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  • How to get gear while leveing? (Shade)

    Welcome back to the game. :)

    You can get free gear from Tot’s know how. You can click the left side bar to open up different events and the icon is a red hair kid. Simply accept all the quests and you will get chests with level 10-60 gear. Afterwards, you can get higher gear from killing level 70+ monsters.

    While you do not need to worry about gear till later levels, if you are starting out, you can do questlines from theme dungeons does give some good beginner equipment like Elliuel Fairy Academy, Gold Beach, Rein Strait. You will gain more exp from grinding however.
  • Forums: can't edit posts anymore?

    I edit my threads just fine, been doing it from start of private tester status. For the issue to others, there might be some glitch that happened to the account to have the edit access blocked. Probably gonna have to get a update from Arwoo on this and see if he can look into it.
  • Server instability megathread

    YinYangX wrote: »
    Zouyiro wrote: »
    Can you actually fix this massive client crash issue? Close the game for a week or something but fix it.

    So maybe I'm just a bit ignorant, but what difference in result is there between closing the game for a week to do fixes vs just repeatedly doing unscheduled maintenance?
    If there's no difference, you can just take your week off the game and let the rest of us try logging in and play for whatever short periods we can instead of closing off the game completely from everyone.

    The number of times Burning maps had reset to 0%, throughout the week is very annoying.
  • Server instability megathread

    They should just get the Nexon Korean team. Considering KMS team works hard to keep the server stable and not trash, I don't see why gms Nexon can't just get a few employees from Korea to fix the issues.
  • Dear Arkarium......

    Arkarium is just a terribly designed boss in general. His mechanics haven't been touched since like 2012? I always ignore doing this boss on my daily list because its ohko spam is super cheap. Death count changes from 20 to 5 made things a lot worse and very unnecessary. His ohko screen attack has like no cooldown, so when you respawn, he basically spams it till you lose all your lives which is awful and just terrible boss design. Heck, whatever happened to Nexon changing the summons to not be physically immune anymore like KMS? Surprised Nexon hasn't done a thing about toning down this dreaded boss. Arkarium is like the worst designed boss battle in the entire game with Hard Hilla coming close because her cage of doom is just a stupid mechanic that should be taken out as well.