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  • New(ish) Player Seeking Class Advice

    Strex wrote: »
    One advice that you'll hear often is: Start by lvlupping your link skills to level 120. Evan, Mercedes, Aran, Demon Avenger, Kanna, Phantom, Beast Tamer, Xenon, Hayato, Kinesis, Cannoneer, Jett and Kaiser are few classes that you will have to level up anyway because they are giving a shareable link that make your class either stronger or easier to level. You might fall in love with one of those too and it could become your main!

    Thanks for the list of stuff to work on leveling! I didn't realize just how different the game was from back when I remember playing it last hah. Back then I just kinda picked a class and started leveling.

    Edit: Would it be advisable to make a burning character that is one of those? I read somewhere that people were recommended burning a Kanna, but idk if that is still relevant.

    I don't recommend Kanna, only because they have Kishin which makes leveling a lot more faster for them. You want to burn classes that you feel, you might struggle with. Most people burn classes like Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Phantom, Mercedes, Beast Tamer, as some of these classes are a pain to level. My advice is to burn the best character you feel you won't enjoy.
  • LolaBunny - Mod Application

    In-Game Character name: LölaBunny
    World: Reboot
    Discord User Name: LolaBunny#3558

    Why I'd like to become a VFM:
    -I have been playing Maplestory since June of 2006. Maplestory has evolved a lot throughout the years that I have been playing this game. I used to play in Bera, and when I heard Reboot was being announced as a free to play server, I jumped right into it. I have been a Reboot main since reboot launched and have quite the experiences of how the server works. Reboot, of course, is a very time consuming server that must be used in order to progress into the game.

    - Despite the changes that Nexon has placed on this game to make Maplestory a lot less enjoyable than it was in previous years, I still enjoy playing the game because Maplestory is one of those games that always pleases me to continue to keep playing. I would be like to apply for VFM team because I am willing to give my hope and trust to make Maplestory a better and cleaner game to the community. I also have a lot of ideas that I have came up with to be able to help make the game a lot more exciting. I am very active in Discord and sometimes on the forums and always strive to be online everyday to help out newer players if they have any questions on Reboot or any server in general that they may need assistance with. Most importantly, interacting with Nexon.

    What do I hope to accomplish as a VFM:
    - I am willing to assist in sending in feedback in regards of various changes that occur while playing Maplestory. I also like to send in bug reports to be able to make the game a lot more bug-free and how the game should be intended to be focused on. I also want to help make Nexon understand what the community wants and the steps to be able to promote communication and feedback as to how the game can be improved.

    - Since I have been playing reboot since the launch, I will be willing to help out the team if I get chosen and sending in suggestions on the game's current state.

    What experience do I have moderating for other communities:
    I haven't moderated in big gaming communities, so I don't have much experience on that, but I am willing to learn more on moderation here as I understand the rules regarding moderation.

    -That is all I have, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post here and I am also on Discord actively. Thank you all and good luck to anyone else applying and have a wonderful 2018 year, maplers. :)
  • Illium's Gameplay

    Too many flaws. For one, their teleport is super clunky and there is a chance that you may actually disconnect upon flying and landing on a platform too quickly. Second, the fact that when you use skills, you pretty much can't even use potions, resulting in many deaths cause of that. Speaking of deaths, Illium has got to be one of the most squishiest classes I played. The gimmick behind the stack to gain magic guard just sucks.
  • Kishin Shoukan spawn count increase too low

    AlexF wrote: »
    Doesn't matter anymore. Kannas are completely dead now

    "Keep this thread relevant to Kishin issue. "

    Okay, how about this. Forget about Kishin. Because for us mains, Kishin is just an afterthought after you gutting our damage capabilities. So if you're so concerned about "FIXING" Kanna, why don't you start with Haku's Blessing.

    Then make a new report about your Kanna, this is about kishin, not haku blessing or any other Kannas abilities, there's no need for you to go off topic.
  • Toggle for UI transperancy effect please?

    They need to add an on/off option.