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  • About 25* release

    I hope soo man cause i am soooo stressed out over this my beard is falling out cause i invested quite alot of time and money on my gears cry, i didnt sleep last night with how riddled with anxiety i was.

    Man you need to take a break from MS if it affects you so badly, seriously , you sound like a drug addict.
  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    Neospector wrote: »
    Er, why exactly are you buying a Fafnir weapon for 20b when the average cost of a clean weapon is typically ranging from 5m-20m (often on the lower-end of that scale)? I won't question your decision or anything, but Fafnirs are not typically worth twice the meso cap.

    Also, please do not accuse others of scamming on the forums. Report them in-game or file a ticket.

    It probably was 20b because it could have legendary potential and legendary bonus potential, idk if nexon is aware of this or not but the really good items with legendary pot/ legendary bonus potential are way avobe 10b or 30b(future meso cap increase) they are around 50b or even more, to avoid legit players get scammed by assholes something needs to be done( increase meso cap to 100b or even more or do something to fix the broken economy most servers suffer from).
  • Can we please do something about drop rate?

    Sniff Sniff, boo hoo. 2x event + 2x card + some for of additional drop be it spider or w/e = PLENTY of nodestones. There is little to no merit in these complaints other than MAYBE arcane River droplets. In 3 hours of grinding I got 75~100 Stones (did 3 sessions) more than plenty for a day. NEEDING more than that is pure entitlement.
    1) Not everyone plays on a normal server and has access to 2x card
    2) Not everyone can afford paying real money to get a 2x card
    3) Not everyone has as much drop rate as you might have
    4)Not everyone has 3hrs to grind each day
    5) Not everyone is strong enough to kill mobs as fst as u do
    6) 2x event happen like once every 1-2months(they should happen much more often if u ask me).
    7) There are more thing than just farming nodes such a symbols droplets event items quest items , rare weapons to use anvil on, getting more coins on CRA on reboot for example so that u dont need to go two times to cvell to get a weapon and the list goes on
    As u can see theres more behind this nerf that affects all players in a negative way.
  • Best Mobbing Class\Best Bossing?

    Ice lightning post 5th job, luminuous and kinesis(post 5th job) are the top 3 best mobbers in game in my.opinion
  • EU Reboot server

    Majman wrote: »
    ManiOh, what do you mean? forced, how? A new server with good ping for EU players, some will put money in it yes but it's not P2W so i don't see the problem in a new server.

    I would KINDA agree with you if we were talking about a "Luna 2" server since it's basically P2W on the standard servers.

    I agree, im a european player playing in GMS REBOOT and im TIRED of all the ping and the loot lat and all the lag when changing channels and all the crashes etc etc etc, id love to see a europe REBOOT SERVER thats its FREE 2 PLAY, id keep spending euros on cosmetics as im doing in gms reboot so its a win for me and a win for nexon :) .