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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • Temp cash equipment Renewal Service

    I would like to see an option to renew the duration of temporary cash equipment but with an option to pay a discounted fee for each time the item duration has been reset, with an increased percentage discount for each time the item has been renewed, and have an option to pay a flat fee for the second renewal service to have the item be changed into a permanent cash cover.

    So it would work sort of like this:

    30 Day Cash Equipment Cost: 1,800 NX
    Upon a week before expiring, you will have the option to renew the equipment's duration for a discount that increases in percentage each time you renew the item's duration.
    1st Renewal Cost: 1,200 NX ( 33% discount) or Permanent Option for 5,400 NX (3x of item's cost)
    2nd Renewal Cost: 1,000 NX (44% discount) or Permanent Option for 4,500 NX (2.5x of item's cost)
    3rd Renewal Cost: 600 NX (66% discount) or Perm Option for 3,600 (2x items cost)
    4th Renewal Cost: 66% discount +1% discount per renewal count up to 90% off or 300 NX (whichever's cost is higher) or Perm Option = 2x item's cost -.1x of renewal's cost * renewal count (so 4th time is 1.9x item cost, 5th time is 1.8x, 6th is 1.7x, etc...)

    It could also work with certain non cash equipment items such as Water of Life, and Potion Pots, with or without the option to perm the item.

    *Can not add additional discount through Maple Reward Points for renewals or perm option.
    *After 10th renewal, perm option is FREE (for equipment covers only)
    *Renewals will give a flat 30 day extension.
    *all temporary cash equipment in the cash shop will have it's duration changed to 30 days from 90 days and it's price decreased by 2/3 the original value (so nothing changed, you just have to update the item more frequently to make this system effective). Does not include items already purchased from cash shop before the update is in place.
    *During the week long period before the item expires, you can visit the cash shop anytime you like to renew the nearly-expired item. If you miss this period, you will have one final chance to renew your item upon logging in before the cash item officially expires and is removed from your inventory.
  • nerf hayato

    But do you realize how hard it is for Hayatos to get 99,999 defense? It's almost as hard as capping kaisers back when Cap was 50mil.

    450% damage may be worth playing hayato for a few but you're gonna pay for it by cubing for % DEF instead of STR% and using up neb sockets with DEF and not STR or Attack/boss/dmg

    Also just a reminder Hayato has 0% def skills so it's raw DEF and % DEF from outside resources.
  • KMS - Worrying Change

    They already killed leaching when people giving people leech exp got less exp for actually being in a party, even in a total party of 2 and it being a bishop.

    With the HS nerf, and addition to Decent HS nodes along with this change, Nexon is just beating a dead horse as many people have started solo-playing this game for years.
  • Skills and quests no longer work

    Since most players are have these issues, I wonder how long it takes for nexon to be aware of it
    When they realize no one bought a cash item in over 5 minutes.

  • Why does Hayato have separate nodes for sanrenzan?

    I first thought it was the ideal way for skills that share the same skill key (such as Buccaneer's Double Blast and Buccaneer Blast, or all of Dawn Warrior's Solunar skills), to be placed in nodes. After further research, I realized that Buccaneer and Dawn Warrior has nodes that combine both versions of a skill into one node slot, so why doesn't Hayato? Sure Hayato is a JMS class and isn't a KMS class but that isn't an excuse to over complicate Hayato's nodes if it ever was one.

    TL;DR Dawn Warrior and Buccaneer have enhancement nodes that combine both forms of a certain skill into one node slot unlike Hayato, which has separate enhancement slots for Battoujutsu Stance and normal stance, which I find to be ridiculous and should have those skills merged.