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  • Trying to Understand Cubes and Potentials

    occult cubes dont seem to derank often.
    it is often told to just buy a epic potential 50% and use mastercraftsman cubes from then on either in the form of service or from master craftsmans cubes that you make
  • Change elite mob drop rate Back

    it seems like nexon has been catering to the hackers more than the players because the hackers are the only ones who benefit from this change..
    u know cus they can bot 24/7
    while us normal players..... i dont remember the last time i saw a CCB drop.. i think i have gotten 4 since i returned in July
  • Lion King's questline

    i actually use the von leon gear on most of my legion alts i find they looks better than most the other gears and its a bit cheaper than starforcing the higher level stuff :D
  • Lunar Dew/Burning Flare..etc

    iirc these skills were pretty OP for the time they were around. and some are still kind of useful *thief one in particular*.
    it was KOC were got tier at the time so these skills was actually sought after for quite a while.

    however my god yes. the drop rate for these items really need to be improved.
    this thing probably has lower drop rate than droplets do lol.
    though this is probably never going to be on nexons agenda (like alot of things )
    so im slowly finishing this quest on my archer. im getting 1 dew a day cus any more is just nauseating.
    i dont need the skill but i still want it on my bowmaster, im a little bored of girtty gust so i might even let it take its spot for a bit haha.
  • Raising Auction Cap

    so an other thing that should be accessible to all players locked behind a paywall totally not suprised.

    But thats no excuse. When we had free market
    The cheapest shop had 18 items. With the bettter one being 24.
    I think at the very least we should have had a comparable number. Give mvps more.

    Nexon continues to gimp free to play players out pf things that should not have a paywall.
    And i agree considering how quickly we accumulate items. (And i cant even imagine new players with significantly less slots)