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  • Are all worlds empty or is it just Scania?

    RyoMan wrote: »
    Its like that everywhere now, except reboot. I remember Bora (my hometown :p ), Bera, Scania, and Windai was so full of people that Windia and Scania would have flame wars on Gamefaqs boards. The worlds were so crowded that they introduce new worlds and people migrated because they felt claustrophobic. Now, its a ghost town on most servers, and Scania was full of people for many years, but they bit the dust after Wndia.

    They should offer world transfers to the 5 original servers, then move on to shutting down the other servers. The leftover servers can remain as additional servers to aid in support and stability to the original 5, to lessen disconnections, lag, and more channels to spread out the population.

    Bera is still very populated, in fact it grew even more after the world leap few months back.
  • Bowmaster vs Wind Archer

    I can't really say what is the best for you since it depends on what you enjoy. However, if you want a easier time farming and bossing, I'd go with Wind Archer imo. They are pretty strong dps wise with their truffling arrows and song of heaven standstill skill.
  • Royal Hair Coupon - Evangelion Event. Bug ?

    lordtaka wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    The genders are going to be rotated, as happened with the Re:ZERO hairstyles.

    Hi there. I had just started playing maplestory Global a few days ago and i'm not familiar with the re:zero event. I would like to ask, when is the gender rotation gonna happen? is it some time after march 13th or some time before that?

    Hiya, cash shop updates usually go out on Wednesdays, this rotation should change on the 14th.
    Re:zero was a past event that happened on May 2017, what we have currently is the eva event.
  • Received All Hot Week Boxes. But No 2nd Box.

    Hiya, did you claim each box in the same world?
  • What is Your Main and Why Do You Play It?

    Mercedes main, and I love Mercedes for multiple reasons:
    -Unique playstyle, she doesn't sit in one spot like majority of classes do for mobbing.
    - She has god tier mobility her skills alone, making her one of the most mobile classes in the game. She can even climb up ladders instantly fast from her passive climbing ability.
    - No arrows needed in Use tab of Item Inventory.
    - No need to rebuff manually. Although she has 4 buffs: Booster, Water Shield, Ancient Warding, Maple Warrior. Most people don't auto buff Maple warrior, although I myself auto buff it for one reason: I find Water Shield pretty useless to cast after a certain point like Arcane River since mobs do 1 damage after certain AF and also her passive heal from her beginner tab. (Makes me wonder if Nexon will decide to make Water Shield passive one day and change Water Shield hypers to maybe Leaf Torando hypers since all water shield hypers are pretty garbage.)
    - Rarely ever gets nerfed in balancing patches, and instead gets buffs due to Nexon KMS understanding how underplayed/weak Mercedes is.
    - Unicorns are life, 5th job unicorn makes mobbing so much fun.
    - Doesn't need potions, seriously, Mana has never a issue after a certain level since it is like impossible to run out, thanks to her passive regenerating to keeping it full, same with HP at later game like Arcane River.