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  • Why is Maple an MMORPG?

    Shouldn't it be called a Solo Event and Daily Login Game?

    Couldnt agree more with this, if you party with someone u share mesos, nodes, exp gets reduced, whats the f point of partying at all nexon?
    We should both get the amount of mesos wed get if we were alone,nodes should be instanced, exp should increase if we are in party.
  • Make arcane symbols dailies shareable

    We all know that maplestory is slowly pushing the play more than one character meta,but one thing that refrains me from doing a second main is the need to do all arcane symbols dailies with all of my chars, which, together with the rest of my dailies , take all the time i have to play ms everyday, so my suggestion is as follows:
    Make it so that when u complete the arcane symbols dailies with one char, u inmmediatelly get the symbol rewards with the rest of ur characters of that world, this shortens the time of dailies and allows us maplers enjoy playing more than one character at once.
    Thank you for listening,
  • Belgian Reboot Players Affected by Recent Change

    PacoARKs wrote: »
    In theory reboot belgians players shouldn't have this problems according to nexon's restrictions. So this problem is clearly a mistake...

    Its not a mistake, savage ace mentioned in the stream Q&A that it was intended,but that theyll try to do something about it.
  • Black-Mage as Blockbuster Content!

    AKradian wrote: »
    The Black Mage content was available to all characters of level 200 and higher, over the winter (December-January).
    If you missed that, then yes, you're going to have to grind to 245 and above to see the story to its completion.
    I think it's only fitting that in order to defeat the ultimate boss of the game for the past ten years, you need to get nearly to max level.

    To defeat the reall BM sure, but to see the storyline and beat the boss, not the real one, something like black heaven or heroes of maple should be included, i had no time to play on december because of studies, so i missed it all, it isnt fair that because of real life problems i cant enjoy the ending of 13 years or maple storyline dont you think?
    Its the exact case as black heaven or Heroes of maple, you can do them like at 140+ correct me if im wrong, does that mean that ure defeating true lotus or damien at 140? heck no, but u get to enjoy the storyline of the origins of these 2 bosses which otherwise ud have to wait to be 220+ and 16-17k stat+ to be able to join a party and deal some damage to the boss.
  • Current state of the game, is MS becoming a chore?

    HousePet wrote: »
    Disclaimer: Some of this will be a bit off on the details, as I'm still trying to catch up on 8 years of changes. What hasn't changed is interesting though.

    I think we have a bad case of endgame creep here.
    Its standard practise for this sort of game to stretch the endgame out with challenges and daily quests, to keep players engaged instead of running out of content. (Although I don't quite see why they do that in some games with loads of different classes, such as this one...)
    However, it doesn't look like any of the daily grinds have been cut down at all when the game has been extended, other than exp gain.
    In its current state, the game looks like it has three separate endgame sections.
    Early Endgame: Around level 120-180. You start doing bosses daily, and there are areas with daily quests that get you better accessory equipment, and for some reason Mastery Books.
    Mid Endgame: Around level 180-200. You now need to do daily bosses, in addition to daily quests, to get better armour and weapons.
    Late Endgame: Levels 200-250ish. Rinse and repeat, but you also need Arcane Symbol Dailies.

    Where has this gone wrong? Well it doesn't look like any of the grinds have been reduced when later ones are added.
    Two examples in the Early Endgame section:
    1) Mastery Books. These used to be there to slow progression when 4th job was the endgame. These were then changed to be not class specific, and made purchasable as an endgame gold sink. Since then, Starforce is now the endgame gold sink, and we are well past 4th job being endgame. Yet for some reason these haven't been removed.
    2) Shadow Merchant / Magnus Coins. There is no point collecting these coins. Its easier to get the items from killing Magnus. I wasn't around when this was added, so I'm not sure if this was pointless to start with. Luckily, you can completely ignore this one. Unfortunately, this one isn't alone. There is also the Monster Park and the Evolution System which have pointless grind coin shops.

    Mid Endgame issues:
    I haven't got into these properly yet. All these events are distracting...
    However, judging by the rest of the game, you are going to be doing long grinds to get equipment that is superseded by Late Endgame grind equipment.

    So while people might feel pleased about getting something that took ages of work to get, they really aren't going to be keen to repeat that long process a second time when they want to play a different class. And that doesn't even include Arcane Symbols...

    I have to admit that some dailies got cut down as u lv in arcane river, every town u progress in arcane river the quests behind the town get reduced by 1 , which is awesome.
    My issue is that there are a huge amount of dailies.
    KMS in a patch has lowered dailies and turned some into weeklies, but they give the equivalent of 3 days of dailies but in 1 weekly quest( for heaven and dark world tree) , that isnt a solution, if u want to make a daily quest weekly, give the rewards of 7 days of dailies, not only the rewards of 3 days, it makes no sense.