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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • Server instability megathread

    I definitely like the new classes that they released during this update: The Frustrated Player and the Toxic Player. They even allowed job change so you can switch between the two. I myself have already reached 5th job as a Frustrated Player.
  • Game is unstable?

    MisterPoo wrote: »
    At least they acknowledged the problem. Now, let's start the timer on how long it will take them to fix it.

  • list the real pros and cons about this patch

    Pro: +skill changes even if they are negative
    +Finally an update
    +Noticeable increased droprate of Nodes while only on 100% base drop
    +New skin colors
    +Long needed perm pet water of life
    +Super easy event where a unique pot scroll is highest prize

    Con: - UI transparency randomly changes and hurts my ability to focus. Just add an option to switch UI transparency for these specific UI bits.
    -Barely any change to increase of drops when only doubling drop rate
    -Have to pay to get the new skin colors or make a new character
    -Arrow inputs for runes are harder to see.
    -Club event didn't even lasted a week and ran through the series of crash and lags and I'm pretty sure a huge fraction of players who wanted to finish this, including myself, couldn't due to that.

    DeeMon wrote: »
    Con: Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter nerf, dood.

    "RIP MY BROKEN "ABILITY" TO PERMA BIND 80% OF ALL THE BOSSES Nxon is Dum" has practically been the only phrase you've contributed to the forum for the past week.
  • AMA:AM Subforum for Nexon America Employees

    AMA:AM (Ask me anything: About Maplestory) sub forum on the official Maplestory forums (this forum), where offical Nexon America employees (specifically the ones who are a part of the Maplestory developement team) needs to provide a live (hourly minimum) feedback on the progress of bug fixes, explain thoroughly why things occur the way they are when asked, answer personal questions about their specific job duty/what they do to keep the game running, etc.
  • Is something wrong with the servers?

    Nyvor wrote: »

    I can forgive rx America if this were the issue however they haven't addressed that this was the issue which makes it seems like it's their fault, which is why everyone's angry.