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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • Mechanic Tune Up suggestions

    Count Mech's 5th job Summons towards Robot Mastery. If SG-88 counts as a summon despite lasting for 5 seconds and being an Ult-type skill, so should these two. Reason why is because those skills are Robots and should count towards the Robot Mastery skill, hence the skills name being Robot Mastery. The all-resistance summon wouldn't go towards the skill stack because it isn't a robot (obviously) and it doesn't.

    Add a bonus effect for each robot stack that reduces MP usage by -2.5% per robot (up to a max of -20% until more robots are added) Heavy Salvo + uses so much MP early-game after reaching 4th job that it's not even funny. It's nowhere nearly as strong as Heavy Salvo (regular) but because it allows movement it's "preferable" over the regular.

    Support Unit: H-EX should have the Def Ignore % debuff applied to Bosses otherwise there's no reason to have it at all due to how low normal monsters' DEF % is to do more damage to them.

    New Mech Form (5th job skill): Airship/Dreadnought Allows flying for simpler mobility, much like Xenon. Allows you to airdrop summons as long as their's a platform beneath you, while some summons, such as Rock and Shock, and Robo Launcher, can be summoned where the player is at. While in this form Speed and Jump is increased to 180/123 respectively. Can only be used for 45 seconds at a time and has a 75 second cooldown. Can't use Mechanic Dash. Use skill again to cancel. While flying hold the attack skill to fire a deadly lazer that ignores damage reflect and ignore.

    New Skill: Robot Charge - Summon a Robot Factory that produces a charging robot that dashes and pushes enemies back before self-destructing. Produces 1 robot every 5 seconds that moves forward and explodes after moving a certain distance, pushes back 8 mobs, or hitting a wall, dealing damage.
  • Why release Cadena during the week?

    AKradian wrote: »
    They always release patches on Wednesday.

    And believe me, it's good that they do, what with the inevitable bugs and unscheduled maintenances.
    Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll be able to actually play Cadena on the weekend.

    That's not even related to at all at what this person is saying. They want to know why it's not being released on thanksgiving break where all the school kids are off for a week and can devote all that time to playing Cadena had it been released on thanksgiving week.
    bazzy wrote: »
    What's the point of releasing Cadena on the 29th, during the week, when the week before is Thanksgiving break is the week before(American thing).

    Just incase when they go on holiday, Nexon, themselves, won't even be remotely aware of the game being broken until they come back and if you're extremely into maplestory and cant live without it like I used to be, you'll become extremely frustrated if you find out there's a server issue that disconnects and crashes you randomly every 10 minutes or even before you get into the game. Last christmas + new years, for example. It's better to have less people complaining yet have the Dev team actually be working on a fix than to have a bug-infested game server on auto pilot for an entire week.
  • You know, I am just SO glad

    AKradian wrote: »
    What makes you think people do PQ's in populated servers?

    + what makes you think people do pqs at all?
  • Cadena Or Illium?

    Cadena because I have more thief stuff than Mage stuff, including my tradable futuroid heart with 80 attack.
    Also, I feel like Cadena has a more dynamic playstyle with the option to combo around like 5 skills, don't forget that they're expert Beybladers.
    I'm also interested in Illium, though, but only because of the robots and if there's a way to save his initial hairstyle before his transformation.
  • Ballistician Class


    Just when you thought Crossbows couldn't get any bigger than your character in Maplestory, the Ballistician class is here to prove you wrong.

    The Ballistician, an Archer class, is an ideal archer role to fill in the empty Job Change slot for Archers who don't want to choose Marksman or Bowmaster as their go-to job change class. The Ballistician wields the mega Crossbow that Marksman can only ever dream of having cover their entire character, the Ballista. Ballisticians attack extremely slowly but the damage is deadly. Many skills disable movement while being used, much like the con of using a realistic Ballista, but that only makes the class more challenging to play than it already is. The Ballista fires bolts in arcs which may leave your character "defenseless" if you fire bolts too high to attack targets that are further away, but thankfully the Ballistician isn't all bite (as seen in the upcoming list of skills).

    While bows give a speed boost stat, a Ballista does the opposite and gives a speed debuff due to the weight. All Ballistae give a standard -30 movement speed (basically cancels out Archer Mastery's speed boost, bringing it back to 100% movement speed)

    Main Stat: Dex
    Secondary Stat: STR
    (Main) Weapon: Ballista ("SLOWER (9)" Attack Speed)
    (Secondary) Weapon: Ballista Mount (not an actual riding mount but the thing that stands it up and allows easier aiming)

    Skills (2nd job example)

    Ballista Reinforcement Max Lv:1 (Passive)
    Adds wheels to the ballista for easier movement and fortifies the area around the ballista. Movement speed +10 Max Movement 140.
    Damage Intake - 10%


    Aiming Max Lv:1 (passive) While equipped with a ballista, holding shift + directional keys up and down will raise or lower the ballista's angle of fire. While the ballista is aimed higher than 45 degrees (80 degrees max), damage intake -10%. While the ballista is aimed lower than 46 degrees (10 degrees minimum), damage dealt is increased by up to 35% (+1% damage per 1 less degree starting at a 45 degree angle; the lower the angle the more damage dealt)

    Ballista: Mastery Max Lv:10
    Ballista Mastery +50%

    Ballista Booster: Max lv:10
    Increases ballista firing speed by 2

    Soul Arrow: Ballista Bolts Max Lv 20
    For x seconds consume no ballista bolts (ballista projectiles).

    Detonating Barrage: Max Lv: 20 Hold the skill key to launch a single explosive bolt at a designated location. Delay: about 2.5 delay with default attack speed and approx -.2 second delay per additional attack speed. (Can't move while riding)
    Damage: 600% damage upon impact up to 3 enemies in range. Explodes after 1 second upon impact and deals 220% splash damage 2 times on 6 enemies.

    Final Attack: Ballista Max Lv: 20
    Proc Rate: 40, Damage 200%

    Ballista Charge: Max Lv:10
    Using the commands <<(left) or (right)>>, Dash and ram the reinforced ballista to knockback enemies

    Physical Training (Passive) Max Lv: 5
    STR+30, Dex + 30, Movement speed + 10.

    Feedback? I'm trying to not describe it as a Wild Hunter clone despite a few similarities, specifically the mounting part, so please don't point out what's already been said.
    Edit: Changed the "Riding" part to simply changing the visual of the ballista to have wheels for easier movement.