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  • Superior gollux ring in reboot server

    I've played Reboot since literal release in December of 2015 and have reached really high endgame.

    Anviled earrings, had it unlocked for flames, and accidentally sold it due to server lag and the extreme speed of the transaction. Unless 25-stars comes, I'm literally gated from heavy endgame content with 3+ years worth of effort down the drain.

    Arwoo and SavageAce have both said they didn't think this non-restocking thing made sense in Reboot last year during the community event: so why isn't anything done about it?
  • Recharging Balanced Furies

    It would also be nice to point out that a button to recharge ALL stars / bullets in one click would be extremely helpful. Having to click 20+ times isn't too big of a hassle, but it would be such an incredible QoL change.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    tldr; Great game design if we were to get 25*, very natural, great for all players. Couple of things needs to be sorted out: Transposed SW (Hat, Cape, Boots, Gloves) needs to be analyzed whether they should get 25-star option, Kanna Treasure Ring needs to be restockable/reobtainable in the interest of fairness.

    Calculated different equip sets last month for Reboot, and the equip progression guide after 25 stars. This may help in your discussions on whether or not we should receive 25 stars.

    Reddit Discussion: https://redd.it/8i234u

    Post 25-Star Equip Progression Guide (with different cases, depending on how they want to deal with Transposed SW): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mbmx-z0ZylX7IRwUdVPx7HLbz4c7bLTptvTMsayrjZU/edit?usp=sharing

    Post 25-Star Side-By-Side Equip Setup Stat/ATT Comparison: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BYIC0tf9umX6yUtLjIOQ3BXGhStp28SPIFBAkcbCZvs/edit?usp=sharing

    These apply mainly for Reboot, but these shouldn't vary too much for normal servers either besides some of the insanely p2w rings and stuff.

    Main things to look out for is:

    CRA Top/Bottom endgame forever, because of 2 items being able to get 22*. Very convenient for most players.

    Changes progression flow from CRA -> Abso -> Arcane set, dodging SW/Tyrant combination, which is very nice in terms of game design and accessibility. Even 17* Set (safeguard) is very good for the endgame.

    "Free" 10* Tyrant Glove from 22* Antique Root Glove Transfer Hammer to SW before Arcane Set. Much much easier than current Tyrant glove crap.
    Superior Earrings -> Alien Earrings (Lv180).
    Tyrant Belt -> Superior Belt (with the exception for Xenon)
    21* Superior Ring (Transfer Hammer from Meister)
    17* Reinforced Ring
    22* Meister Ring
    17* Kanna Treasure Ring / Solid Gollux Ring (roughly equal, may prefer Gollux for normal servers for scroll slots. Kanna Treasure should be changed to be obtainable multiple times to be fair for all players)

    Sweetwater Face/Eye Accessories, if they will be allowed to go to 22*, will be extremely easy to get to BiS. Hard boss accessories still technically endgame, but not easily 20*+ out of rarity. Technically would be endgame if it did get to that point.

    The Takeaways and Benefits/Detriments of 25-Stars

    In a sense, endgame players will be replacing 5 items (3 rings, earring, and belt). The Armor items (Hat, Cape, Boot, Gloves, Shoulder) will become pure upgrades, whether you are upgrading from Transposed -> Arcane or upgrading laterally from Tyrants -> 17* Abso Set -> 22* Abso Set.

    It's a huge upgrade, and is actually useful for many many players in all walks of progression. Players will be far less gated by Tyrant-like RNG (22* is not as painful as 12* Tyrant, in both cost and accessibility). Players will have a far more natural progression curve in keeping with boss difficulty, moving from CRA/Hmag -> Lotus/Damien -> Lucid/Will. Keep in mind we chose the BEST case scenarios for the "current" transposed build (12/12/12/12 Tyrants), and the simplest no-risk Absolab build still beat it out. It's amazing.
  • How to Get Optimal Inner Abilities for ALL CLASSES


    Spent ~6 hours researching, compiling, and consulting various players for optimal 3L inner ability for every class since the stickied one is becoming outdated w/ Cadena/Illium/Ark update.

    Built with ARK in mind. Close alternatives provided as well.

    This is for GMS-only with 0 Hard Cap and no Terminus Weapon because Arcane

    Video Explanation / How to Reset IA Efficiently

    Google Spreadsheet

    Credit for contributors at the bottom of the sheet :)

    Feedback is appreciated, of course. I may have missed the best 3rd line for a few classes.
  • Recharge All Stars / Bullets with One Button

    Can we please have a simple button to recharge all of our stars / bullets with one click? It starts to get a little tedious after AFKing with auto buff on to have to click 20+ times one by one.

    And also, can we please have every shop (FM, Android, etc.) be able to charge EVERY kind of star? Balance Furies and Crystal Ilbis are not always able to be charged at regular Merchants in Arcane River, for example.