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  • Runes Impossible for Colorblind players

    Lilyflower wrote: »
    i saw a cursed rune when i mob the monsters idk but it seems its easy to me to locate the runes although the runes wont appear immediatly.

    Runes tend to hide in areas that most people can't even see, it's ridiculous. Like when I'm at Brown/Red Bains in el nath, they are like hidden under the lava or some hard-to-reach areas. like how are some people suppose to know that, it's just ridiculous. Nexon really needs to add an way to tell where the runes are located and also move them onto platforms that we can actually see.
  • New Rune System

    If they are going to force people to use runes, at least remove the garbage ones that almost everyone will find useless.

    Rune of Riches - This is a awful rune, the benefit of it is absolutely trash. Definitely should remove it from the game.

    Rune of Might - Useless for higher levels. It can stay only for maps below level 100 but for higher levels, it needs to go. It does not improve training efficiency on big maps like arcane river.

    Rune of Recovery - Could use a upgrade. 20 status resistance is close to nothing, I'd change it to at least 50 or even better, temporary immune to status effects for a short time. The recovery rate of HP and MP could be slightly faster but it isn't too bad.

    Rune of Swift - No complaints here, although for classes that can hit the soft cap, it's not that useful.

    Rune of Decay - Improve the DoT damage, too weak to be any useful but I get it for the.50% damage boost.

    Rune of Greed - Remove it for maps level 100 or below, the monsters barely give any mesos to make this rune useful till high level maps.

    Rune of Thunder - Make the proc on a set 3-4 seconds as it sometimes tends to take like 10 seconds to even proc once. Otherwise, no complaints on effect itself, helps with grinding.

    Rune of Darkness - Always make it spawn 3 elites, sometimes it spawns 1-2 or even nothing.

    As for what I think of rune changes, it's really not good. Cursed rune system forcing us to use garbage runes on maps sucks. The color changes to input and how transparent it is just makes it harder and annoying for people to see the inputs at all. Especially if there are color blind players. The change from making the inputs based on 4 directions to completely random is rather stupid, I do not know why they had to make it harder to activate runes. Nexon should rethink the rune system and completely revert some of these changes.
  • Extend all events by 1 week

    I would agree. But then again, who knows if Nexon will bother to do it anyways. They didn't make up the lost days for take over event or sengoku high. -shrugs-