 times (based on character damage) at an attack frequency of every 5 seconds. Occasionally will miss targets. Summon Possible if Alchemy is level 2 and above.
    3: Obedient Chimera, deals 140% damage 4 times (based on character damage) at an attack frequency of every 4 seconds. Will only attack when a target is nearby. Summon Possible if Alchemy is level 4 and above.
    4: Intelligent Chimera, Deals 200% damage 4 times (based on character damage) and gives a buff of +10 all stats and 100 Defense every 10 seconds (buff lasts 8 seconds) Summon possible if Alchemy is level 6 and above.
    5: Chimera Triplets, 3 basic chimeras are summoned (deals damage the same way as basic Chimera does). Takes place of Basic Chimera is alchemy level is 8 or above.
    6: Ultimate Chimera: Deals 500% damage 2 times (based on character damage) with an attack frequency of every 3 seconds. possible at lv 10 alchemy.
    7:Master Chimera: Deals 400% damage 2 times (based on character damage) with an attack frequency of every 3 seconds. Master alchemy required
    8: Meister Chimera: Same as meister chimera but ignores 100% enemy pdr. Meister Alchemy Required

    Summon chance based on RNG but highest possible summon being the largest chance to be summoned.

    Chimera sprite will be a sprite of your character, but as a summon type rather than shadow partner skill.

    Alchemy can still forge HP and MP Potions, but the amount they heal are changed to % of max HP/MP and require less materials to make.
    Stat potions are removed but meister/master stat potions are still around.
    Can now craft a new master/meister potion that gives -10% HP damage from HP% hits.

    -to be continued and expanded on/edited/suggestions not set in stone-
  • Link skill system needs a change!

    AKradian wrote: »
    The KMS dev team already responded to this with, basically, "if we did that then there would be no difference between link skills and character cards."

    And now you see character cards removed and changed to something else, so why not make links the "new" character cards?
  • Very dangerous item

    So what do you want them to do? Give your character a debuff if it uses too many at one time?
  • Make Water Wars a traditional Summer Event

    We all remember that You AFK You get the Water-Filled AK event where everyone shot afk players with water guns right? I really enjoyed the event even though it was an September-October? Event. Maybe this time we can do Heroes vs Black Mage themed versions where some heroes are "controlled" by black mage generals to do their bidding and win a silly water gun fight by taking out the heroes and their minions (you), but I'd definitely like to see it come around again and maybe sooner (during the summer event)s